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A Message From Jim Emerton





Happy Christmas to all the people who have enjoyed my books and articles.






Penetrating, poetic and philosophical, the book examines life as we know it from the human perspective in darkness and light. Much of it is created for the high IQ society, yet many people will find the book stimulating and thought provoking. In part it depicts my exciting adventures in around 60 countries and islands of the natural and cultural world. Written with total honesty and integrity, I hope you enjoy it from cover to cover, and my other 7 books on Amazon.


Happy Christmas


Jim Emerton





In 76 my original 2 selections were less than 22 pounds each. Later i sourced a further 5 birds and these 7 became the foundation stones of a strain that has endured for 42 years, racing from 71 to 879 miles. The secret is in the dedicated racing of all progeny at all distances, with a specialist management system. Fanaticism is needed and a very narrow focus on objectives each year. These days my birds are established with other people at back garden lofts and studs, where we maintain our collective enthusiasm for the sport. With the advent of time, it pays to keep ambitious and raising the bar of excellence to maintain motivation. I feel the cultivation of a strain is fundamental to the individual fancier. You will need to practice intense inbreeding along the route.






If you can operate this system in your area, say in the country it can be ideal. The birds will attract sparrow hawks and crows popping into the loft to feed, which can be negatives. On the plus side, the racers will be sharp, on their instincts and very hardened to the elements, fit and with a raised immune system level. Birds may well be adjusted to the local environment, content, and ready to face the rigours of marathon racing over 700 miles. Getting the inner nature of the bird spot on is the key to marathon success! I have had many birds in the clock at marathon level and up to 879 miles at Barcelona International to Holtby. It was an enormous challenge with great difficulty to race on this system over very many years, yet became a way of life for us and most enjoyable too.






Well Tony Burne this is a complex concept. It is a sign of the times that competing Nos. of people will continue to decline as pigeon racing as a tradition falls from popular consciousness. Most young people are hooked on instant gratification to their heads from technology, with minimal observation of the natural world-the fauna, flora and ecosystems. This trait will accelerate with further decline in pigeon racing participation in the UK. The corollary is that the BICC will become the epitome of excellence and specialisation-an elitist organisation open to all, with a global reputation. In human terms we should sanitise the sport by negating by human jealousy, as it erodes the well-being of the sport. There should be a defined code of ethical standards in the minds of men-an impossible ideal as it is dog eats dog.









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