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First Eggs For Kevin and Rachel 19-03-20




Reports by Joe Murphy


Kevin and his daughter Rachel came down this week for the eggs from the stock pigeons as he puts them under his racers to rear them for him. He was telling Margaret and me that he has just started to let his race birds out this week and the very first day they were attacked by a hawk. With one bird returning with blood on its feathers but it just had puncture holes. Low and behold he had the same thing happen to him the day he came down to see us. As he came out the loft, one of his birds was sitting on the house roof like a ‘statue’ just sitting riveted looking down into the garden next door. Kevin went and had a look and there was the hawk standing over one of his pigeons. So he jumped over and as he ran towards the hawk it took off and he bent down and picked up the pigeon. Once again he was luck as it too had only a couple of puncture holes in it. This was put back into the loft and it proves that these ‘killers’ are never far away once they know that your birds are being let out of the loft. Of course the birds are not fit after being locked up all this time but they have to get out as the new season is just round the corner so to speak. One of two other fanciers have been telling me that they have heard of similar instances, but some have not been so lucky as Kevin. Getting back to my own stock loft I have only had one pair of clear eggs from a pair who had troubling settling into a new nest box. I also have a pair of eggs from a young hen who has paired up to ‘Top Gun’ my 16 year old Deweerdt stock cock. He’s an inbred grandson of ‘Emiel’ winner of 1st Belgium national from an entry of 3465 birds and 1st international Bordeaux from a convoy of 9493 birds; ‘Emiel’ was a 100% prize winner from the 5 national races he competed in. ‘Top Gun’ has never filled an egg for a good few years for me but a young late bred hen has fallen in ‘love’ with him. So I put a next pan on the floor next to the partition door and they took to it. I blocked it off and low and behold the young hen laid so I have just left them alone and it has given the old boy a new lease of life.        


SHU Dewar Trophy Information

These past few weeks I have been working on a project in collecting as much information as possible on the SHU Dewar Trophy winners and runners up. The Dewar Trophy was awarded to the best ‘Pigeon of the Year’ in Scotland for its achievements from a race from France back into Scotland. This award was first presented in 1973 to William & David Ree of Broughty Ferry which is just outside the city of Dundee. This father and son partnership won the Dewar trophy for the best Channel Performance over 600 miles with their grizzle cock. He was named ‘High Degree’ and flew the 642 miles recording a velocity of 1040 against a convoy of 1689 birds. This Ree partnership had a very successful plumbing business in the town, but more importantly to me they also had an outstanding record at long distance racing in the SNFC. Their results were exceptional as they had won 3rd, 26th 31st 32nd 44th 46th 50th & 61st open from Nantes. From Rennes a distance of 580 miles they won 28th 150th 196th 237th & 274th open in the space of 4 years period. From Beauvais a distance of 528 miles they won 27th 39th 41st 52nd 112th & 116th open and from the 1975 Usher Vaux Avranches race with an entry of 6414 birds the Ree loft flying a distance of 542 miles they won 76th east section 109th open. They were without doubt a very successful distance loft and a worthy frontrunner of the Dewar Trophy. The runner up to the first Dewar Trophy winner were Jock & Ann Grieve of Auchtermuchty with their famous blue cock ‘Jock’ who won 2nd open Nantes national position flying 630 miles. He won 2nd open the following year and was a wonderful pigeon and I remember going to view him at the Grieve’s loft. Back in those days fanciers used to go and visit the winners of the big open races, and were always made welcome. I think I got the impetus from this and wanted to learn as much as I could from speaking to these successful fanciers, which has continued to this day nearly 50 years later. Frank Mitchell of Oakley who won the runner up to the Dewar Trophy in 2019 has kindly supplied me with all the names of the winners. However I do not have any information on the majority of these birds. So if anyone of the people who won this award is reading this I would be grateful if they could supply me with details of their pigeon. I know this could be a long shot as many of them are unfortunately no longer with us. However the more information I obtain the better the finished history of these awards will be. While on about the Dewar trophy Ralston Graham of Langholm won the award in 2003 and was runner up the following 2 years. I phoned his house to speak to him regarding some details I’m unsure of regarding one of his birds, however his wife informed me that Ralston is in Dumfries hospital and is quite poorly. I was sorry to hear this news and wish him a speedy recovery. I’m hoping that fanciers can help me out by either phoning or emailing me details of their bird be it winner or runner up of the Dewar Trophy. Or if they wish just drop me an email with your phone number and I will get back in contact with you. I’m sorry but I do not have everyone’s number or email address. However, to the people who have already supplied me with their details so far a big THANK YOU it is very much appreciated.  


Jock Scott Dewar Trohy winner

Good SNFC Birds

While going on about obtaining information on the Dewar Trophy winners and runners up. As a thank you to Frank I would like to show fanciers the kind of information Frank supplied me on his yearling blue cock SU18F 5782 who was runner up in 2019. Frank said ‘He has always been a steady, reliable pigeon; as a young bird he flew every race with the Fife federation out to Wakefield a distance of 188 miles, often being in the first 4 to the loft. This year 2019 as a yearling he had 6 club races on roundabout, again being steady without winning any cards. He was then sent to the SNFC Inland National from Buckingham inland national flown on 1st June with 3876 birds competing sent by 465 members and he won 311th open flying 302 miles 871 yards recording a velocity of 1188.06ypm. He was then sent to the SNFC Gold Cup race from Burdinne on the 28th June chasing his hen to the nest with a convoy of 1251 birds sent by 358 members and he won 7th section C 37th open flying 522 miles 1204 yards to record a velocity of 1362.17. He handled extremely well on return from this race and Frank thought about trying him at the Roye national but Frank was a bit hesitant as he was only a yearling! However after 10 days rest Frank gave him 3 short training tosses and as he was handling and looking so well decided to send him to the Roye national sitting 7 day eggs. He competed against an entry of 935 birds on the 19th July and won 14th section C 34th open recording a velocity of 1056.23 for the 515 miles and 170 yards. These 2 performances were good enough to merit him the runner up to the Dewar Trophy Winner of 2019. His dam is a stock pigeon, and is a granddaughter of the late Jock Trails famous pigeon; ‘Nancy’ winner of 1st SNFC Nantes 620 miles and 8th open SNFC Niort 690 miles; when paired to ‘Traill’s Spark’ winner of 1st Fife federation Dorchester 400 miles in 1992; in 1995 he won 27th open SNFC Niort 690 miles and the following year he won 1st open SNFC Niort. So you will see that Frank’s yearling ‘5482’ is bred in the purple. Although he is still a relatively young pigeon and hopefully he can go on to greater achievements in the future. We congratulate Frank on winning the runner up award and wish him all the best for 2020 season with all his team of pigeons.


Frank Mitchell r/u Dewar Trophy

My next pigeon highlighted in this feature is a blue bar cock SU16P 1246 raced by D Noble of Danderhall racing pigeon club in Pentlandhills federation. As a yearling the blue cock won 215th open but no section prize from SNFC Ypres a distance of 429 miles competing against an entry of 2320 birds entered by 409 members. Then in 2018 he won 6th section B 20th open from the Roye national flying a distance of 494 miles from an entry of 747 birds sent by 186 members. Then last year he competed from the Gold Cup race from Burdinne a distance of 500 miles and he won 92nd open but no section prize racing against a convoy of 1251 birds sent by 358 members. That same year 2019 he was then sent to Roye race and once again he was to the fore winning 12th section B 33rd open from an entry of 935 birds sent by 215 members. He requires one more section prize to gain his Silver Award and we wish him all the best for the 2020 season and I will lookout out for his ring number in the national results. I now highlight 2 pigeons from one of the press officers who supply me results during the season namely John Baillie of Tranent. John has now joined the Traprain RPC for the 2020 season and I’m presuming he will continue sending me in the results if he can obtain the details from the winning members. John’s first bird is a blue chequer cock GB17V42275 who in 2018 won twice; the first time was from the Maidstone national race with an entry of 3001 birds entered by 444 members the cock won 45th section B 112th open flying 358 miles. He was then sent to the Ypres race a distance of 427 miles and he was up with the leaders winning 3rd section B 7th open from a convoy of 2451 birds entered by 433 members. Last year he was sent to the Roye national and once again he was to the fore winning 3rd section B 4th open from an entry of 935 birds sent by 215 members. He requires one more section prize to gain his Silver Award and we wish him and John all the best for the 2020 season and like the above cock I will watch out for his ring number being on the national results. John has another cock a chequer white flight rung GB17V42292 who has won 3 times in the national but unfortunately only one section prize; however he is still a 3 times national prize winner and deserves some credit. In 2018 he won 184th open from Ypres flying 427 miles, then in 2019 he won 48th section B 139th open from Buckingham a distance of 284 miles competing against a convoy of 3876 birds sent by 465 members. He was then set up for the Gold Cup race from Burdinne a distance of 497 miles and he won 110th open but no section prize from an entry of 1251 birds sent by 358 members. We wish him and John all the best for the new season which is only a month away.   


Two Scottish National winners John Wiseman and Ian Scott

Joe’s Joke

Four men are in the hospital waiting room because their wives are having babies. A nurse approaches the first guy and says, “Congratulations! You're the father of twins.” “That's odd,” answers the man. “I work for the Minnesota Twins!” A nurse then yells the second man, “Congratulations! You're the father of triplets!” “That's weird,” answers the second man. “I work for the 3M Company!” A nurse goes up to the third man saying, “Congratulations! You're the father of quadruplets." “That's strange,” he answers. “I work for the Four Seasons hotel!” The last man begins groaning and banging his head against the wall. “What's wrong?” the others ask. “I work for 7 Up!”



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