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In The Loft Today


Jim Emerton


The 20 pairs of Barcelona and marathon bred stock of the strain are laying and pairing-related to our 9 timings from Barcelona International. We have 40 rings for ybs and 27 birds yearlings and older in the race team. Hens and cocks are on open loft on alternate days in all weathers and are in good natural order. The pairing date is March the 11th to retain the wing for July-no eggs are allowed to hatch until after Tours with the BICC. It is a formula and system of a simple nature to utilise the behaviours and instincts of the birds, in terms of gradual increases in fitness before July. With 43 years with the same strain, the radical changes have been with the LIQUID and solid feeding regime, which is as good as we can create. A week’s holiday is booked for Barcelona, as the race is very demanding into the far West of England.