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Jim Emerton


The tears are in my eyes for the passing of the GREAT John. Dedicated to the BICC and servant to the good of distance and marathon racing, he was a wise, shrewd, colourful and tough old boy, who held an exemplary career in the police. Whilst on special intelligence duties of Hong Kong, he saw serious action on the hard edge of human experience. To me, and on the phone, he was an exciting raconteur, and I perceived him as The John Wayne of the pigeon racing world-hard-nosed, yet big hearted. John, a lovely family man and proud Scot was dedicated to his objectives, his honesty and truth and justice. In pigeons he created a strain that will love on for many years. Yes, the passing of a truly original and great human-it fills me with intense melancholy feelings! Jim Emerton.


Two tosses are what we are doing 1 at 35 miles-done-and 1 at 60 miles. It is all that is needed with our 25, as they have been on open loft all winter! The cocks being separated are bubbling and bouncing about. All being well July will be the one and only time we clock. The BICC prog is our training facility prior to Barcelona. It is system and formula racing and every bird is tested to the nth degree. We have around 40 YBS ringed, which is plenty to play with. We target a race rather than competitors-it is all about individuality. The modus vivendi is personal enjoyment and not money. Jim Emerton.

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