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Jim Emerton

Jim Emerton Snippets 09-05-20

May 11, 2020 Jim Emerton 179 Hits
Jim Emerton Snippets 31-05-20 Jim is always a Kew man at heart. His plantsman credentials are true, for he is the ultimate eccentric, just one who will join any queue. He has this outward persona, and is ready with a monstrous tale, has a framed…
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Its Not Rocket Science Is It Jim Mike Jacksons Interview With Jim Emerton

April 20, 2020 Jim Emerton 149 Hits
It’s not ‘rocket science’ is it Jim? Mike Jackson’s interview with Jim Emerton 1.Jim, you have been interviewed many times and describe yourself as, ‘an open book’. Is there anything left to say? What can you tell us that we do not know about you?…
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Paul Halpin With Jim Emerton

April 05, 2020 Jim Emerton 108 Hits
Paul Halpin with Jim Emerton. 1. Do you feel that the study of wildlife has helped you in your endeavour to breed and race pigeons especially at the extreme distances and in what way has it swayed your thought process? 1A. A student of and lover of…

Jim Talking to Les 01-04-20

April 01, 2020 Jim Emerton 128 Hits
Jim Emerton Les J Parkinson talking to Jim Emerton 1.How did this brilliant service and organisation evolve; into the huge complex it is today? I take it you are referring to the Elimar web site. I was working at what was then Rolls Royce Motor Cars…

Dave Bunker Brierley Talking to Jim Emerton

March 21, 2020 Jim Emerton 93 Hits
Dave Bunker Brierley talking to Jim Emerton 1. Dave, please relate your love of the humble pigeon to us all. Well, where to start! I think at the very beginning would be good! So, welcome to my pigeon world! Dave & Dad very early days I was born on…