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The Joe Murphy Column 08-08-19

The Joe Murphy Column

SNFC Silver Award Achieved

Received a phone call from Walter Boswell of Hamilton informing me that it has now been confirmed he has won his 4th Silver Award in the SNFC. These have been achieved in the space of the past 7 years which is quite incredible. Walter has named his newest award winner a chequer hen ‘Louella Mary’ after his late big sister. ‘Mary’ won her SNFC Silver Award at the last old bird race from Roye winning 3rd section E 30th open. Last year from the same race point ‘Mary’ won 3rd section E 37th open to add to her previous 2018 win from the SNFC Ypres race point where she won 11th section E 120th open. The dam of ‘Louella Mary’ is ‘Louella Jenna’ (see picture) who also won a SNFC Silver Award and is also the dam of ‘Louella Lady Helen’ (see picture). Who in 2018 was Scotland’s ‘Bird Of The Year’ winning the SHU Dewar Trophy and a SNFC Silver Award; The reason Walter has the preface name ‘Louella’ on his pigeons is the base cock and sire of his loft was purchased direct from the Louella Pigeon Stud and is a direct son of champion ‘De Barcelona’ a winner 7 times from 500 to 700 miles.




He won 10th national 8042 birds: 19th international Barcelona 27,669 birds flying 780 miles. He also won 159th national St Vincent 6052 birds flying 670 miles; 134th national Bordeaux 6299 birds, he was one of only 10 birds from a collective entry of 180,546 birds to achieve a top 20 international position racing over 1250 kilometres He was also clocked twice from Tarbes flying 700 miles. The son of ‘De Barcelona’ was purchased direct from Louella Pigeon World at the age of 11 years. He was paired to his own daughter the brilliant stock hen ‘Lady Wegan’ herself a breeder of a 1st and 2 x 2nd national winners. This cock was paired to a double granddaughter of De Schlangen Barcelona a winner of the Dutch National Barcelona race with 6812 birds flying 700 miles who also won 4th international from an entry of 28,128 birds he scored 3 times at the distance. These birds are all Van der Wegan Aarden from Louella. A son from the above pair is the sire of ‘Louella Lady Helen’ and is also sire of the winners of 8th and 13th west section SNFC Clermont and 14th west section SNFC Alencon. Along with 6 other birds to score in the SNFC and 9 x 1st club and 5 x 1st west section federation winners.    ‘Louella Jenna’ is bred from another son of the base cock when paired to ‘The Spin Hen’ a gift from Michael Massarella and very inbred to the Kuyper Brothers base pair ‘Zoon Spin’ and ‘Zuster Pau’. This pair are the sire and dam of 12 birds to score in the SNFC including ‘Louella Jamie Boy’ who is also a SNFC Silver Award winner his positions are as follows; 1st section E 5th open SNFC Clermont, 18th section E 83rd open Alencon, 9th section E 48th open SNFC Alencon.  As a matter of interest this stock pair is also sire and dam to 14 x 1st club winners and 7 x 1st west section winners. Our congratulations go to Walter on his 4th SNFC Silver Award win and wish him all the best for the future.



Walter Boswell with Louella Mary SNFC Silver Award winner

Race Results

Angus Federation Roye result

The provisional Roye result flown on the 22nd July with the SNFC the convoy were liberated 06-00am into a light south west wind. Topping the federation and SNFC are Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath club with George Campbell of Montrose 2nd federation 6th open SNFC. The Macaulay Ferguson & Curran partnership are 3rd 8th & 10th federation 10th 70th & 75th SNFC open; David J Liddle is 4th 12th 13th 15th & 18th federation winning 82nd & 83rd open SNFC. Kenny Droog & son are 5th & 9th federation winning 27th & 74th open. Davie Glen won 6th federation 57th open SNFC with D Smith of Forfar in 7th federation place but did not see his name on the national result (maybe not a member) Kevin J Murphy of Arbroath club timed the last bird on the day to win 11th federation 76th open SNFC. With last year’s SNFC Roye winner Ian Scott timing in his national winner ‘Sun Princess’ first bird to win 14th federation 84th open SNFC Ian is also 17th & 19th federation.  C Bell of Forfar club takes the last federation position of 20th open as a matter of interest Gerald Macpherson also of Angus federation won 91st open SNFC. East section is won by Charlie & Glen Cameron on a velocity of 1216 with Gordon Campbell of Montrose in 2nd place Kevin J Murphy is 3rd & 4th with A & A Shephard in 5th spot.  Club Winners are as follows; Arbroath Charlie & Glen Cameron 1st open SNFC, Montrose winner Gordon Campbell 6th open SNFC, Forfar winners Macaulay Ferguson & Curran 10th open SNFC.   Some truly outstanding performances achieved by Angus federation members well done to one and all.

Angus Federation

Race controller David Glen made the decision to hold the first young bird race from Arniston on Friday 26th July as the weather for the weekend was for heavy rain showers. This was a wise judgement with the welfare of the youngsters taken into consideration and we must take our hat off to Davie for his forward thinking. The 815 birds were liberated at Arniston at 09-00 into a light south west wind. First 4 plus 6th & 7th and 13th federation is Ian Scott of Forfar club. Davie Glen is 2nd 8th 9th 10th & 11th with Bob Baldie winning 12th J Fraser also from Forfar is 14th with fellow club mates Macaulay Ferguson & Curran wining 15th 17th 18th & 19th open and Eric Galloway of the same club wins 20th federation.

East section is dominated by W Dorward of Gourdon who takes the first 6 positions with D & D Hay of the same club in 7th place. Arbroath’s Les McKay is in 8th & 9th places. Chic & Ann Carrie of Arbroath are 10th section.

Club winners are as follows; Forfar 656 birds the winner is Ian Scott; Arbroath 30 birds won by Les McKay; Gourdon 85 bird’s winner W Dorward; Montrose 44 bird’s winner George Campbell.

Arbroath RPC news from Charlie Cameron who writes; From the first young bird race of the 2019 season only 2 members send 30 birds to Arniston this was flown on a Friday due to the weather forecast for the weekend which predicted thunderstorms. Les McKay won 1st 2nd 4th 5th 8th 9th & 10th with Chic & Ann Carrie  winning 3rd 6th & 7th positions.


Fife Federation

News from Geordie Todd with the probable result of the last old bird race for 2019 from Roye with the members sending 143 birds to the national race point. Topping the federation and west section plus 2nd west section 3rd open is Alastair McCudden of Crossgates club winning 11th & 16th open SNFC. John Harcus of St Andrews wins 1st east section 2nd open federation 13th open SNFC. Jocky Scott of Kennoway is 2nd east section 4th & 18th open federation 21st open SNFC with club mate Brian Chalmers in 3rd & 4th east section 5th & 8th open federation 31st & 38th open SNFC. Turpie & McCord of Glenrothes and Leslie club winning 1st centre section 6th open federation 32nd open SNFC with Frank Mitchell of Dunfermline club wins 3rd & 7th west section with his first bird winning 34th open SNFC. A Whittaker of Methilhaven club is 9th 12th & 16th open federation 46th & 72nd open SNFC, 10th open federation 51st open SNFC are Clark & son of Leven club with 4th west section 11th open going to R Cook of Crossgates who wins 61st open SNFC. Sean Diamond of Kennoway club is 2nd & 3rd centre section 14th & 15th open federation and win 93rd open SNFC with Keith Cochrane of Crossgates in 19th open federation place with Jocky King of Novar wins 4th & 5th centre section 20th & 21st open federation.  


News from John Baillie who writes, ‘Hi Joe, glad it's all over for the old birds, now we have the crazy season with the youngster's. From the SNFC Roye race the winner is yours truly with a cock winning 3rd section B 4th open. This cock was 3rd section B 7th open Ypres as a yearling (and was named ‘Parksyde Lad of Menon Gate’). He is a grandson of my old SNFC Silver Award winner who was placed 4 times in the Gold Cup race and is a grandson of my old dark cock that flew Ancenis 4 times scoring 11th & 39th open. Sinclair Thomson & son take 2nd place winning 5th section B and 9th open, their hen scored at Ypres this season winning 24th section B 47th open and last year she won 12th section B 41st open from Ypres. *therefore wins her SNFC Silver Award* she is bred from a pair out of the stock loft from Taylor Brothers of Newbigging, being a Soontjen crossed Busschaert and is a sister to winners. John Bosworth was 3rd club 62nd open.

Pentland Midweek racing club and Traprain: result of the Ypres race, were Jimmy Mark was 3rd club with a cock that has had 3 inland nationals this year and was Jimmy's 2nd bird out of Maidstone. His sire is a grandson of ‘Euro Diamond’ and his dam a full sister to ‘Muckin Magic’ the best of gear in this loft. Taking 3rd spot from Reims was J & G Whitson with a 2 year old hen she only had Newark, Ripon, Buckingham and Pentland Hills federation Billericay with additional training from Chris Bonnington. She was basketed on 3 day old youngsters. With no racing this weekend due to a bad forecast for the youngsters, I took a visit to Russell Davidson to see his outstanding show birds. Incredible class of birds in fantastic condition considering they are just cleaning up after the moult. Joe I have added a photo of Connor with his grandad with ‘Parksyde Lad of Menning Gate’.

North of Scotland Federation

From the Forfar 1 young bird race flown on Sunday 28th July 37 members entered 831 birds with the east section having 14 members send 341 birds and the west section had 23 members sending 490 birds. The convoy were liberated into a light south east wind with Peterhead and Fraserburgh & District taking the top 20 east section and open positions. G Findlay of Peterhead won 1st 4th & 5th places with R H Whyte of the same club in 2nd 4th & 13th open. C & M Williams again from Peterhead club are 6th 7th& 8th with their club mate S Glew in 10th & 11th position. Walter Masson of Fraserburgh & District is 12th with Peterhead’s George P Taylor wining 14th 15th & 16th open A W Buchan of Fraserburgh is 17th & 18th with Stuart Maskame of Peterhead winning the last 2 slots in the top 20.

The west section was won by J Abel of Devern Valley club who was also 31st open. A Milne of the same club is 2nd & 5th west section 32nd & 35th open with Keith member G R Duncan winning 3rd section 33rd open. R Bain of Buckie & District is 4th 6th & 9th section 34th 36th & 39th federation. A Milne of Devern Valley is 5th section 35th open with John Thomson of Elgin & District in 7th & 10th west section 37th & 40th open, his club mate W Ritchie is 8th section 38th open.

Clubs First Bird: G Findlay wins Peterhead & District: Walter Masson wins Fraserburgh & District: with J Abel winning Devern Valley: G R Duncan wins Keith with R Bain winning Buckie & District and John Thomson wins Elgin & District. Well done to G Findlay on topping the federation and also well done to J Abel on winning the west section.

 Joe’s Joke


A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding and the guy gradually increases his speed until he's doing over 100 mph. The man eventually realizes he can't escape and finally pulls over. The policeman approaches the car and says, ‘It has been a long day and my shift is almost over, so if you can give me a good excuse for your behaviour, I'll let you go.’ ‘The guy thinks for a few seconds and then says, ‘My wife ran away with a cop about a week ago. I thought you might be that officer trying to bring her back!’

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