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Morethoughtsfrom Jim Chr Is 09-05-19


More thoughts from Jim plus Chris


Jim Prothero told me not to let the MORONS grind me down which I took to heart. Since then I have been labelled in print as eccentric, icon, genius, lunatic, manic depressive, schizophrenic, psychotic, hypomanic, paranoid and many other contemporary labels in society. In reality, as I introspect, I just am an original and whole being, a man who walks alone in life. It is true that there have been broken relationships and burn out, with drugs, sex and rock n roll, yet in the final analysis my books tell a true story if you read them-love Jim Emerton.



The inner perception in the psyche is that your spiritual self is free of the physical body. From experience, it is a pure and lovely feeling that transforms your inner life and understanding of life and human personality. I have encountered wonderful things on my worldly travels-a journey into darkness and light and profound insight. I sprinkle the salt of earthly reality on it all! We are pioneers of true understanding of the nature of man! Jim Emerton.



To Jim from Chris Williams
Some dream of greatness other dream of gold but I long for the sight of bird and the magic that unfolds. this is what pigeon racing is the greatest sport on earth a union between man and nature where each must prove their worth , it’s not about privilege education or power it’s all about the birds living for them hour by hour , some men race Barcelona others only sprint but our pigeons yes at times they push us to the brink , but for me they are the perfect thing and help me to escape , with all that goes inside my head there’s only so much a man can take , so get em in the basket take them down the road and sit out on a Saturday and watch the magic unfold!