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Jim Emerton


In our 9th year, collectively of sending birds to the Barcelona International, we revere still, the awesome nature of the race. The essence has been to pair Barcelona to Barcelona from the late breds out of the birds we clock. From the testing perspective this auger well for the strain, because we inbreed to Barcelona performances. Pigeons are slow to evolve, and thus this practice needs to continue. The corollary is that we do NOT time in any other race young or old that we enter-they are all preparation races only, indicating a narrow, specialist dedication of purpose-ocd if you like. Each bird is different, yet for breeding we select out good lookers and hope they have good internal characteristics of stamina and navigation, as they have the genes! Jim Emerton.

In politics and many areas of society, the egocentric individual is rising to the surface in the media and consciousness of the day. Minority groups, eccentrics and extremists are having an impact in the media, along with other attention-seeking individualists. Naive loyalty in the establishment is eroding as people are waking up and becoming shrewd and aware to the realities and essential nature of others. Behind role play and masking, I believe that most people are self-serving, instinctual and survivalists. It has been convention and the mainstream that has supressed many people in the past. The reality is, that along with talented egos comes change, and my stance is to maintain the integrity of your personal beliefs and principles if you hold them dear. With central politics voiced by the power elite, there remains a distinct lack of truth, within a sea of lies and propaganda. Jim Emerton.


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