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Testing New Bloodlines



Testing New Bloodlines


All racers are a mixture of names, origins and types. The way to prove a bird is to enter it in the marathon of marathons The Barcelona International race-it answers all the qs of fancier, system and bird in one race. It is simple, breed off the birds in the clock. Once you have mastered a technique, system, formula and method, repeat it every year until a strain is created. The theory is simple, yet it is so difficult to achieve in practice, and may take many solid years of dedication to objectives as a dreamer, fanatic and eccentric-all the best to those who become that MONK.



Special Gift to Ireland


We are sending the 2 dams of our champion Barcelona hens, 2 g. sons of Barcelona Dream, a dtr. of The Marco Wilson Cock, and 2 superbly bred yearlings. All should be fully fertile in 2019. This gesture will feed some real marathon genes into the racing community over there. As normal i do not charge for my generosity, as we like to stick by the pure spirit of the sport and love of the birds.


Jim Emerton