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Jim Emerton Snippets 09-05-20


Jim Emerton






Jim is always a Kew man at heart. His plantsman credentials are true, for he is the ultimate eccentric, just one who will join any queue. He has this outward persona, and is ready with a monstrous tale, has a framed Mensa certificate, showing the prodigious IQ off the scale. I’ve heard of his time at the Royal Botanic, meeting Alan T. has probably gone to his head. When weeding the immaculate gardens, they were possibly in the same bed. Now Jim’s ego madness knows no extremes, he’s the greatest by far, its unjust. One day with his head way beyond cloud 9, his cosmic confusion will all turn to dust. Now Jim has written several deep books, on my bookshelf they are quite a pile. All available by strict mail order, making amazon seem like the Nile. Nothing can quite match his ego, he announces it in the village each day, and some day they’ll be a blue plaque saying Jim Emerton passed this way-Jim Emerton,



The buzzing is an orchestra to my sensitive ears, as I ponder their hyperactivity. I am at one with the many bumble species, in zen-like focus and concentration. The sheer harmony and beauty of the sight and sound of these lovely insects. The small, dark bellied ones are benign as they race past my head on ancient routes to the hive. In my perception nature and the natural world are far superior to man, as we are specks of dust within the cosmos and a blot on the landscape. For 71 years, I have been stimulated and comforted by living things. The bee is a metaphor for life in my inner psyche, it is the seat of consciousness. Jim Emerton.



Billy the Blackberry is coming alive in the warm sunshine. An ecosystem itself, he is buzzing with bees, hoverflies, and ladybirds. The shrub is like the father of my wild garden, so lush due to my water and feed. Many humans will find succour in my punnets of fruit from this specimen plant of Rubus fruticose, that is so dominant and natural in my garden of serene contemplation. Jim Emerton.



I am a flame in the wind, a beautiful, ethereal thing. The things I see,touch and feel are so surreal. They stem from the depths below, a cauldron of fire, a spiritual glow. The human soul, will make you whole from the empty shell you had become, on the earth beneath the burning sun. I sense my passions rise , they feel like truth,a beacon of light in the depths of the night. When the world makes you numb, answer the call, make it all so very small. Jim Emerton.


All my top men are serious,and dedicated fanciers in marathon racing and/or The Barcelona International into the UK. They are Dave Delea/Neil Bush/ Brian Denney/Nicholas Harvey/Jim Donaldson/Eddie Newcombe/ J.o Warren/ Jack Paley. They all produced champions of merit,with birds of steel and endurance and all were old school,traditional and focused humans of intellect. I would match my chaps against any on the planet. Jim Emerton 71 to 879 miles.




I waft away in the whispering wind,free and void of earthly sin.Why gather up convention when you can inhabit another dimension? I am with the eagles,the sun and stars,bound for Jupiter and Mars. It feels like joy,it is the buzz,a lofty soul and wonder drug. Why inhabit a physical morph, when you can fly on the wings of a dove? Some feel alone in jackets of the norm, when they could feel the rain,the eye of the storm. There is one life in this physical sphere to come and go and disappear,so squeeze the juice from the essence of life,sense the taste upon your tongue. Jim Emerton.



Its Thursday night and they are clapping for Jim. A philosopher, poet and raconteur, street after street across the land, because they have read his books, and all confer. A weekly ritual and they are clapping for Jim. The streets of Britain are buzzing with sound. People outside are banging pots and pans, all for a new hero that they have found. Now folks all acknowledge Jim’s attributes, he is an original eccentric and oddball, and thrives on the extolling of praise. He laps up the adoration and all. Yes, he is a man with a huge monstrous ego, and again they are all out clapping for Jim. Unexpectedly he has gone terribly shy, and surprisingly for him rather prim. People are now becoming noticeably weary. It is just little more than a gentle slap, and the one thing that is worrying me is how long Jim is going to have the Clap. Jim Emerton.



Alone, a recluse I sit and muse in my secret garden. Far away from a world of the absurd, I ponder think and dream of another wonderful scheme. Shut off from outside torment, there is soul, base the elements. My mind is pure, sharp, and clear, void of earthly fear. At one with bird and bee, warmed by all I see, I look to the sky and face the sun from the nothing I had become. My shadow falls on the earth, the ground from thoughts and feelings so profound. If this be life, then I am blessed, with survival in the test, of myself I gave the best. Jim Emerton.



It is remarkable what people will pay for birds that appear to be of quality, due to the fame and popularity of the name of the breeder or origin. In reality very few great birds exist of any strain or origin. I prefer to swap birds or have them given by genuine small team men of quality. My lads and I follow this practice with little or no money exchanged, as the thrill lies in the potential quality of the bird not money expenditure involved in the fame game. Nick and I have closed the gene pool, yet Richard and I do a few deals ,as we are at the experimental stage of our racing experience. The science and art and philosophy remains the breeding and testing of your own quality birds in Race Reality-a good fancier, produces good birds within his system. Wise to befriend, learn from and get birds from a genuine master-they take some finding in the world today. Jim Emerton.

LJP. It is mainly the Chinese market has pushed the price of pigeons up and out of the reach of most fanciers. This is not going to change in the near future. Having said that there are still good cheaper pigeons about, the problem with some fanciers is they don't want to be seen buying cheap pigeons.




It is remarkable what people will pay for birds that appear to be of quality, due to the fame and popularity of the name of the breeder or origin. In reality very few great birds exist of any strain or origin. I prefer to swap birds or have them given by genuine small team men of quality. My lads and I follow this practice with little or no money exchanged, as the thrill lies in the potential quality of the bird not money expenditure involved in the fame game. Nick and I have closed the gene pool, yet Richard and I do a few deals ,as we are at the experimental stage of our racing experience. The science and art and philosophy remains the breeding and testing of your own quality birds in Race Reality-a good fancier ,produces good birds within his system. Wise to befriend, learn from and get birds from a genuine master-they take some finding in the world today. Jim Emerton.




Good to see Jelle Jellema/Neil Bush on their idea of the natural system, with great effect. The birds are aloud much freedom to field and get hard on their instincts. I always encourage this type of great condition and contentment around home to stimulate good navigation and the homing instinct. The results of these 2 men are remarkable at marathons over 700 miles, with some nice small hens in particular, as they KNOW how it is done from years of practice. I teach my lads to do similar things and to test each bird beyond 700 miles-it is the way to strain formation. Let’s hope we can go beyond 700 miles again in the future of the sport. Jim Emerton.




On wings of ether the swallow flies,on ancient routes across the sky. Far away on distant lands,it braves the parched and desert sands. The mystery is not revealed to human eyes,as they fail to see inside the tiny brain the inner mind. Nature is so distinct unknown by our instinct,as the birds always appear over every single barn and lake, a buzzing fly for food to take. To fly in the summer sun, they bring us joy and so much fun. When my body falls to atoms and dust,in the wonders of nature I will trust. Jim Emerton.




The coronavirus is the metamorphosis that is transforming the human world. The power generated by the pathogen is a catalyst that will change most systems, organisations and institutions that have been at the heart of societies on planet earth. People, at long last are given priority not money as health systems, economies, education and social contacts are evolving into a new order. The corollary is that the individual being is assuming priority as social isolation becomes the modus vivendi. Belief in the health and integrity of individuals is central in the consciousness of many. It is a revolution led by socialist principles by many conservative politicians. The primitive urge and struggle for survival is at or near the surface deep within the minds of the many. Some isolation is my norm as ever, and we must adapt and evolve, within the constraints of a human lifespan- one earth, one chance, one life. Jim Emerton



The human activities due to the corona virus pandemic ,result in less emissions of air pollutants that are deemed to have a negative impact on the climate and lifeforms in the natural world. We have now fewer people using air polluting cars, buses,lorries,trains and planes,so that air toxicity is being reduced on a global level. The human world as we know it will be transformed ,in almost all populated areas. We are in for the radicalisation of economies,health systems and cultural and intellectual conventions. Humanity is being highlighted like nevor before,as we try and evolve to meet the survival needs of many people in the natural world. The media and politics are taken more seriously along with survival instincts. Jim Emerton.

LJP. If people weren't so stupid there would be less spreading of CV and we could all get back to normal. I have to say the NHS and Government are doing a brilliant job. No matter who was in power there would be complaints from the opposition and in fact many more but put them in the same position they would be accused of not doing the right thing. The media are scaremungering and doing no one any good at all, stupid people. In the 50's and early 60's when I was young, long time ago, we were always told that the freezing weather killed off the germs and we used to laugh about it but no longer. I am now thinking what our parents and granny used to say was correct. Climate change is seeing warmer weather and more germs about including coronavirus.



In many critical situations it may be wise to continue to pursue long established targets and objectives in a positive and optimistic manner. Sometimes, hardship sharpens the mind and hones the creative flow of the conscious psyche. Many people at home in the corona crisis may draw, paint, write or indulge in other supportive activities. Always a loner, I like certain people in measured doses of influence and like a little cool, aloof interaction, and eek out my earthly and conscious existence with resolve and determination. One day I will unite with the rest of humanity as dust, particles and atoms. Jim Emerton.



In a hard and cruel world ,and in the face of selfish humanity, ego-altruism will shine a light to add some depth to the self-survival instincts of millions of people. The corollary is that millions will thrive from scams, the black market and as confidence tricksters to gratify personal needs and obsessions. In response to covid 19 ,psychiatrists and psychologists will deal with many psychotics, depressed and folk afflicted by Angst. The Scream series are very relevant paintings right now. Psychotropic drugs are in huge demand. The human world is changing forever right down to the smallest institution. Jim Emerton.



Welfare and Survival of the birds: I am doing my best to maintain all the birds in my partners lofts in good condition ,as I have evolved a strain over 44 years of dedication. I hope that many fanciers will continue to keep and enjoy the presence and study of their birds in the face of the corona humanitarian crisis. It is thought that serious racing may resume by 2021. Wise to prepare for any possible eventualities, in a changing world with shifting priorities where human health is of the essence. All the best to every, keen fancier. Jim Emerton.



The human activities due to the corona virus pandemic ,result in less emissions of air pollutants that are deemed to have a negative impact on the climate and lifeforms in the natural world. We have now fewer people using air polluting cars, buses, lorries, trains and planes, so that air toxicity is being reduced on a global level. The human world as we know it will be transformed ,in almost all populated areas. We are in for the radicalisation of economies, health systems and cultural and intellectual conventions. Humanity is being highlighted like never before, as we try and evolve to meet the survival needs of many people in the natural world. The media and politics are taken more seriously along with survival instincts. Jim Emerton.



Every single human of any age needs due caution and the urge to survive will be huge and by billions of people on a global basis. It may help some, in many countries in the care and home exercise of their birds. I feel it is a time to be sensitive and show a positive spirit to our fellow man and feathered friends. There is much to be learned from the study of nature and the birds in your own back garden. At 71, I have had a good run and hope we get back to some semblance of normality as soon as possible. Jim Emerton.



There are many different types of these microscopic, living entities in racing pigeons. Some have yet to be discovered and named. We know something of the common ones like Paramyxo, Circo, Adeno and Herpes. Often pathogenic in tandem with bacterial infections like ecoli and salmonella,anticipate some deaths of the birds in the flock. Without a vaccine, the key is good husbandry and raising levels of the immune system in the birds. We practice open loft systems for this objective. In reality, many viruses will run through the loft from time to time as a natural phenomenon. Jim Emerton



No racing-what to do next? Wise to toss birds privately to keep them sharp in good weather-1 person at a time. Avoid clubs and meetings where people gather, and focus on study of the pigeon, read books, watch films, in quiet singular reflection. It is time to concentrate on building up the team and breeding for if and when pigeon racing resumes. In reality the organisation of society, systems, institutions and its people are under radical and lasting change. People will focus on the survival of the individual in the face of war on covid-19. The virus could mutate yet and emerge with power next winter too, so wise to be cautious and perceive life in the long term. The human world is in crisis as nature fights back -Jim Emerton/Author.



In my 71 years ,I have explored the inner depths of my own psyche.With a near death experience in Afghanistan and awe in the Himalaya,the demons have been exorcised revealing intuitive and self knowledge. My brain informs me that God and The Devil are persistent archetypes passed down in human consciousness from generation to generation ,both in the inner man and external cultures. I would be surprised if an animal lifeform has a notion of God or the Devil. There is no evidence for the external,supernatural existence of the 2 phenomena. They have evolved in the fantasy,dreams and imagination of man since the primordial humans on earth. Soul,spirit and thoughts of God are born in the subjectivity of people and then externalised as religious belief systems and institutions. The essence of being and knowledge is in the minds of people,who generate religion,philosophy and science and all cultural effects of the human condition.The corollary is that the mystic knows that the cosmos or macrocosm will not and cannot be known by a mere human by the delusion of science. Who knows what entities exist in the infinite vastness of the cosmos in the space-time continuum as spiritual and physical entities? Jim Emerton.



Humans, individuals, societies will change in every corner of the known world. The reason is the proliferation of a new virulent virus coded covid -19 coronavirus. We all need to adapt to survive for as long as possible. Here to stay, perhaps to mutate or re-emerge next winter, we must focus on our habits, routines and behaviours. I have been expecting the appearance of a serious, human pathogen for many years. It has arrived and will rock the foundations of our daily lives on planet earth. Not sent by God it is a natural phenomenon indicative of a massive global population of homo sapiens. All the best to all who seek to control the menace in an ordered and systematic way. Jim Emerton.

LJP. The problem is Jim, the media are causing hysteria by writing what at times is far from what is going on. They are after headlines and stories to sell papers and not in the best interest of the country. Through their stories they are causing panic buying and all that goes with it. They are attacking the top politicians because they are not saying enough but there are ministers out there doing that job. With any job you need leader’s at the helm who is directing their appointed officials to go out and do their job, all the papers can say is where is the leader, where is out Prime Minister, he is doing his job, the leaders cannot be everywhere. Most British people are sensible but there are also a minority who cannot cope in such situations, and as they are being fuelled by the media, they are not going to get any better in the near future. We are British and in general do not jump in with both feet before we know what is going on.



During a span of 40 years Jim Donaldson has shone his light on distance and marathon racing in the North of Scotland. All the birds have been dispersed to various fanciers to be stocked, outbred and some together perhaps. Impossible to replace, who will carry on the dedicated work of the master I ask? Jim created some lovely birds and I had many from the man. In my perception, his genius will be celebrated in print for very many years as a supreme breeding and racing man and a pigeon folklore hero. Jim Emerton.



Many years ago, all of a glow, my mind saw the light that shone from a raw opium bulb. Not in darkest Pakistan, yet in a hotel in Afghanistan. In deepest and darkest slumber, I came alive from the living dead. Saved from an early grave, I found life that now I crave. I have seen through my old deception with the power of clear perception. After I came clean things have been a long and beautiful dream. The tune I play from a single drum, gives joy and hope and so much fun. Now standing on the edge of time, my world is pure and works out fine. Jim Emerton.



Wise to know that the key thing is in sending the birds to the racepoint. Secondly very few UK birds will do well in UK International races beyond 700 miles, irrespective of the origins and costs of the stock birds, and the so -called strain name. Barcelona remains the benchmark of racing prowess, skill and knowledge. The condition of the birds inside and out is the key variable. Most birds have had enough of homing by 750 miles, and birds over 800 miles may take many days of navigation and foraging to reach home. Fanciers who time in race time will love it, the birds and breed from them. Good luck all. Jim Emerton.


In a love that refuses to die, you know that you and I are born again. Our dream took us to paradise and heaven beyond, to find our song that we sang together. We drank the nectar from the cup, with laughter, joy and a single love. It tasted fine and felt so good, no longer misunderstood. Now we stand on the edge of time, an ethereal world so sublime. We escaped from the shackles of life, little me and my beautiful wife. Jim Emerton.


Believed to have jumped Genera from animal life forms to man, it is causing major changes to the structure and organisation of global societies. Public consciousness will change, travel alter, health and political systems will change and many other facets of how we perceive human health and animals. Nature is asserting itself again on the susceptibility and vulnerability of humankind, in an overpopulated world. The virus is likely to run its course and could mutate into a more virulent form. There will be more viruses on the way in the future, impacting upon science and the establishment of the world. Let’s hope that covid 19 does not cross genera back to animals and birds. The media are having a field day, along with intellectuals and boffins in a very human phenomenon. Jim Emerton.



Yesterday when I was young, I set my cockerels free on a voyage of discovery. They crowed in hedgerows, byroad’s and meadows, on desert sands, and far and distant lands. Hungry for love, lust and fame they drove the hen birds quite insane. It is what cock birds have done since time immemorial. Now the eggs are laid, the old cocks, are calling at a day, returning to the roost, for the final crow as the sunset glows. Jim Emerton.


The blood of Barcelona Dream continues to make an impact. He has, with hen Dark Enchantment been a strain former, key bird for Nicholas Harvey and Jim Donaldson at distance and marathon distances over 700 miles in England and Scotland. I recorded the cock and hen at 879 miles Barcelona International and paired them together. With my birds being spread far and wide, we will see evidence of more good birds in Ireland and Wales as marathon men come to the fore. Early history of my strain can be seen in The Evolution of the Emerton Strain on google-now 44 years of solid dedication gone into the birds. Jim Emerton.




I feel that if you open things up to public scrutiny, like information, ideas, insights, results and personality profiles then it should happen on a global level. Effective, and accurate communication of perceived truth, opinion and fact is essential. However, it is all relative, human and subjective, and in reality, I filter all that I see. People are made famous by publicity and infamous-beware what you reveal. The commercial world thrives on it, as does the media. Jim Emerton.



The humble racing pigeon is beautiful on the eye, blessed with athletic lines and sporting intelligence. To be in their company is calming and generates love and beautiful feelings of a spiritual nature. I have enjoyed the presence of birds for 68 conscious years and feel deep empathy for them. I would describe them as highly addictive and have been motivated to write books about them-other than a wand they are magic. Jim Emerton.



The existence of the microscopic coronavirus could have major impacts on human gatherings for sporting and social events in 2020. A complex entity and pathogen let’s hope that any changes to pigeon racing progs and schedules are non-existent or minimal. There will be economic, health, and political decisions to be made which will change the nature of and the public conscious of societies throughout the world as a consequence of nature. Other viruses will manifest themselves in due course. Wise to be cautious. Jim Emerton.



I know a man with a beautiful soul. Lofty and ethereal he paints the immaterial. He dreams and talks of lovely things, of butterfly’s larks and Angels wings. Before I die, I will learn to fly, so that I can touch his hand and see his face, a master in the human race. He has risen from the shadow below, now filled with a heavenly glow. Too nice to be on earth, the laughter, joy, and mirth that be brings to his fellow man, in each and every span. The whole world must come to see, this wonderful dream a celebrity. Jim Emerton.



For 40 years Jim Donaldson of Peterhead had dedicated his life to distance and marathon performances with racing pigeons. I rate him as the most brilliant fancier, in these disciplines to have created and evolved a career, that has endured in Scotland. It is health only that has curtailed his endurance and focus as a great fancier, finding a firm and historical place in legend and folklore, both far and wide. Unique, we will never see the likes of him again, a relentless and gifted competitor of great stature. Jim Emerton/Mensa.



Out there in the cosmos, we do not see the total reality. In the depths we find the mirror of human minds, the hopeless case of the human race. We delude ourselves with keen perception, of mind ego and deception. The far reaches of it all, are nebulous unclear, to the mystic and the seer. Wise to realise the truth by the scientist, philosopher and sleuth, in myself alone I trust as we are particles and dust. Jim Emerton.



The words I could not say belong to yesterday. I shattered all your dreams with lies and schemes, that came from far below in the shadows of my soul. Forgive me Lord I did not know, of the pain and sorrow, the seeds that I sow. In the annals of my mind, the truth I find, vibrates with the power of pure emotion. I like this lovely feeling of beautiful spiritual healing, beyond the clod, the earth the sod, at the foot of a living God. Jim Emerton.



There are plenty of 500 to 800-mile men in the North of England who would enjoy sending birds in the BICC, say up to International standard. Stations are due to open in Cheshire and Yorkshire to cater for good, ambitious fanciers who like a challenge. Now, this will test the quality of your birds and the skills to fly them. There will be some excellent and testing races in the BICC IN 2020-the natural home of distance and marathon pigeon racing. Watch out for a proper BICC press release from the excellent hand of Mike Jackson- Jim Emerton /Mensa.



Fly, fly like a bird in the Skye, like an Eagle that soars on the breeze. Give me Angels wings, make me dance and sing. I want to float across the sea into all eternity, bring me joy, set me free, feel the sense of tranquillity. It is the life, the buzz the bug, my very own wonder drug. Beyond space and time, the world is mine, I am the thing, the cosmic King. What wonders to perceive in my lovely dream of born-again reality. Jim Emerton.


The shortest route to Barcelona International, I have found is as follows: send all the yearlings to France from 350 to 450 miles for the experience. Cultivate the residue and send all the 2yr olds, on a small yb to 700 miles Barcelona. Wise to send all 3yr olds if the distance is more than 800 miles. This is marathon racing, and with great husbandry, should produce good birds if you persist. Late arrivals, if fit, may do better the following year. Barcelona is the target race, not the winning of other races. It is both a philosophy and a system of practical action. Jim Emerton.

I had one of these amazing, psychic episodes in the 80s. The mind is flooded with life changing, and affirming images and ideas, that hold a strange impact and significance on your life. Destiny then is in your hands. Without being grandiose, I have realised all the dreams that were the essence of the intense state. It has taken serious practical applications in the external world to realise the objectives that morphed out of subjective experiences. We can be a balancing act between outer and inner worlds, can we not? Jim Emerton.



From the deeper layers of the human psyche, beautiful, ethereal and creative images may flow into the stream of consciousness. The pilot of the mind may fashion these verbal outpourings into poetic structure. The feelings generated by this process may be spiritual or mystical as a direct result of a higher consciousness state emanating from the brain. The spirit in my case, is not from an external, supernatural power, and is an inner response to the self in relation to the stimuli of the external world. I have been lucky to leave 9 books behind on Amazon as a result. Jim Emerton.



Since early senses of the natural world, 69 years ago, I have had a special feeling for nature. The sounds, sights, sensations and colours have lifted my spirit in around 60 countries and islands of the external world we call earth. I emerged as a poet and philosopher to give tribute to my observations of the microbe, the amoeba to the elephant. In a sense man is a blot on the landscape. We must all learn to give back to the earth, and not to continue to rob and pollute it. The corollary is that the planet may well survive after the last human has turned to dust, to be absorbed back to earth! Jim Emerton.



The most famous person on the planet today is Tyson Fury, with a diagnosis of bipolarity. Have you noticed the gifted and famous have been driven to excel under the labelling influences of bipolarity/schizophrenia and Asperger’s syndrome? They are just labels to describe complex, human individuality and idiosyncrasy in my depth perception. The corollary is that many people suffer with a negative self-image, stereotyping and stigma. In existential reality the depths of the human psyche remain nebulous and hidden from absolute knowledge-we are what and who we are! Psychiatry after the great works of Jung is still evolving into a new order of insight and perception and bookish knowledge of an academic nature. In reality we know nothing of the absolute as mere humans. Jim Emerton.



Tyson Fury has emerged as a great pugilist, stopping the very hard Wilder. The complex, driven man is finding his true identity on a long journey of experimentation with highs and raw emotion. A great human, he should now gain the title of Sports Personality of the year and will be in the running for the global Laureus award. He has a deeply layer personality, being the most famous man on the planet at the moment. I have mixed with some well-known Romany type people in my time like Kenzie the Wild Goose Man and Sir Montague, Cocker Smith-all great characters -Jim Emerton.

LJP. This was the first time I have watched anything on Box Office, the reason being Kim (from the office here) & husband Steve went to Las Vegas to watch the fight live so Elizabeth and family wanted to watch it live here. That was as good, 7 continual rounds by a heavyweight that I have seen and over the years I have seen some good heavyweight fighters. After all the hype it was so one sided I could not believe it. Tyson hammered Wilder from the start, he said he was going to do it and he did, big style.




In the uk/Ireland we may well see some increased entries at Barcelona Int in 2020. I am due to have a dabble from 2 locations at 703 miles and 821 miles. These are the distances I take seriously as they are marathons in duration and difficulty-I hate easy races. With 2 new marking stations opening in the North of England with the BICC every chance will be given to stalwarts and novices alike to see how good they are in RACE REALITY and the quality of the birds. It is still the way that strains are made. I always trust marathon birds over 700 miles in the clock from the North of England. Look out for Jim Donaldsons clearances of distance and marathon bred birds-the man is a living genius. Jim Emerton 879 miles.



Alone, unseen in my beautiful dream. I am a cloud, floating in the sky, beyond all human eye. In my zen-like state, I know the fate of each and every man, a short and little living span. Return to earth, and back to dust, in nature I place my trust. A solitary man and doing what I can, the pulse of the earth, has given birth to all that I enjoy, as the ticking clock gives meaning to the passage of time in my mortal decline. Jim Emerton.



The ideal fancier from my perspective, makes a leading contribution to the sport in many ways. With success up to Barcelona at International level, he contributes to the culture and popular consciousness, by teaching his specialist knowledge in books, articles, films, trophies and mentors other fanciers. In addition, he evolves a strain of good birds, which are all related. This person is from my imagination, and I have yet to come across this archetype in external reality. To me one of the essentials of a great fancier is generosity towards others. We can aspire to perfection, yet we fall short of it as mere humans. Jim Emerton.




A fit distance pigeon is in perfect health inside and out. To do this you study, and work on the physiology/psychology and total BEING of the bird to release the innate potential. This is where the fancier comes in with specialist knowledge and applied practical skill. Good birds are common, yet the gifted or genius fancier like Jim Donaldson is rare. Always go to the top racing man at your chosen racing distance or a good stud and know your birds-avoid the illusion of quality generated by the media. - Jim Emerton.




A spiritual human being may integrate and unite madness, sanity and genius within his own psyche. As the personality becomes whole after fragmentation, a healing process may be initiated by the brain within. The result may be lucidity, insight and clarity of thinking. A corollary is that the intuitive function of the mind, may become highly developed-it serves me well, yielding penetrating insight, and is much faster than rational, logical analysis. I have called upon the cerebral gift in my 9 books on Emerton.



To my perception and mind’s eye, Jim Donaldson with his distance records in Scotland, from a great strain is the most competent and brilliant fancier to have been born in Bonny Scotland-nice to be the best. Jim is to part company with his birds, in essence 40 years of sustained focus on objectives-Jim Emerton



Jim and I exchanged pigeons from 1998 onwards. He gave me direct birds from Circus Boy/Rennes Lass /Doonann and his section winners from his distance/marathon strain. Blended into The Emerton Strain, my birds have done well at NFC Club level up to 737 miles and Barcelona International level at 710 miles. Nick Harvey and myself are flying the blood at Barcelona International level -see Musgrove Addiction Pigeon on google. Jim Emerton.




I feel that serious, sensitive and enlightened thinkers are drawn towards the trait of misanthropy within themselves. What a duplicitous, deceptive crowd many people in society are as they act their way through life. Perceive how the media is orchestrated and manipulated by controlling egos-it is enough to make me moralise and examine the inner motives of people who communicate propaganda and edit what we read and hear. Oh, for the truth and reality of the natural world far from the teeming mass of humanity, which is becoming a blot on the landscape. The light in a sea of darkness is cast by the mystic and the sage. Jim Emerton.




In 1998 some 22 years ago now, Jim and I made some pigeon racing history by exchanging top birds of our respective strains and with racing success. Trusting in the integrity of each other we had the pick of each other’s breeding e.g. Circus Boy/Rennes Lass /Barcelona Dream and Dark Enchantment-blood proven up to 879 miles. Jim and Ann have true grit and are the greatest distance fanciers and pigeon marathon people who ever lived, and of all time in Scotland. Their knowledge, flair and genius light up the sky on a race day. I know my people, and these are greats. What a pleasure to deal with them for birds over 22 years. Nick and I are using a lovely blue hen at stock now. The likes of Jim are rare human beings indeed. Love Jim Emerton/Mensa.



The games people play in their earthly stay, are the tricks of subtlety and illusion. With a discerning eye they all come clear to the mind reader and the seer. With insight, faith and perception we filter all the deception in the theatre of life. To be honest and true is the art of the few, and by the age of the sage you may shine with light of inner vision. Jim Emerton.



The subconscious mind is a subterranean world of ridicule and the absurd. A poet’s voice sounds from deep within, with the ring of truth, words and feelings, pure and clear for all to see. Intuition, the psychic side does not tell a single lie. It is another world, beyond the cloud, the cosmic glow and all we think we know, it is the shadow of the inner man, the light within the dark of madness and the far from sane. The mad, creative mind is beyond reason you will find, in books and plays the artist lives and relishes all that he gives, back to the outer world of culture, convention and the norm. Jim Emerton.




It is so simple and logical. If you send every single old bird 500 to 800 miles, then it follows that the residue from RACE REALITY conditions will be distance and marathon pigeons to breed from and prepare again if fit. Race conditioning is a complex art and science that needs perfecting and mastering. An exact, standard physical type of pigeon at these distances does not exist, yet all birds in the clock have the internal and external qualities that we seek. Good birds will vary in outward appearance in the real world. Do not be fooled by clever advertising and hype-go to a genuine man for advice and birds from his perception of his best. My mates and I are cheap, or we swap and give the away in the traditional way of the Old Masters-the purist approach. Jim Emerton.




You may be a visionary with a strong intuitive element to the psyche, that can be life-enhancing. An overwhelming presentiment of mind may change the direction you go in, in an existential sense of the inner being. I have been fortunate to realise my visions and make them a reality as real achievements in life, on the way to final maturity, having been compelled to do so by innate drives from within the brain-mind synthesis. Jim Emerton Author.




The birds tend to look sharp, be hardy and healthy, are smaller, neat compact, and keen and lively in appearance. They have distinct hereditary characteristics and tend towards good survival instincts and navigation. My strain at 71 to 879 miles is unique in the uk-I love them and would not wish for any others from any other fanciers-we are content with our creations. It has taken me 44 years to produce them. Jim Emerton.




I notice amongst scientists/academics and intellectuals a tendency to think they are right, and have certain, perhaps absolute knowledge of phenomena in internal or external words or the cosmos. This with insight ,can be seen as human delusion or illusion. Myself, I profess to know nothing but myself, the internal psyche within my head, since all external phenomena are relative to the perceptions of individual brains. What is the external world if us humans are all different? Jim Emerton.??




The role of BICC Press Officer is a distinguished responsibility to British and global pigeon racing. Our impact on International racing, with due support of The Barcelona International, the fanciers and the birds needs publicising around the world of the sporting public consciousness. I hope for penetrating, perceptive and original insights into the mindset, methodology, philosophy and science of the BICC people who excel themselves within the great BICC National and International programme. The reports may be a showcase of the finest aspects of the greatest club within the UK and Ireland, work that can find its way into historical archives of the pigeon racing culture. Mike, you may like me, as author, to interview you for the media. Best wishes with your new career as a reporter, writer and creative individual.




Beyond the clouds, is a silver star that shines for you and I. We think we know from very far, exactly what you are. The cosmic glow is all we see of the cosmos and the galaxy, at the heart of total mystery. It is not for the human eye to fathom all the reality, of time and place and outer space, all way beyond the human race. We are but drops in the ocean of time, specks of dust ,fuelled by tricks of the ego and illusion, a world of science ,mystery and delusion. You can count on one hand ,facts known by the wisest man. Jim Emerton



At Holtby all sexes young and old flew in and out in a semi-wild colony on open loft where possible during the racing season. Hopper fed the strain won from 71 to 879 miles for me. Today Nick Harvey and I practice a similar system in town, whereas mine were in the country and with great success up to Barcelona International. It is a simple, traditional system, and with our marathon mix for all ages produces great racing condition in the birds of all ages, which have developed a real love of home. Jim Emerton.




The BICC have spread their Northerly wings with the idea of opening a marking station at Carlton, Goole, York’s. Potentially great news for the lads from the North of England etc, the facts are that many birds need to be entered in the races to keep it open and going. At last, we may have some BICC marathon men in Yorkshire and other counties and expand the BICC-well done all -it is up to you all now to use it! Jim Emerton.




The natural world as it impacts on human consciousness is under the influence of changing temperatures, weather patterns and a complex of phenomena caused by environmental phenomena and man. Central to it all is the human, global population expansion and pollution caused by capitalism, the money ethic, greed and other human desires and needs. It is a worsening situation involving many of the superpowers, and less densely populated areas on planet earth. The human race is out of harmony and balance with the health of the external, natural world. It is imperative that we spend billions on the ecosystems, conservation and expansion of the flora and fauna and clean up a dirty planet. There should be the strengthening of spiritual beliefs and values in air, water quality, all life forms as determined by Buddhist and Taoist principles where life is revered and sacred. The essence and the cure are in human hands and the psychology of the people. Jim Emerton.




The influence of psychotropic and psychoactive drugs permeates all levels of society today. Billions of people are hooked on prescribed drugs or street narcotics or both. I note the mystical imagery in the lyrics of Bob Dylan/Kate Bush/The Who /Led Zeppelin and other aspects of the popular consciousness. Some of the celebrities try to mask, many dark secrets and have dabbled with psychosis and the occult. I have tapped into the subconscious and unconscious psyche and feel very sane, having exorcised myself in 9 books on Mensa is the perfect conduit for the intellect and the imagination, and a perfect resting place for oddballs and eccentrics to make a lasting contribution to the creative world. Human minds have remained nebulous since the dawn of man ,and the mad, mystical genius of William Blake. Jim Emerton




It seems so long since I was born. The yesterdays have gone with the night that falls, and memories that stand so tall, of forgotten dreams and my earthly dreams. Now I stand alone to face stormy skies, the howling wind and the falling snow. From the clay, the sod I have felt the glow of the pulsating earth from far below. I came to life, took my chance on magic, mystery and romance. Life has been sweet, a fortune made, an ultimate journey to the grave. Jim Emerton.





Each unfolding petal fills my open eyes with beauty. Every sound in the orchestra of nature, alerts my senses, sharpens the mind, as I take one more step in the life of a mystic. No harmony exists like the deepest feelings for nature. It rests beyond the word, the God, the whole ,the earth ,the clay, the sod. Inside my tiny mind the rush, the lust for life ,bathes my brain with a warm spiritual glow, that defines my earthly core existence. Jim Emerton




As a countryman out day and night, I have seen and heard many species of birds flying and migrating at night and have shot wildfowl in the twilight and under the moon. Now some racing pigeons will continue to fly home at night or what they call the hours of darkness. In reality it never gets black dark does it? Navigation of the bird is not understood, or the primordial ,basic instincts that we deduce that birds have. However ,it is a fact that birds may arrive at the lofts at any time during the night. We recall Brian’s Blue that was recorded at Tarbes at 748 miles on the day of liberation at 10.05 approx. in the hours of darkness. Brian has been brilliant at 700 mile plus marathon pigeon racing, and 4 of his key birds went into my Barcelona International strain with Nick Harvey. I myself clocked from Pau ,735 miles at 10.08 pm on the 2nd day-the hen was Dark Enchantment. Jim Emerton.



The birds will be out on open loft as normal .It seasons them, hardens them in the elements of rain, wind and mist and they become wise to predators. Birds closed in ,in lofts are out of condition-no good for Barcelona later on. I prefer country lofts e.g. detached cottages and locations with wide open fields and fresh air. However, my race partner inhabits a Council House. The homing ability is sharpened by birds on open loft in a semi-wild condition. Happy Xmas and enjoy my 9 books . Barcelona is creating much interest again as the top race in UK/Ireland and so it should Jim Emerton.



Congratulations to Michael Feeney on becoming Ireland Agent for the Barcelona One Loft Race with Tony Byrne. I wish him well with my strain of Barcelona pigeons direct from my racing partner Nick Harvey which he is cultivating in his loft in Ireland-Jim Emerton strain creator.




To do this in quiet thought or contemplation, will access the archetypes in Jungian terms. You will encounter fantasy, imagination ,madness as sources of creative power which may manifest as originality in literature or thought process. I would imagine that the psychosis of say schizophrenia or bipolarity may fuel this process. Sanity may be restored by the integration of all these elements into a whole or complete self, so that full consciousness is restored and known by insight and introspection. Rationalism is restored to the conscious psyche. Jim Emerton/Author.




A bird with these traits over 700 miles UK/Ireland is rare. Fast 700 milers can put in a velocity in excess of 1000 yds per min. Most Barcelona International birds in the UK will always be under this level ,as the race is very.very hard for the very best of men and birds-watch this space. In my perception the race will not be won into the UK! Wise to realise that is a race for dreamers,optimists,oddballs and people who evolve a marathon strain. We send all our birds to it, knowing that we will never win it, and do not care. Every fancier should race from Spain as it is the best you can aspire to-Jim Emerton.




This is the quiet sense of the internal, spiritual, basic or instinctual self, perceived as a core being and personality on introspection. It includes self-awareness and the stream of consciousness. Every human is an island in this respect. What is apparent in outward conversation is often a mask, a tool which we present to the social world in society. Psychosis may result if we do not unite the inner being with the outer being, as it creates serious disharmony in the emotional centres of the brain. In the theatre actors are introverts often who act out character roles. My personal sanity is a result of being true to myself, as manifested in my 9 books. You must be true to your inner core-it is the way to existential REALITY-Jim Emerton.




The optimism induced by mania or hypomania is helpful in motivating a man to go beyond 700 miles Barcelona International into the UK and Ireland. Spiritually ,a zen-like mindfulness is conducive to the experience of the LONG WAIT. I describe the mind state as both mystical and transcendent-it is the beautiful game. Birds in the clock are not forgotten and look lovely to the subjective eye. Barcelona fanatics are eccentric, sometimes mad and vigorously individualistic, with birds of great intrinsic qualities. It is certain that post liberation you will be on an excited high in the mind’s eye. My bird life has induced many highs -yes and barking madness. As Brad Foster says OUT TO LUNCH. Jim Emerton.




John Hewitt, with my strain ,reports that he is to attempt over 1000 miles Barcelona International into Ireland. It is possible with the BICC ,and be of world merit, as the publicity would radiate around the world. It is amazing, the powers of migrating pigeons, and the man is hugely ambitious to attempt it. This would test the boundaries of possibility and set a few records and win a few trophies ,as I got 879 miles only into England in race time. Not without controversy ,John wants to be a new pioneer-Jim Emerton.



For UK/Ireland ,I choose Barcelona International above Palamos. It is a bigger race, with many more birds,prestige,kudos,and potential difficulty as the birds fly further and have to split,often,solo flying from the drag. There is yet to be a day 2 bird over 800 miles at Barcelona International into the UK, as racing is so hard!! Traditionalists may go for Palamos, yet my 4 Trophies at 3.5 thousand pounds are with BICC Barcelona. Nick and I send every bird to it and Richard Scott is due to do the same at 827 miles. That’s the way to do it! Both fly my strain for the record-we are looking for more enthusiasts. Jim Emerton



The media, the politicians, journalists and many other people attempt to influence the individual and collective consciousness in society. Using intuitive and sensory perception I can see them coming and close my inner doors on it all. The essence of human freedom is creative and personal thought processes, which I have delivered in my 9 books. Call me eccentric, yet I will not be subjected to and subjugated by the will of power-seeking propaganda as psychic influences, as they are a threat to my autonomy and integrity. Jim Emerton/Author.

LJP. The trouble with Politicians is they are treating the general public as fools; a prime example is the Labour Party who are using the younger generation to get votes, and many will fall for it. I have been a working man all my life and a Labour voter but not this time. They are using the two things that matter to many of the younger generation to get votes, they work on the basis they are the ones who don't understand the economy and how the world works. The two things they are targeting the young for are Climate change which we are doing better than any other country to sort out. Then they are talking of doing away with University fees, again to get the younger voters, which will cost us taxpayers a lot of money. If Labour get in and do everything, they say they are going to do they will more or less bankrupt the country and that has come direct to me from someone I know in the financial markets. And there are two leaders of the smaller parties (Yellow & Orange) who are definitely treating people as fools as much as Labour are, I wonder where they are coming from. Don’t like getting mixed up with Politics but they are winding me up this time.




We exercise our marathon candidates, hens and cocks out on alternate days . This practice enhances the desire to home from the races, keeps the birds in good trim, seasons them and hardens them up against predators-open loft is the way for 7 to 800 mile Barcelona Int birds in the UK. Shut in all winter is no good for our birds. Sent in July marathon birds need to be in great nick with a contended love of home. In Winter, the birds are growing so we feed to appetite with a full, balanced mixture,as we are conditioning them all winter. This is how Nick Harvey and I do it-a simple, easy,back to nature system that the birds love. With our own strain NO new birds are being brought in. Jim Emerton.



The Barcelona Studs in the UK/Ireland can be sources of some birds of great potential for the distance and marathon enthusiast. Select good looking specimens of this origin, breed lots of ybs and race them out as old birds beyond 700 miles, sent in great condition. If you get the racers in great condition with your management some may be in the clock. It is the work of dedicated specialists to do so-few men can do it in race reality, and I always put the emphasis on the personal qualities of the fancier, along with birds of potential-there are more good birds than fanciers. Some nice birds can be found at Louella/ Steve Wright/Michael Feeney/Richard Scott/ Chris Booth etc. I know them all and you do not need to go abroad for good pigeons as some great fanciers live in the UK-keep your I on your MONEY lads-do not be conned!! Jim Emerton.



The essence of the pigeon sport is mind. The top men all take a planned, psychological approach to competitive pigeon racing. I am a great believer in the self-fulfilling prophecy to realise dreams. In practical reality distance and marathon racing is concentrated forward planning and self-realisation. The higher consciousness aspect of waiting for a good bird is both transcendent and mystical. Pigeons have inspired me to poetry and create books about my life with them. The natural world is far superior to man-we need to conserve it and preserve it. Jim Emerton



Linked to the BICC, it is evolving and offering a great service to more northerly pigeon fanciers. Based at Chirk it is founded to encourage and cater for genuine distance and marathon enthusiasts up to Barcelona International level. The officials put the members first, are serious, genuine and creative. I urge you all to consider joining and flying in the open race prog that should take place in the future. My mentee and friend Richard Scott, who has my strain of birds in plenty, is due to indulge in the benefits of this club. Have a go -Jim Emerton Life Vice President and Author of 9 books.



Gradual increase in distance is the name of the game. Send every yearling beyond 400 miles and every 2yr old beyond 700 miles and repeat the process each year from open loft conditions if you can. Breed off the survivors and evolve a strain. It is a simple formula for finding your best birds at your distance. Racing equals distance birds not advertising and commerce plugging famous names. The results are never pure-just a mixed bunch. Jim Emerton.


I recall some serious races at this point at 735 miles on day 2 onwards with my birds. It was very difficult at times-my Oddball managed 3rd open Single Bird Nomination Flying Club and the same heen flew San Sebastian on day 2 at 737 miles. Good old days and it looks as though the NFC may be returning to Pau in the future. We shall see, and in reality, some of the NFC races will be testing and difficult. I prefer Barcelona International to find a strain ,yet like any UK race over 700 miles in length, although they do your head in. Jim Emerton



For those who would like to benefit from my experiences and knowledge racing from 71 to 879 miles with my strain ,and my life in general, I have 9 books of my creation on Amazon or to order from bookshops and the DVD by Countryside Audio and Visual. All my life’s work ,as an enthusiast-I hope you like them. Jim Emerton.




From the thousands of well-bred birds in the UK, it is up to the fancier to bring the best out of them in racing. Distances over 700 miles are the test ,and a small minority of men will time good birds over this distance, particularly in international events. My experiences tell me that how you manage and prepare the birds is key. Personality, knowledge and practical skill are the traits of the top fanciers and are products of the human brain. If you have it between the eyes you may become a great fancier. Birds in the clock over 800 miles are rare, and most fanciers fly much shorter do they not? There are good reasons for this! Jim Emerton.



We have Mark Gilbert up to 700 miles, Neil Bush over 700 miles and Trevor Robinson over 850 miles. They are all marathon fanciers too. I admire what these guys have done with racing pigeons. We could do with some probing analysis of and interviews with these men, to find out how they got the results they did from the personality, mindset and management perspective and/or a serious book. More to it than money and good birds folks! How do they tick, what motivates them to do great things? These are the men and birds to study. Jim Emerton.



Good birds over 700 miles will vary in size from great to small in race reality. I do like small hens, nice and buoyant and easy to condition for the long endurance races. I do not favour big heavy ,pigeons with sprinting power that win races. Yet the acid test is to send every single bird to races over 700 miles, down to the last bird. This practice will discover both man and bird that can negotiate marathon races. The discipline remains the forte of the dedicated,knowledgable minority who can do it. Jim Emerton.




The Eclipse the 650 club are due to organise a series of open races culminating in Barcelona International. It is a great idea, worthy of support and will fire dreams, interest and some entries. In essence we have the BICC/BBC/ Eclipse and Tony Byrne with his one loft race who will stimulate interest in Barcelona for UK and Ireland. I applaud all the birds in the clock ,the people who send them. Bear in mind my 4 Barcelona trophies up for grabs that I donated to the BICC to reward great men and birds. Great stuff Jim Emerton Life Vice President of Eclipse Club-over to you folks




My top 2 stock cocks in the early days were from a brother times sister mating. My strain of 43 years making, and duration has used 4 cocks from brother times sister matings ,amongst other related and unrelated birds. Paired together the strain today will all embrace the 7 foundation birds. You get to love and prefer birds of your own origins, especially as you are not buying in other people’s bloodlines-the fun is in creating your own. All pigeons are of mixed origins and not pure genetically. Essential is the ultimate testing of all the racing pigeons. Jim Emerton.




The idea is to get every bird over 700 miles. This concept will select out fanciers and birds of great quality, as most birds have given it all at 750 miles. It is for dedicated specialists who cultivate a strain based on years of breeding to relatives with judicious outbreeding experiments. Few do it today and 800-mile men and birds are rare. My heart lies in this type of racing ,and my first day 2 bird at 735 miles was 26 years ago and she is in the strain today. A good body of 700-mile men is found in the Nor East 700-mile club -some top lads in this club. The marathon psyche is patient/focused/determined and has sustained stamina and endurance and the birds have great INTERNAL powers. Jim Emerton




There are a number of me who have dedicated 40 years or so to the cultivation of their own birds by progeny testing in races up to and over 700 miles over the English Channel. Showing sustained enthusiasm,energy,focus and endurance they qualify as strain masters. None of the birds, after inbreeding are pure in a genetic sense, yet if needed, I would source inbred birds from the key birds as they may produce a few good ones. A few of these elite fanciers are Neil Bush/Jim Donaldson/Brian Denney and Chris Gordon. Birds of this ilk I would set the task of Barcelona International over 700 miles to see if they passed the acid test of race reality. Jim Emerton



At 2 years of age ,we enter all our birds into the epic Barcelona International race to fly against the wind often into the west of England. I am pleased to report that I have clocked the top bird in a race in the North at 879 miles and in the West at 703 miles! The point is that Nick Harvey and I send every bird back to Barcelona multiple times. It means we have a 5 times Barcelona Hen, a 3 times hen etc. Wizard the 3 times cock is with Michael Feeney at stud. Other people with my based strain are Richard Scott/ Chris Booth/John Hewitt and Pat etc. They are all keeping my dedicated strain going -we are enthusiasts-I take no money for my services and have given money way from my book royalties. The sport and the strain and people come first in my life-Jim Emerton




To me the key elements to a good bird are internal and invisible to the naked eye. The internal organs must all be healthy and strong, the muscles, heart ,brain etc and the total being of the bird. In my mind’s eye performance genes are needed and the traits that give speed, stamina ,homing ability and navigation. In a gestalt or total sense, we do not understand why one bird is superior at different distances to another do we. What makes one man a champion and the other an also ran with similar birds. ? I feel much is due to character and personality. However ,it is nice to see a pretty bird that has good looks. Pigeon racing is still the mystery that it always was and always will be. It is certain that a bird in the clock at 7 00 to 800 miles is always a good one. Jim Emerton



I feel there are many factors that may combine to influence homing in racing pigeons. Many that need a study are wind direction, wind speed and atmospherics due to humidity/mist/rain/sun and any other elements in the air. Then we have the possible impact of communication signals from mobiles,satelites and any other human-based activities such as air pollution from industry and wind driven dust particles. All these variables may affect the racing ability of pigeons along with conditioning and genetic qualities peculiar to the bird. The team at a University may, in conjunction with the RPRA , develop a research model to examine the whole process and concept for publication in the pigeon racing media. It may reveal insights into the essence of navigation applicable to the avian world. Jim Emerton



An original and unorthodox distance enthusiast has left the abiding memory of the great blue hen Riley’s Duchess. 1st sect K Pau over 700 miles, she was 2nd open BICC Barcelona International over 800 miles-both hard races. Brian inspired my Barcelona Dream Cock at 879 miles. Long will Brian remain in the psyche of marathon enthusiasts in the North of England where some great birds are flown in races over 700 miles. Jim Emerton.



Shorter than Pau or Tarbes ,it will stimulate some entries as a new race point -a change and fresh challenge. The further the better for me ,yet I feel that there will be difficult and fairly easy liberations from this point if continued. I am aware of the prevailing environmental conditions that coexist with modern liberations at points around the 700-mile mark and beyond. I would like to see some academic analysis of the total conditions in contemporary racing ,as a professorial research model at Oxbridge Universities in collusion with the RPRA. This data could be published in the pigeon racing media. Jim Emerton



Out of the rain -sodden gloom, the little bird sang with sweet, melodious defiance, from the very heart of nature. We rewarded this little earth spirit with the juicy reality of a mealworm, and the Robin showed trust by stepping on my shoe, as I stood transfixed absorbed by sound. Every aspect of nature is the soul of my garden from the roaming fox, to the hysterical starling, to the shy and reclusive dunnock. Try as I may to like humanity, I do place the wonders of nature on a lofty pedestal. Jim Emerton.



In order to this ,it is wise to try and be unorthodox and different. What you do may make a difference and be out of the ordinary. The price may be a liitle madness or eccentricity,yet may yield good results. Why spend a life repeating what many others have done? In pigeon racing ,why not be a pioneer or go the extra mile? People in Ireland are trying to do this with the prospect of BICC racing,and I applaud the ambition of these attempts at the unusual - Jim Emerton.


No pure strains of racing pigeons exist - Stichelbauts and Jan Aardens have all become diluted over time ,with the sad passing of the men who became famous names. The modern racer is a mixture of origins/genes and the result of man management. Fancy names often imply slick advertising,commercialism,money and paper pedigrees. Look out for the man who spends a lifetime perfecting his family of distance and marathon racing pigeons. I want to see consistent performances over 700 miles in International racing. There are some genuine hardcore fanciers who will give you birds from their best-see if you can cultivate a network of these like -minded people-could be the way forward for you. I like the practice of swapping good birds between friends out of genuine sportsmanship-a winning formula me thinks. Jim Emerton.


Myself at Holtby and my partner allow the birds the run of the big outdoors to be wild and free. They return to the loft for food,shelter,security and to roost and nest. This is how we build fitness,contentment and condition for extreme distance racing over 700 miles Barcelona into the West-against the wind. The birds are flown out all Autumn/Winter and are hard, sharp and easy to condition. Each bird is bred in the purple, yet few really cut the mustard, as the potential is born in the bird. They are a mixed bag; each one is different. Jim Emerton.





It has to be the greatest thing to achieve within the pigeon sport, requiring years and years of focus and dedication. First you need to breed some birds that will time over 700 or 800 miles, preferably in International racing. Persist every year with your target marathon race, breed off the birds in the clock and use all shorter races as build up for the big one. Your fanaticism may be rewarded in time, with a strain of marathon birds to call your own. Jim Emerton.




With a steady build up to keep the reserves in the bird, send all yearlings 350 to 450 miles in a chosen race. It is simple, as you cultivate returning birds for Barcelona the next year or year after. Birds can be of any strain origin ,as each 1 is unique. The key to success is in your prowess as a practical manager and your personality-you make the pigeons from their potential. The whole sport is personality led. Good Uk Barcelona Int birds are rare, and we have yet to get 1 in Ireland in race time-why do you think this is the case? Suggest we all persist in doing what is possible?? Jim Emerton.



You need a master plan, dedicated system and focused mind-set. If you persist for say 20 years ,you will do well, if you are good enough. The onus is always on the individual person as good birds are quite common. The essence is personality first, pigeon second-a formula where many people will do well in the game. Many fall for slick adverts and spend lots of money-the answer lies in your own loft in reality. Wise to persist until you get it right as good racing is down to good practice .Jim Emerton.



The female garden, orb spiders are swollen with eggs in their silken death traps, the diminutive males hanging by a thread close by. I love to see them mummify a fly. Spiders are embedded deeply within the unconscious psyche-I call them Boris. Splendid ,young magpies are towards the end of the moult with other corvids, crows and jackdaws, and the territorial robins are singing. I love the sight and sound of wild pink feet geese, when they light up my senses en route from Greenland and Spitzbergen. Soon bulbs will be springing from my exotic collection of 15 containers . How I love the natural world in my reflective old age! Jim Emerton.



We drop some every year to natural causes. Always frustrating the reasons can be birds of prey,wires,obstacles,shooting ,and some just fly away and get lost. It is what it is, and wise to breed plenty to cover losses. Jim Emerton.



Oh, for a sensible rationale and solution to the power game in The House of Commons. The anger, resentment, hatred, prejudice and a whole series of dramatic ,negative human emotions are an outward manifestation of confined humans under pressure. Some divisions, splits and fractures in this cauldron of society are wounds that will never heal . Any spiritual union of ideas is long out of the question. We are seeing huge levels of self-seeking under the mask of party ideology, hierarchy and belief. The corollary is that the press is having a field day, although a semblance of outward order may return to the political system ,yet serious doubts on the nature of democracy will exist. Jim Emerton. LJP. It's the same in all walks of life Jim, the ones who cannot have their own way are the ones who cause all the problems. No matter where you are in a meeting and having a vote the highest number of votes are the winners, change that and we lose our democracy.



Very few fanciers attempt these races with the BICC. In reality it is too difficult, too far for most fanciers and their birds to keep having a go. If its popularity increased there could be a case for more marking stations nearer home for potential enthusiasts. A pity, that with the decline in racing more than 750 miles from Barcelona International over here it remains an optimist’s dream. When I timed at 879 miles the birds were sent down to Kent by Amtrak in cardboard boxes. However, with a will and serious dedication good men can still get their birds to the BICC marathon races over 700 miles in length. I do like the one loft race concept of 795 miles into Norfolk and all the trophies good birds could win-it is a possible way forward to test all those well-bred birds in Race Reality. Jim Emerton.




We have put our 2 champion Barcelona hens back in the race loft to fly out all Autumn/Winter. The sexes are separated in the race team of 22 pigeons. All being finalised we will send birds into the 1 loft Barcelona race -fun only. The birds are moulting well ,yet we keep our eyes skinned for diseases in this time of stress. As normal, the racers are out, alternate days on open loft. We like good natural condition all year round, not coupled up prisoners! Racing to us is play and that’s what we do. I hope you are enjoying reading my 9 books Jim Emerton.




To understand birds the natural world and the great outdoors ,a feeling for nature is essential. I am aware of every little sound and movement on my many walks into the wild or wilderness or the depths of dark woods. Many city people are alienated from the orchestra and beauty around them in the natural world. However, we are starting to come alive due to global pollution and climate change ,due to industrialisation, capitalism and human population expansion levels. I would rather gaze upon a butterfly than a human any day. In the next 50 years, man will encounter the extinction of many species and serious negative changes to global ecosystems, and man will pay for his ignorance, greed, excess and mindless pursuit of pure selfishness, dogma and arrogance. In reality, we are all part of nature and will return to it. Jim Emerton.




With this type of racing in decline, I feel things could change. If we avoid too many politics, we could open up organisations to encourage all fanciers to send birds in this type of event, as racing is fragmented between many umbrella organisations. This level of racing does cater for the best of birds and fanciers and requires great skill and dedication and is for purists. The key element is to send your birds to see what they can do, with the accent on the birds rather than rivals, racing with purpose and objectivity. We have built a strain at Barcelona through years of sending the birds to it. It suits the little man as well as the big team player. Naturally, there are logistical, political, difficulty and organisational issues by people and the will of all the people involved. Think about it as an idea in the first place. I like the concept of The Barcelona One Loft Race-serious intentions. Jim Emerton.



Have you held the perception that your inner being, or self cannot be seen ,as though you have withdrawn into a shell? This may happen under intense introspection, moments of fear or stress or when contemplating the navel. In reality, it shuts you off from sensory experiences of the so-called external world. What is going on with the brain/mind synthesis during this phase and is the experience peculiar to humans-discuss?? Jim Emerton The Invisible Man!




The cosmos as we call it ,in its totality is greater than the sum of human consciousness. It is an illusion, an arrogance and a delusion to think or believe that we have true knowledge of it through science, religion, philosophy or any belief system. Human knowledge is but a ripple on the vast ocean of truth ,is it not. Our deluded egos fool us into false beliefs ,generated by human existence. My little insight does give some meaning to earthly existence. However, it is nice to ponder via a conscious stream the great unknown as it stimulates the inner being to the microcosm within the macrocosm. Jim Emerton.




Human consciousness is linked directly with the mind. I have always felt that the essence of my existence has been subjective and cerebral. People can lose a sense of the inner being, the self ,when focusing too much on the so-called external world of things and money, directly associated with a materialistic and capitalistic society. I believe that the essence of the pure self, the inner man is mental and spiritual, and I have created 9 books in this self-belief. However, I do love the natural world ,which humanity is rapidly polluting and degrading. Society today is in dire need of some spiritual values generated by the psyche from the brain within. We need to balance our personalities on this earthly journey of life into death-Jim Emerton.





My insight tells me that higher human consciousness manifested by the great artists, poets, philosophers etc could be perceived as the union of genius and madness within the psyche of the individual person. I feel creativity emerges from a deeper level than the labels of bipolarity, schizophrenia and other psychiatric diagnoses. We still struggle to understand the inner workings of the minds of William Blake, Vangogh, Picasso and other luminaries. Inspite of some empathy with them, their cultural charisma is an image of the enigma which was their consciousness. Us humans just dabble on the surface of great minds and souls! Jim Emerton.


I see this in human males. With fantasy, delusions of grandeur, trickery, and persuasive chat they act out roles of feigned self-importance. These are image creating, egocentric devises motivated by status due to the pressures of society. I know a few of these Walter Mitty men and find the to be very amusing from the personality perspective, do you not? You will find them in many places and guises-often in the celebrity field of people. They are worthy of close scrutiny. Jim Emerton.



They come in many shapes, types, sizes and breeding origins. The sure way of finding and proving one is to enter all your birds in The Barcelona International race and every year. I have practiced this for 9 years ,with birds homing every year. You will find that some trail in out of race time-here the principle is to send them back the following year. I like the idea of the one loft race under the jurisdiction of Tony Byrne in Norfolk. At 795 miles it will be a real test of quality by Tony, the bird and the breeder. The dream is to win The Barcelona International into the UK. In race reality, it will probably not happen in my lifetime and for very sound reasons. With all the Barcelona bred birds about in the world today ,it will be interesting to count the entries in this event under the umbrella of The BICC. The distance appeals to me ,as I clocked at 879 miles some 24 years ago. Jim Emerton.



At 795 miles approx. into Norfolk England ,and organised by Tony Byrne, what a great, and innovative idea it is. At this marathon distance, in the greatest race on planet earth ,your birds can compete in The Barcelona International and with the BICC for 3 of the 4 Jim Emerton trophies-see The BICC handbook. We need to lift entry no’s from everywhere, so let’s make this a race of global support and impact. Now this race, if it becomes a living reality will test race management and breeding qualities of all the birds. Contact Tony, watch for the promotion ,all you marathon buffs and join the dream -which could rescue many aspects of serious marathon racing. Potential tests are orientation and racing over such a great distance-Jim Emerton 879 miles BICC Distance Record Holder-I love the creative nature of the concept of this race-best wishes Jim Emerton.


Self-identity and survival are the drives prevalent in the people of the UK today. Masks are down and its every man for himself me first in practice. The personification of this psychological trend is glaringly obvious amongst the leading politicians of the day, who are using every conceivable ego -survival trick to assert their inner needs. With my perception and insight I can spot the devious and propagandist comments from the House and in the media. In practice the spirit of democracy has ceased to exist as paranoid leaders attempt to become dictators, leaving behind democracy as a device to lure in voters. To a shrewd I the whole process is a big con game motivated by career and self-interest. What has become of the visionary individual with real integrity I ask?? Jim Emerton



Now you can find some of these folks in my book An Eccentric Genius my Extraordinary Life Jim Emerton. The peculiar, the singular, the strange, gifted and genius are traits of the types of men who dedicate their waking lives to marathon International racing into the UK and Ireland. However, these are the people, often of integrity and some honesty that I would swap birds with or seek advice from . Often specialists, they test birds to the limit, and in that sense have some good ones. My partner and I enter every bird at 2 years or older in The Barcelona International race flying against the prevailing wind over 700 miles into the far West of England. It is the ONLY race for us as old lads. Jim Emerton



My feeling is that despite the anger, posturing, duplicity, tactics, chicanery and disturbed political egos, a deal with Europe will be the outcome after the last bullet is fired. The House has been a cauldron, a theatre of many of the more emotional and negative traits of people within a career survival and instinctual scenario. It has been a strong metaphor of what people are like under pressure. Many people will negate politics for good as an outcome. Jim Emerton.

Hi Jim, I don't want to get into politics on here and this is the one Occasion I will. The government as a whole, have brought all this trouble on themselves through not doing what they should have done and that is leave the EU after a democratic vote, then they could have sorted the rest out afterwards. They are all scaremongering, nobody knows what is going to happen when we have left and I say that lightly, they still have time to change their minds. We are British and no matter what we will carry on and succeed. LJP.



There is room for all types of racing in the world today. In reality ,it is no test of the prowess, knowledge and expertise of fanciers other than the managers of the one loft and the breeding of the birds in the first place. It will never test marathon/distance capabilities of the individual pigeon and the genius of the fancier who has dedicated his life to the preparation. The race to give all the answers remains The Barcelona International, as the supreme test of fancier and bird. Every one of the birds in our strain has to fly this race as a loft and strain rule. We breed from every bird in the clock from Barcelona as they meet our selection criteria. The corollary is that UK entry numbers remain relatively low. Barcelona birds all LOOK different to each other yet have the internal qualities we seek. Jim Emerton.



Expertly run, organised and produced, it is an original ,creative and quality magazine of global circulation. You can count on the honesty and integrity of Brad Foster and Mike Taylor to represent your best interests in expert features, articles and advertising that appeal to discerning and sophisticated tastes. I place my best work as an author in this top-class magazine. Jim Emerton



My latest trip for many years is with my mate, and it has taken 27 years to get it together to return to Spain, but we always said we would make sure we done it in style next time! We are off with my car and caravan, next spring, on the same ferry route as last time. Follow our old route but enjoying the luxury of a caravan on caravan sites and taking our time on our way down to southern Spain, where I've rented a villa to celebrate my 50th birthday with friends and my wife flying over for the weekend of fun. A well-deserved holiday. Sightseeing, fishing and the nice warmth of Spain, roll on! We are returning in my car, but will be via Barcelona on our return route, to visit the release point, got to fit something in to do with pigeons in. I'm hoping to be going there to watch the release one day, then rush back on a plane, hopefully to clock an entered bird in! What a thrill that would be.



If you start young with pigeons, as I did 67 years ago ,you may have a life to dedicate to them. I confess that they have been foremost in my mind and have come first for many years. The sport is not just the winning of races, as there is the science,psychology,practice,literature,and knowledge all to master and with racing at all levels to International competition. I feel the essence lies in strain building and your overall contribution to the sport. My 9 books go some way to express my enthusiasm for knowledge in a host of subject areas and these are a legacy as dreams became a reality.

Jim Emerton.



It is very easy-the ones in the clock at over 7oo miles Barcelona International are good birds, along with the parents. It is the only selection criterion that we use in our strain . In reality these birds can be any colour or physical type, as we are judging total performance factors not looks! Beware of pretty photos in sales ads, designed to relieve you of your money. Jim Emerton.



My mind is like a flame in the wind, a mutable ever-changing thing. It burns and glows from deep within, to give me spiritual light, of fires that will not dim. My darkest secrets are made so clear ,in heat and passion myself to find in the furnace of my inner mind. As I walk alone on the edge of time, it is my hour, my day, my life, each passing moment so sublime. A single journey, the essence of things, the pulse of life, it makes me sing. Jim Emerton.



 Obituary For Liam Ocomain.

The great man has passed on. A gifted intellectual,author,poet and pigeon journalist he inspired a generation of keen and loyal fans with his lyrical, informed and sensitive writing. The archives show how creative, passionate and spiritual his work was. A Master of Arts Liam inspired a generation of people who read his literature that was touched by the hand of genius. His latter years were spent in deep thought where he sought out truth ,becoming deeply mystical . I hold him in great respect and affection Jim Emerton.



The aim is as much time on the wing as possible. Toss the birds in a group say 100 miles, and make sure it is against the wind-this will liven the instincts within and muscle them up. On arrival ,supplement the birds and rest them and grow them on to be yearlings. The good basic condition comes from genes, marathon food and open loft. Jim Emerton.


Fifty years a Kewite by Jim Emerton. It is so nostalgic to reflect on how my life has involved over such a passage of time. The essence of it all has been self survival,as I could have perished in Afghanistan in 79. My Autobiography An Eccentric Genius my Extraordinary Life ,featured on Amazon is serialised in magazines around many places in the world ,including Mensa. Beyond the impact of literature, I am delighted to have my head in the clouds and feet on the ground. Today John Whitehead, Barry Phillips and I are closer than ever as remnants of The School of Horticulture, and we have evolved as eccentrics over time- I love it.Jim Emerton.


Barcelona to the south is only around 700 miles, with shorter other races of a National and International nature. In the North birds have flown up to 748 miles on the day of liberation. Barcelona could take you in excess of 800 miles after 3 or 4 days. We have real distance and marathon opportunities in Yorkshire/Lancashire and beyond. My strain was proven at 879 miles ,and I do favour measured distances in excess of 700 miles. Some great birds cope with great distances and they all have to cross the Channel with the south road, where my favourite country of liberation is Spain. We used to fly 569 miles on the day at Saintes,687 miles day 2 at Dax, 735 miles day 2 at Pau and 879 miles day 4. In race reality very few birds of any origin will perform like this, as it is serious progeny testing. Jim Emerton.



In my final book of 9, I tell it all as it is over a life that has endured 70 years. My passions for people, nature, travel and pigeons are weaved into a colourful, factual and imaginative life story so far. You will find it original, entertaining and touched by both madness and genius. Some of the episodes are scary, where my life was put at risk, with a hint of the drugs, sex and rock and roll in far away exotic places. Available on and Amazon .com, it is having great reviews already-you will love it and there is lots about pigeon racing. Jim Emerton.



Of any colour, size, shape, colour, character-it is the one that performs the best to your loft. Handle pigeons and choose, yet I seek the internal qualities of speed, stamina, endurance, survival ability and navigation. Trust your senses and intuition and make the final test of quality by sending all the birds to actual races. The next logical step is to breed off the star performers and breeders to form your own family. As a mindset you need long term and persistent dedication of an absolute nature. I have practiced this formula for 43 years - ocd or what?? It works.



I have been inbreeding, outbreeding and linebreeding with my strain for 43 years and as close as brother times sister mattings. It should be noted, that I studied and taught genetic theory as a science teacher for a while, and plant genetics at The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. My conclusion is that there are no certain combinations that will produce good birds under real progeny testing conditions of actual racing up to Barcelona International level, as different relationships in the parents and grandparents may or may not work. Have an eye on a formula or theoretical system=both interesting and academic-yet there is no better reality, than testing every race bird out to the limit of its potential under RACE REALITY conditions. My first NO 1 and No 2 stock cocks were from brother times sister mattings. My autobiography An Eccentric Genius is on and now. I think you will love it -Jim.



The whole system, like science is based on subjective, human values and belief. In my belief the fundamentals of it are not based on absolute truth or perceived objective reality and to me is eyewash as a personality determinant or predictor. Believe as you wish in life, yet I do like the idea of external influences impacting on genetic predisposition the old nature/nurture influences on personality typing. I think people need to be influenced by personal insights rather than external dogma and convention-Jim Emerton.



Avoid overt jealousy of good fanciers, especially of a hurtful, negative nature. We need an injection of sportsman-like values deep within the game. Negative, human emotions are causing people to leave the sport of pigeon racing. Plough some positivity back into the game, by helping novices with practical knowledge, writing, filming or donating a trophy. In reality, the essence is human competition, although I moralise, there is a spiritual element to long distance and marathon racing, as it places you close to nature. Attempt to understand how each bird ticks, and how navigation takes place. With insight these points may lead to a greater understanding of yourself! Jim Emerton. (You won’t change people Jim, especially when they cannot get their own way, they join in on Forum conversations without knowing the true facts and effectively show themselves up. Take it from someone who has first-hand experience, these people cannot see it but they only damage their own reputations, because they trust in trouble makers. LJP)


Boris is a fascinating eccentric man who displays his unconventional ego-morphs on the political stage. He is gifted in the verbal departments of oratory, and colourful speech making which manifest themselves as charisma in the public consciousness, yet behind the charming mask of good naturalness is a giant, pulsating and careerist ego. He will need to evolve fresh ego morphs as he faces the power machine of European egos, who will try to subdue his Brexit intentions. The press is poised to pounce on his perceived faults as a human and leader, to further satisfy their career aspirations. Yes, a man on a mission to make a huge global impact and change the course of history in an unconventional and most original manner! Jim Emerton.


Added early July.

In the Wexford area of Ireland, the club is unique. Timing in race time out of Barcelona International in the BICC, is the single objective of this brave, honest and innovative organisation, in the modern era of marathon pigeon racing. I am promoting the club to draw attention to its intentions, as it may stimulate further Barcelona participation from dedicated men and their birds. In 2019 around 14 birds will be liberated to fly back home from Barcelona to Ireland. Join with me in wishing them all the very best! Jim Emerton.


In pigeon racing atmospherics, wind and weather are always variable. In 43 years, I have never kept birds at home due to a forecast. In good condition, the birds always have to go, as simple as that my friends! In ignorance of the true nature of the real conditions after liberation, we wait for the possible return of the birds, after the officials have decided on a liberation. The next race is the fabled Barcelona International-a race which opens eyes to the true nature of marathon pigeon racing. Focus will be on Pipa and the BICC/BBC websites in this most exciting race-roll on.


I am informed that 3 people are sending around 12 birds in total in the great British International Championship Club to fly for my Belief Trophy in 2019. In my humble opinion it is an onerous and most difficult task to time in race time yet remains a realistic possibility to land a bird in the fabled Barcelona International race. The lads in Ireland are showing huge doses of dedication, resolve and organisational ability. It is an attempt that could ignite the ardour of the pigeon racing world, making man and bird very famous, and cement serious marathon racing in the pigeon racing culture and public consciousness of the day. Wind weather and location will have to be conquered by the brave spirits of fancier and bird. Hope springs eternal is in my mind as I write this wonderful news for the pigeon press. All the very best to my friends in Ireland! Jim Emerton.


A clever fancier will know every bird in his loft, without checking ring numbers. In his mind he visualises the parents and the history of his strain of birds. If all your birds are say, chequers or dark chequers, a good mind and perception is needed to recognise each individual bird. Sharp minds may point out each bird in the kit as it fly’s about and you can sex pigeons by their behaviours in the air or the sound of the coo-this takes empathy or acute senses. I find racing pigeons to be the most fascinating lifeforms on earth, don’t you.? Jim Emerton.


In silent contemplation, sounds of bumbling bees caress my sensitive ears. The dipterous hover flies dart about on the gentle breeze, as I become absorbed by the beauty and wonder of nature. A wild blackberry is host to this feeding frenzy as 4 species of industrious bees perform ancient rituals of the natural world. It is far from the concrete jungle-my little world of gentle complexity. I am transported to an inner world of dreams and imagination in this place. Jim Emerton.


What a truly great performance at BICC Pau to cement his status in the world of pigeon racing. We can all learn from the great man-a singular individualist of awesome ability, with some nice birds-Jim Emerton.


Chris photos