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The Joe Murphy Column 18-07-19

The Joe Murphy Column

I honestly did not think the national Ypres birds would get up on the Friday as the weather forecast showed the wind being from a north westerly direction all day, and a band of rain (I have been informed 30 miles deep) moving southwards from the Manchester, Sheffield area heading towards Norwich out into the north-sea. The convoy had been liberated at 06-15am and we travelled up to Kevin’s at Arbroath in the afternoon to await any arrivals. I soon heard from a friend that the birds were into the Lothians after 5pm and we settled down to watch the sky. Kevin had a club race the same day and was a chequer cock missing so warned us not to get a fright if he came (never did). Our near neighbour and club mate Charlie Cameron came to update us on the returns when Kevin said ‘There’s a bird’ he came out from a south east direction and low and behold landed on the house roof (which Kevin’s birds seldom do) after about a couple of minutes he came down and was timed in to win 17th section C 90th open from a convoy of 2583 birds.  He was a yearling mealy cock his sire was bred by my good friend Sheldon Leonard of Arklow being the best of Daniel Aerens bloodlines being bred from a son of 1st National Orange winner when paired to a full sister to ‘I had a Dream’ winner of 1st International hens 5th open International Barcelona. Dam of mealy cock is an inbred Gilmour Brothers of Leven hen bred from a son of ‘Robbie’s Boy’ winner of 1st open SNFC Falaise and is the sire of Kevin’s 4th open Alencon ‘My Little Rachel’ mentioned above when paired to a direct daughter of Robbie’s Boy. So he is bred for the job. Unfortunately we only had only 3 return over the weekend with another returning yesterday 10th out of our entry of 15 birds. I spoke to a few fanciers at the Reims race marking and they all remarked about the losses. I cannot for the love of me get my head round the remark being made: they had to go as there was a ‘Window of Opportunity’. What the hell does that mean!!! They took a gamble in letting the convoy go and let us see how the race turns out. What’s good about an opportunity when at least ½ the convoy of pigeons have been lost? Yes the race was all over on the day with the last bird winning 249th open being timed at 21-55 hours for a distance of 454 miles and recording a velocity of 850 a big drop when the winner was doing 1226 ypm. Some of the section prizes were won with pigeons being timed in the next morning. The thing that gets to me is the pigeons that are missing are NOT BAD Pigeons. Some of them will have crossed over the Channel and headed up the east coast toward Norwich and try keeping the coastline in view. If they did so then hit the band of rain it would have knocked them done and only time will tell if they made it to land or ended up in the North Sea. Forget about the ‘Window of Opportunity’ and if in doubt call a hold over.   

Jim Doig of Cardenden 1st open SNFC Ypres

The Kingdom of Fife has a radius of approximately 40 square miles and on the weekend of the 6th of July 2019 - 2 national winners were achieved within a radius of 5 miles with Davie Burns of Kirkcaldy winning 1st open SNRPC Troyes flying a distance of 621 miles and Jim Doig of Cardenden winning 1st open SNFC Ypres flying 446 miles: a truly outstanding achievement and our congratulations go to both fanciers. The SNFC held their race from Ypres on Saturday 6th July with 434 members sending 2483 birds the convoy were liberated at 06-15 hours and Jim Doig of Cardenden in Fife timed at 17-52 recording a velocity of 1126 for the 446 miles. Cardenden is only a few miles from where we live and I visited Jim today Wednesday once it was confirmed he was the outright winner. Jim’s winner is a yearling grizzle hen now named ‘U Dun It’ (see photo) she was basketed on the Thursday sitting pot eggs. The following morning Jim found an egg shell on the loft floor and wondered how this got there. On checking the nest boxes he discovered the hen’s cock sitting on a hatched youngster. So she must have gone either on chipping eggs or the youngster had hatched while the cock sat the nest. ‘U Dun It’ contains the bloodlines of the late Dennis Ford of Blaenavon in Wales. The sire of the national winner is a chequer cock named ‘Mr Man’ (see photo) he is direct from the original Dennis Ford grizzle cock. ‘Mr Man’ wins his Silver Award in the SNFC in 2019; his performances are as follows; in 2017 he won 8th section C 22nd open from Ypres flying 446 miles, in 2018 he won 2nd section C 29th open from Liege flying 525 miles; (he also won 47th section C 273rd open Buckingham 301 miles; (only channel race count for the Silver and Gold Awards) and from this year’s Gold Cup race from Burdinne he won 24th section C but no open prize flying 516 miles. The dam of the national winner is a white grizzle hen named ‘Snowflake’ she is also bred from the original Dennis Ford grizzle cock. Jim has agreed to spend some time with me in doing an article for the Stud Books. Our congratulations go to Jim on his Ypres win and wish him all the best for the 2 remaining nationals from Reims and Roye.   

Jim Doig 1st open SNFC Ypres 2019 winner


Mr Mann SNFC Silver Award winner for Jim Doig                            'U Dun It' winner of 1st open SNFC Ypres 2019

Talent Winners

Received a letter from my dear friend Eddie Callaghan (winner of the SNFC Gold Cup) who writes; Hi Joe please find a photo of our talent show presentation of 2 cheque’s for £500 each to the village Old Age Pensions clubs. We had another great talent show with 11 top stars with a full house once again. Over the last 4 years we have had singers who have went on to reach heights that thousands of other singers can only dream about. For example; Andrew Muir reached the final stages of Australian Voice X Factor. Page Turley go the semi-final of Britain’s got Talent; Gary Greig has sung twice at Glasgow Hydro and Ibrox stadium just missing out by ‘One Direction’. Lewis Capaldi a world class singer who is never out of the newspapers and is a great talent. His world number one song he wrote ‘Someone You Loved’ was about his first girlfriend ‘Page Turley’ who comes from Fauldhouse. You cannot get any better than that Joe, keep  up the good work you do an excellent job for our sport in Scotland, by the way that’s Al Mackie with me in the photograph, yours Eddie’.


Fauldhouse Presentation

Andy Miller of Edinburgh

The winner of 1st SNFC Kings Cup Winner 2019 with his blue bar hen named 'Festival Legacy' who has been a ‘Super Star’ this year scoring in all SNFC races so far. The first race from Buckingham she was Andy’s 1st timer winning 46th section B 137th open flying 287 miles. Her next race she was his 2nd timed bird winning 7th section B 18th open Maidstone 363 miles. She has been raced on widowhood all season from the 3rd race from Sedgefield a distance of 112 miles through to Buckingham then raced fortnightly thereafter. Her sire was a 2011 cock bred by Dave Barron and the late Dennis Blakey from the North East from stock obtained from Peter Fox of Syndicate Lofts. The breeding being from a son of the top old breeder 'Zidane' (Brother Kannibaal) x 'Schone Blauwe' when he was paired to a daughter of the renowned 'Outlaw' x 'Rowen'. So once again back to 'The Young Couple,” the super breeding pair. Dam of ‘Festival Legacy’ is from the Vandenabeele bloodlines a gift from my good friend Davie Brown (Brown & Black & loft laddie Peter), from Dalkeith. Being direct from their 1st Hen National Newbury winner of 2009: Her sire was a grandson of Bliksem and her dam was a granddaughter of ‘Benetton’ crossed ‘Golden Boy’ via stock from Mark & Dicky Evans. Andy’s 2nd section B 3rd open is now named ‘Lady Miller’ bred by his good friend Sheldon Leonard from Ireland as a (gift) being & 7th from a kit of 6 youngsters purchased. Sheldon’s words to Andy were ‘I’ve sent you a gift and I want you to race it out’. She had every inland race as a youngster and yearling where she won 8th federation open Maidstone, and at the time Andy remarked that this was the hen for the Gold Cup next year! It turned out a good each way bet! This season she was flown on widowhood having 5 races from Sedgefield 112 miles up to and including the Buckingham national winning 322nd open. Thereafter she was sent to the federation comeback race from Ripon 143 miles, then onto the Gold Cup. I’ve added 2 photographs; one of Andy holding his national winner and the other of his impressive loft set up. Our congratulations once again go to Andy on a fantastic race.

Race Results

Angus Federation

The result of the Otterburn had 328 birds liberated at 08-00am into a light north wind. Topping the federation is the secretary Kenny Droog & son of Forfar with Ian Scott in 2nd 4th 10th 17th & 18th he is followed by Davie Glen who wins 3rd & 6th places J McCafferty is 5th with Macaulay Ferguson & Curran wining 7th 15th & 16th open. Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath club are 9th 12th & 13th with David Liddle of Forfar winning 11th 14th 19th & 20th open. The East section is won by Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath club who take the first 4 places. D & D Hay of Gourdon are 5th & 8th with Les McKay of Arbroath club in 6th place. M Wallace & sons of Montrose club are 7th with Kevin J Murphy in 9th spot followed by George Campbell of Montrose in 10th place.

Club winners as follows; Forfar 221 birds winner Kenny Droog & son; Montrose 34 birds M Wallace & sons; Gourdon 34 birds winners D & D Hay; Arbroath 39 birds winners Charlie & Glen Cameron.

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

From the Otterburn race flown on the 6th July had 5 members sending 33 birds liberated at 08-00 hours into a light North West wind. The partnership of Charlie & Glen Cameron took the first 4 places timing the 4 birds in the space of 4 minutes. 1st was a yearling hen her sire is from the Perpignan of Leon Messiaen who is also the sire of ‘Branch’ winner of 3rd open SNFC Roye in 2018. She is also a granddaughter of ‘Prada’ winner of 1st & 2nd North Section in SNFC and ‘Little Dorrie’ winner of 3rd open SNFC Reims in 2010. 2nd club is a 2 year old blue cock he is inbred to the ‘Castres’ of Leon Messiaen and he won 2nd open SNRPC Arras in 2018. The 3rd club is also grandson of ‘Prada’ and ‘Little Dorrie’. Les McKay is 5th with Kevin J Murphy making up the 6th position.

Ayrshire Federation

The next race on the calendar following the 2nd inland national was a comeback race from Stobbs Camp on the 22nd June. Jim had the convoy of 555 birds up and away at 07:15 into no wind for a race of between 62 miles up to 87 miles to the top end of the federation. Leading the way this week taking 1st federation on 1402.7 is the partnership of Hutchinson & Tudhope of Ardeer HS. The partnership timed a 2018 late bred still carrying many of its nest flights. Having no training done on year of birth This year, he was trained out to Carnwath then was given a Arniston and Stobbs Camp then stopped for the comeback races from Arniston and then again Stobbs Camp. Sire is a Staff Van Reet down from the best of Bert Hession bloodlines. Dam is a direct Belge Janssen brought in from the best lines of top winning fancier at that time.

Hutchinson & Tudhope 1st Fed Stobbs Camp.


2nd federation on 1393.6 is Gavin Urquhart of Dalry HS. Gavin’s timed a 3 year old widowhood cock. He came home earlier in the year from the Wetherby race with ¾ of his tail missing so was rested up till his tail grew back in. Sire is one of the original pigeons Gavin got from his good friend Ian Cameron from Broadholme, Lincoln. The dam is a Busschaert from Dougie Spittle of Glasgow bred down from Ron Williams of Ireland pigeons.

Gavin Urquhart 2nd Fed Stobbs Camp


3rd federation on 1389.3 is the partnership of Andy McKenna & Henry Diamond of Irvine HS. I have not got many details around this pigeon apart from the fact that both the sire and dam are pigeons purchased from Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone.

Andy McKenna of McKenna & Diamond 3rd Fed Stobbs Camp

Winners from in and around the clubs:

North Section 239 birds; 1st Ardeer HS are Hutchinson & Tudhope 1402.7; 1st Dalry HS is G Urquhart 1393.6.

Central Section 150 birds; 1st Irvine HS are McKenna & Diamond 1389.3: 1st Kilmarnock Invitation is R Young 1346: 1st Darvel HS is H Wallace 1257.5: 1st Crosshouse HS is A Wilson 1238.0.

South Section 146 birds; 1st Cumnock & District are J & S Galloway 1324.4: 1st Whitletts & District is W Lawrence 1318.3: 1st Annbank & District is M Smith 1293.0. 1st Mauchline & District is E Stewart 1221.2: 1st Dalmellington Pigeon Club is J Sloan 859.0.

Almond Valley Federation

The federation were at Catterick on 29th June with 677 birds liberated at 10-40 hours. Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder top the federation and are also 3rd 4th 5th open with Freddie’s brother John Jamieson winning 2nd place. Mr & Mrs Fleming of the same club are 6th & 9th with another club mate Jimmy M Young in 7th & 8th open. Robert Anderson also from East Calder makes up the top 10th place he is also 14th open. Balerno Colin Ross is 11th & 13th with club mate Dougie Bald in 12th & 15th positions. John Bird of West Calder is 16th & 17th with Ian Jamieson of Balerno winning 18th spot. Vic Couper of Bonnybridge club is 19th with his club mate I McLelland in 20th & 21st places.  

Club winners are as follows;

Balerno 47 birds; C Ross 1278, D Bald 1274, C Ross 1261, D Bald 1229

Bonnybridge 137 birds; V Couper 1212, I McLelland 1203 & 1109 & R & L MacDuff 1148

Carnwath 56 birds; J Stokes 1097, B Campbell 956, I Thomson 954.695 & J Stokes 954.360

East Calder 74 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1361, J Jamieson 1346, F Jamieson & Son 1342 

West Calder 49 birds; J Bird 1220.1219,1172 & 1168


Danderhall Racing Pigeon Club: 

Result of the Ypres race result flown on Saturday 6th July had 39 lofts entered 203 with the SNFC birds these were liberated by 06-15 hours with no wind at the race point. The free single yearling bird nomination - sponsored by Harmore Construction had 31 entries. The total pay- out was £3249-50p with J S Smith of Pentlandhill taking the top honour. A Lawson also from Pentlandhill is 2nd with Tam McLeod of Traprain in 3rd spot. J Mark of the same club is 4th & 5th with L Mitchell of Pentlandhill in 6th place. W Hume from the same federation is 7th with another Pentland member J Dewar in 8th spot; Sinclair Thomson & son Sinclair of Traprain are 9th with club mate John Baillie in 10th position.   


Fife Federation of Homing Pigeon Societies

Before I highlight the federation result it has been brought to my attention regarding my article on 28th June 2019, and the result accomplished by Brian Chalmers of Kennoway. I’ve been informed that this has already been achieved previously by a Fife federation member.

The Federation had 453 birds liberated at 07-00 am in a light North West wind at Alnwick 2 race on the 6th July. The federation top 10 is as follows; the federation topper is John Harcus of St Andrews doing a velocity of 1154. His club mate R Anderson is 2nd with Tam Cook of Kennoway in 3rd place Sean Diamond of Kennoway is 4th with another club member Brian Chalmers in 5th to 9th places. D Brown of Leven club is 10th. The East section had Leven sending 50 birds; Kennoway 86 birds; St Andrews 52 birds; Methilhaven 21 birds; the top 10 are as follows; John Harcus of St Andrews is 1st with Tam Cook in 2nd place Brian Chalmers is 3rd to 8th and also win 10th place Davie Brown of Leven is 9th section.

The Centre section had Glenrothes & Leslie sending 25 birds; Novar 53 birds; the winner is Sean Diamond of Kennoway with another 2 birds in 5th & 9th section. Turpie & McCord of Glenrothes & Leslie take the remaining positions.

 The West section had Crossgates sending 50 birds; Lochgelly 53 birds; Dunfermline 46 birds and Perth 17 birds: J Hynd & Son of Crossgates club are 1st 2nd 5th & 7th section with club mate Alastair McCudden winning 3rd spot. A McInness of Dunfermline is 4th with McCord & Turpie of Perth club in 6th spot. Jock Brockie of Lochgelly is 8th with club mate M Henderson in 9th place with another Lochgelly member C Wright in 10th spot.

Glenrothes & Leslie

News from Rosie Armit who writes ‘Hi Joe, we had 3 members sending 25 birds to the Alnwick come-back race, the winners are Turpie & McCord doing a velocity of 1074, with a yearling blue cock sent sitting 8 day eggs. His sire is a son of 2nd open Clermont & 21st open Clermont his breeding is Ken Hind crossed Robert O Jones.

The partnership are also 2nd & 3rd with their next birds doing 1073.974 being a 2 year old late bred blue cock sent sitting overdue eggs. He is a full brother to the first cock. Their 3rd bird on 1073.166 is a red yearling cock sent feeding a 19 day young bird and sitting 5 day eggs with another hen. His sire bred by A Whittaker and his dam bred by J Mackie of Leven. Regards to you and Margaret yours Rosie’

Dunfermline & District HS

News from David Kennedy who writes; ‘Hi Joe, I hope you and the family are well, sorry for the delay in getting these results to you but I was on holiday mid-June and I’m still trying to play catch up. From the Melton Mowbray race 8 members sent 62 birds. Taking the red card is Ricky Pearce with a velocity of 1338 ypm, the winner on the sire side is a grandson of Jock King’s Gold Award Winner ‘Maggie’ and the dam side is Brian Denny crossed with a grandson of ‘De Cas 2’.  Taking 2nd place is the ‘Flying Sparky’ Alistair McInnes with a velocity of 1315 ypm. This widowhood cock topped the federation from Berwick this year, his bloodlines being A & L Painter Cattrysse bloodlines. Third club is taken by Adrian Simpson with a velocity of 1283 ypm; Adrian timed a homebred yearling Jan Theelen hen sent sitting 12 days on eggs. Ricky Pearce wins this week’s nomination. Alistair McInnes wins the 2 bird and the loft double is won by Alistair McInnes and John Robertson. From the Berwick comeback race we had 7 members sending 73 birds. The first 2 places are won by Frank Mitchell this week with a velocity of 1526 ypm; his timer was a 3 year old hen sitting 4 day eggs with the bird being bred by Andrew Lawley from his M & D Evans bloodlines. Frank’s second bird with a velocity of 1524 ypm is a yearling cock sitting 7 day eggs again bred by Andrew Lawley from his M & D Evans bloodlines. Taking 3rd place is Ricky Pearce with a velocity of 1485 ypm this homebred yearling is down off  birds bought from Ian Stafford with the bloodlines being Gaston Van De Wouwer. Ricky also wins this week’s nomination and Frank wins the 2 bird and the loft double was won by Frank Mitchell and Eric Reid. From the Peterborough old bird race 4 members sent 17 birds. Frank Mitchell continues his fine form again winning the first 2 places in the race with the winner doing a velocity of 1281 ypm this was a 3 year old roundabout hen bred by Andrew Lawley of Elson.  Franks 2nd bird is a yearling roundabout cock doing a velocity of 1197 ypm he is also an Andrew Lawley M & D Evans bloodlines. Taking 3rd this week is Adrian Simpson with a velocity of 1178 ypm, this was a 2 year old cock bred by Raymond Burnie from Elgin and was chasing his hen to nest. This week’s nomination and 2 birds were won by Eric Reid and the loft double was won by Eric Reid and Adrian Simpson. From the Alnwick comeback race: 6 members sent 46 birds the winner is Alistair McInnes who takes this weeks red card with a velocity of 1048 ypm. Alistair’s yearling widowhood cock was bred by Dougie Barnes of Crossgates with the bloodlines being Pou Jansen crossed Vandenabeele. Frank Mitchell takes 2nd place with a velocity of 994 ypm. Frank timed a homebred yearling cock sitting on an 8 day young bird and the bloodlines being Andrew Lawley of Elson. Frank also takes 3rd place with a velocity of 993 ypm; he timed a 3 year old cock, a grandson of Eddie McWilliams hen that won 7 times in the SNFC, including 3rd & 23rd open in the Gold Cup. Well that’s me up to date Joe once again sorry for the delay yours in sport David Kennedy.’


North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie informing us that 46 members sent 336 to Ripon this was made up with East Section 26 members sent 175 birds West Section 20 members sent 161 birds the convoy were liberated in a North West Wind

1st 4th 9th 10th open 1st 3rd 8th & 9th east section is A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District club. 2nd 12th & 22nd open 2nd 11th & 16th east section is J (Ian) Gibb also from Fraserburgh & District. 3rd 25th & 29th open 1st 8th & 9th west section is R Bain of Buckie & District. Eric & Nicky Yule of Inverurie are 5th & 6th open  4th & 5th east section with their 2nd bird a Belgium 2 year old hen. Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District is 7th 8th & 11th open 6th 7th & 10th east section with his 3rd bird also a Belgium rung yearling hen. Robbie Higgins of Fraserburgh West End is 13th 14th 15th & 27th open 12th 13th 14th & 19th east section. Devern Valley’s A Wilson is 2nd west section 16th open with R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club winning 15th & 17th east section 17th & 23rd open. A J Reid of Keith club is 3rd west section 18th open with A Milne of Devern Valley in 4th west section 19th open  R Wilson of Keith club is 5th 6th & 7th west section 20th 21st & 22nd open. 8th & 9th west section 25th & 29th open is R Bain of Buckie & District with Elgin & District club member John Thomson winning 10th west section 31st open.   

Clubs First Bird is as follows; Fraserburgh & District winner is A W Buchan; Buckie & District winner R Bain; Inverurie winners are E & N Yule. Fraserburgh West End club winner is R Higgins; Devern Valley winner A Wilson; Keith winner A J Reid; Peterhead & District winner S Maskame; Elgin & District winner J Thomson. Well Done to A W Buchan on topping the federation and to R Bain on winning 1st west section

Joe’s Joke

Why did I get divorced? Well, last week was my birthday. My wife didn't wish me a happy birthday. My parents forgot and so did my kids. I went to work and even my colleagues didn't wish me a happy birthday. As I entered my office, my secretary said, "Happy birthday, boss!" I felt so special. She asked me out for lunch. After lunch, she invited me to her apartment. We went there and she said, "Do you mind if I go into the bedroom for a minute?" "Okay," I said. She came out 5 minutes later with a birthday cake, my wife, my parents, my kids, my friends, & my colleagues all yelling, "SURPRISE!!!" while I was sitting on the sofa... naked.

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