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Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day

It is the time when spring is in the air, birds are starting to nest in the wild, and the bulbs are flowering. The old, traditional fancier would pair his birds at this time, to take advantage of the extra light and later warmth. The sage was often a distance man at 500 miles on the day type flying, from his back garden loft. I went through this stage, we pair now in March and race marathons instead. Some fanciers are wise to and aware of the old ways and knowledge and are reverting back to them, since with correct management the old systems, with modern feeding work, where health, immunity and condition are key factors.

Personality Profile Of A Champion

Often a man this person is ultra-dedicated to the realisation of tasks and objectives in the pigeon sport, perhaps for life. Persistence, patience and perseverance with singular individualism are essential, with dreams, high hopes and optimism in the face of problems encountered. I have known people like this shun publicity, fame and commercialism and become as recluses. I liken this type of man to a Monk with belief and purist principles-they make great distance and marathon fliers where it is essential to be barking! The readers will recognise some of the big names who fit this profile, icons of the sport, who will be next.

Red Cock GB09N44453
Jim Emerton from Barcelona Dream@ Dark Enchantment 879 miles Barcelona International

Jim Emerton