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Received a phone call and email from Anne Barrett of Kirkintilloch (whom people may remember her grandfather won a trophy back in 1914 for being 4th open SNFC Rennes. Anne sent me a photograph of the trophy which I added to my column of 7th February issue. Anne has a cousin down in England who has a tea set that her granddad also won. Anne wrote, ‘Hi Joe I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I have attached the photos of the tea set we spoke about. I have asked my cousin to get one of someone holding it to show the size and have also asked again if she get photos of any writing or markings which may give us as a hint as to the date and race for the trophy. She would also like to thank Allen Concliffe of Wolverhampton for informing her to look for the name of Norman S Rhead of Corby which she found on the trophy. She hopes that someone may recognise the tea set and can put some history to it, let’s hope so.


Tea Set

Get Better Soon

My good friend Brad Foster of the Canadian Pigeon International has been ill with ‘shingles’. I remember my late father in law having them and he was about off his head with the pain. So, I hope Brad gets over this soon and is back to better health our best wishes mate.


Good SNFC Birds

I noticed that I had not covered 2 pigeons who won a SNFC Bronze Award during the 2019 season, while I have covered all the others. The first of these birds is a blue bar cock SU15F2553 raced by Dave Clark senior, Dave Clark junior and Jock Page of Methilhill club. As a yearling the blue cock won twice the first time from Buckingham a distance of 301 miles competing against 521 members who entered 4328 birds into the race, he was 70th section C 279th open. A few weeks later he was sent to Littlehampton a distance of 386 miles and he won 64th section C 228th open competing against 4482 birds sent by 510 members.  In 2017 he was again sent to Buckingham and won 27th section C 81st open flying against 4170 birds entered by 495 members. Again a few weeks later he was sent to Bedhampton a distance of 378 miles and won 40th section C 131st open from a convoy of 6065 birds sent by 634 members. I never saw his ring number on the results for 2018 but he did feature in 2019 twice the first time from Buckingham when he recorded his best performance from this race point by winning 10th section C 38th open flying against 3876 birds entered by 465 members. Keeping up this fine form he was sent to Maidstone a distance of 375 miles and he won 9th section C 46th open flying against 2957 birds entered by 421 members. Therefore, he won his Bronze Award for winning 5 times from inland national races and we congratulate the partners on this achievement.


I now come to a fancier and loft who had a wonderful season in 2019 this being Peter Keogh of Broxburn; he won a Bronze Award with a chequer hen SU14CA1090 who as a yearling won 8th section D 160th open from a convoy of 4767 birds at Portsmouth. Then as a 2 year old she was entered into the Buckingham race flying 291 miles competing against 521 members who entered 4328 birds. Then in 2017 she was sent to Bedhampton a distance of 367 miles and won 94th section D but no open diploma from a convoy of 6065 birds sent by 634 members. Then in 2019 she won twice the first time from Buckingham when she recorded a winning 8th section D 285th open flying against 3876 birds entered by 465 members. She was sent to Maidstone a distance of 367 miles and won 26th section D 115th open flying against 2957 birds entered by 421 members. Therefore, she wins her Bronze Award for winning 5 times from inland national races and we congratulate Peter on his achievement. Peter also has a chequer white flight hen SU15CA20 who has also won 5 times 3 of these being from inland nationals and the 2 others from over the channel. As a yearling she won 49th section D 406th open from Littlehampton a distance of 376 miles against a convoy of 4482 birds sent by 510 members. Then in 2017 she won 3 times the first from Buckingham race winning 23rd section D 220th open a few weeks later she was sent to Bedhampton like the above Bronze award winner and she won 79th section D. She was then sent to the Ypres national a distance of 440 miles and competing against 2320 birds sent by 409 members she won 9th section D 68th open. I did not see her ring number on the results during 2018 but she did appear from the Roye race of 2019 when she won 1st section D 8th open flying 504 miles from an entry of 935 birds sent by 215 members. We now come to more birds that Peter has won with starting with a chequer white flight cock SU13CA1217 who also has 3 inland national diplomas to his credit. From Maidstone as a yearling he won 13th section D 142nd open from Maidstone flying 367 miles, the following year he won 1st section D 53rd open from Billericay flying 340 miles. Then in 2018 he was sent over the channel to Ypres and won 11th section D 124th open flying 440 miles and in 19 he won 12th section D 318th open from Buckingham a distance of 291 miles.  Peter has another 4 birds who have won 3 times in the nationals I will not highlight the birdage in these races or the distances as these have been covered by the above birds. I start with blue white flight hen SU16CA3091 who as a 2 year old won 14th section D 188th open from Maidstone; she then went to Buckingham in 19 and won 6th section D 235th open and a few weeks later was sent to the Gold Cup race from Burdinne a distance of 512 miles and won 13th section D 71st open. We now come to a blue bar hen SU17CA1948 who won 3 times in the 2019 season; from Buckingham she was 4th section D 167th open flying 291 miles she then went to Maidstone and won 17th section D 79th open and was sent over the channel to Ypres and won 11th section D 51st open. Another blue hen SU17CA1940 has won twice from Ypres the first time was in 2018 when she won 22nd section D and 190th open then in 2019 she won 12th section D 65th open from the same race point, she had previously won 6th section D 138th open from Maidstone.  My last pigeon of Peter’s is a blue bar cock SU16CA3122 who has won 3 times for him in 2018 he was 31st section D from Buckingham but did not win an open diploma, then in 2019 he won twice but no section diplomas from the Burdinne Gold Cup race he was 102nd open then from the last old bird race of the season he won 78th open from Roye national.  So Peter has 2 birds that require 2 inland section wins to gain a Bronze Award and 2 birds to win 1 section prize from over the channel to gain their Silver Award and we wish both the pigeons and Peter the best of luck for the 2020 season. I will continue to study the national results and look out for their ring numbers during the 2020 national racing season and wish Peter all the best in obtaining more awards with his wonderful team of pigeons.    


Peter Keogh of Broxburn


Stan Dowdle from Marston, Devizes Wiltshire; I received an email from his daughter Lesley Pearce who wrote, ‘Dear Joe, I hope you are well. I messaged you in 2018 after my father Stan Dowdle had a stroke. I don’t know if you remember (as you must get hundreds of letters and emails) but dad was quite unresponsive but then I read him one of ‘Joes Jokes’ (one of his favourite parts of the BHW) and he laughed. It was a hard time looking after dad’s beloved birds but when we knew dad would never be coming home (towards the end of summer 2019) we made a heart-breaking decision to close the loft. One of dad’s pigeon friends Dave Knowles came and helped us out and we can’t thank Dave enough along with the help of another pigeon fancier Kevin. Sadly, in the early hours of this morning, dad went to the big racing club in the sky. He never was a man to stick to the norm and choose the 29th February to clock out.  We will miss him so much. He was such a loveable character and was a man who was devoted to the pigeon sport. I hope he gets to meet some of the racing greats that have passed on too. I’d appreciate a mention in the book for him if you possibly can. Kindest regards Lesley Pearce’. It is with sadness and a great pleasure to carry out your wish Lesley; may your dad rest in peace Joe M’.


Joe’s Joke

With all the Coronavirus problems within the world; in Scotland it was decided that new regulations would now be; ‘Any patient being discharged would now require to be taken out in a wheel chair’. However, a student nurse, in Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital found one elderly gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet, who insisted he didn't need any help to leave the hospital. After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let the nurse wheel him to the elevator. On the way down she asked him if his wife was meeting him. 'I don't know,' he said. 'She's still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown.’


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