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S N F C With Joe Murphy




With Joe Murphy


What a dreadful time we are having just now with all the rain, snow and flooding throughout Britain. You see it every day on the news bulletins and it is heart breaking when you see peoples home flooded and all their possessions lying out in the street. There MUST be pigeon fancier whose lofts are flooded in this disaster and our heart goes out to them as their season could be over before it has begun. In fact this could be the final nail in the coffin for many of them. I’m lucky that my small loft is built up on a 2 foot brick base, as my back garden is full of puddles just now but I’m not as bad as these poor people we are viewing on TV. I’ve paired up my birds and let them out a pair at a time to know their boxes, I have purposely let the cocks go back to the same box they had last year and given some of them a new hen and within a few days they have settled down fine. At the weekend I gave them a nest pan and then on Monday put in some nice (fresh smelling) straw and it is great watching the cocks go up and down building a nest. Within an hour I had to go and put in more straw as it was all gone. I should be getting my first eggs this week and Kevin has sent down his rings to go on the youngsters when the time comes. There is not much happening within the sport as everyone is in the same boat but I did hear that some a.g.m have taken place with a change of officials for the new season.  


Good SNFC Birds

This week I’m going to highlight 2 fanciers the first is from Fife this being Brian Kinnear of Pitlessie in the Howe of Fife who won a SNFC Bronze Award in 2019 at the national presentation. Brian’s winner is a blue bar cock SU17F910 named Jamie after his and Margo’s grandson. As a youngster the pigeon won 9th section C 67th open from the young bird national from Buckingham with an entry of 1833 birds he was flying 307 miles to his loft in Pitlessie. Then as a yearling he was again sent to Buckingham and won 12th section C 158th open from an entry of 2941 birds. He then competed from the Maidstone race with an entry of 3001 bird and he won 54th section C 133rd open flying 381 miles. Then last year 2019 he again competed from the same two race points and won 22nd section C 72nd open from Buckingham with an entry of 3876 birds, he was then sent to Maidstone and from an entry of 2957 birds he won 64th section C 222nd open thus winning him his Bronze Award for 5 times a winner in the SNFC from inland nationals. ‘Jamie’ sire is an inbred grandson of ‘Stitchy’ Brian’s famous cock. The sire won 9th section C 11th open from Clermont and the dam won 17th section C 22nd open in the same race.  The dam of ‘Jamie’ is a Vandenabeele bred by John Anderson of Anstruther who won 4th open Billericay for John. Brian has another cock a blue white flight SU16F1505 who has also won 4 times in the national his sire is bred from an unrung Vandenabeele hen from Jim Kinnes of Leslie who was lost while trying to settle her. While is dam is the last daughter of ‘Stitchy’ when he was mated to a daughter of Len Downie of Errol’s ‘Pencil Cock’. In 2018 he won 23rd section C 56th open from Maidstone flying 381 miles. In 2019 he excelled winning 3 times in the national being 31st section C 95th open from Buckingham from an entry of 3876 birds, he then went to Maidstone and won 61st section C 210th open from an entry of 2957 birds, then he went over the channel to Ypres a distance of 448 miles to his loft in Fife and he won 44th section C 235th open against an entry of 2483 birds. If he is looking good he may follow in Brian’s race programme and compete from the 2 inland nationals in 2020 and hopefully gain a 2nd Bronze Award for Brian, we wish him every success in achieving this aim. I have enclosed a photograph of Brian taken at the SHU show. My next fancier to highlight is James Mark of Tranent who had 5 pigeons that caught my eye when checking the national results. He won a SNFC Silver Award with his chequer hen SU15P8071 in 2019. Her performances are as follows; In 2017 she won 335th open from Buckingham but no section prize flying a distance of 284 miles competing against a convoy of 4170 birds. She then went to Ypres a distance of 426 miles flying against 2320 birds and she won 8th section B 14th open. Then in 2018 she was sent to the Liege national a distance of 506 miles and she was right to the fore winning 4th section B 16th open competing against a convoy of 1072 birds. Then last year she was again sent to Buckingham first and won 351st open no section prize against a convoy of 3876 birds. This then set her up for the Gold Cup race from Burdinne a distance of 497 miles and she was again right at the front winning 8th section B 19th open from a convoy of 1251 birds, thus winning her Silver Award for winning 3 times from over the channel. James also has a blue bar hen SU14P6137 who has won 4 times in the national. As a yearling she won 271st open from Billericay a distance of 330 miles from a convoy of ??.. Then in 2016 she won 226th open from Ypres a distance of 426 miles from an entry of 2323 birds, last year 2019 she won twice being 219th open from Buckingham flying a distance of 184 miles from an entry of 3876 birds. She then went into the Maidstone national race with an entry of 2957 birds and she won 126th open flying 358 miles. We now come to a chequer cock SU16P6814 who has won 3 times in the national. In 2018 he won 5th section B 10th open Ypres from and entry of 2320 birds flying 426 miles, he again went to the same race point in 2019 and won 13th section B 29th open from an entry of 2483 birds he had previously flown Maidstone race and won 30th section B 76th open from an entry of 2957 birds. He therefore so requires one more diploma from over the channel to win a silver award so let us hope he can achieve this in 2020. We now come to 2 pigeons that has won 3 times in the open results but only each won a single section prize. These are a chequer hen SU15P8068 who in 2017 won 332nd open from Buckingham from an entry of 4170 birds, she was then sent to the Ypres national and won 152nd open from an entry of 2320 birds. Then last year she won 35th section B 89th open from Maidstone from an entry of 2957 birds. Last but now least is a chequer cock SU14P7647 in 2017 he won 311th open from Buckingham from an entry of 4170 birds, then in 2018 he won 39th section B 99th open from Ypres with an entry of 2541 birds competing. Last year he was again sent to Buckingham and won 310th open from an entry of 3876 birds. We wish Brian and James all the very best with their birds for the 2020 season.     


Brian Kinnear


I have added 2 of Eddie Callaghan of Fauldhouse whom I met at the SHU show recently and the other is when Eddie won the SNFC Rennes race back in 1986 with his lovely dark chequer cock ‘Falahill Superstar’. This cock turned out to be an outstanding stock pigeon and if my memory serves me right he was purchased by Louis Massarella, and I believe given back to Eddie when he stopped filling his eggs. I have added a photo of the proud Eddie holding the Gold Cup for winning the national race at that time along with ALL the trophies he won. You do NOT get to take the Gold Cup home nowadays as it is too valuable and the winner only get to hold it on the night of the presentation. Then it goes back into the vault for safe keeping.  


Eddie Callaghan

Joe’s Joke

I thought this joke sent to me was very funny and appealed to my sense of humour as it was all about a man called ‘Murphy’. So please do not take offence as I didn’t.

An Irishman is involved in a nasty car crash and is trapped and bleeding. The Paramedics soon arrive. The Medic says; ‘It’s ok. I’m a paramedic and I’m going to ask you some questions ok’. Irishman replies; ‘Ok’. Medic asks; ‘What’s your name?’ Irishman replies; ‘Murphy’; Medic says; ‘Ok Murphy, is this your car’. Murphy replies ‘Yes’. Medic asks; ‘Where are you bleeding from’. Murphy says; ‘Dublin’.



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