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Jimsnews 02-04-19


Jim Emerton


Far from the throng, I sing my song of sweet freedom. Walking every highway, hedgerow field and byway. The lines on my brow, the here and the now, tell of my human story. Days of dark shadows, demons and hallows. Yet in the setting sun, I see so much fun, to live at my pace, no more the rat race. The sea, the sun the stars, magic behind closed doors. Jim Emerton.


How I love dirty dancing, snaking my hips and romancing. Being Mr Cool, all the ladies they just drool. I skip the light fandango, music played on my banjo. Swaying and flowing across the floor, opening every single door. Body lithe and full of tension, master of every perception. I am a delight for hungry eyes, my six-pack ripples along with my thighs. It is the single dance of love, a gift from the Lord up above. Jim Emerton.


They parade their shallow egos in a theatre of lies and deception., with no sight of integrity and truth. In a cauldron of personal power that avoids the dangerous ground of truth, the aim is to lure the believers, gullible and vulnerable to partake in a quasi-democracy. When the flag of victory is raised, in a tribute to bias and propaganda, I shall carry on in my little world of total disregard. Who aims for blind subservience to a control base generated by party aliens? The polarised con game that saturates egos is an explosion to my sensibilities, and a threat to my integrity. Jim Emerton.


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