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The Joe Murphy Column 19-04-19


The Joe Murphy Column

News from Kenny Droog regarding the SNFC Breeder/Buyer list for Canmore Bowling club, Forfar, so far: John Wiseman of Dundee, ready 7-10 days; Billy McEwan jnr, Dundee; Andy Millar Edinburgh ready 7-10 days; Davy Glen , Forfar bird in pen; Peter Keogh Broxburn bird in pen; John Baillie Tranent bird in pen; John McNeil Broxburn young bird ready end April; Hamish Ferguson Broxburn in pen; Macaulay Ferguson & Curran Forfar bird in pen; Angus Orr Falkirk bird in pen; Rab Henderson of Bo`ness; Taylor Bros of Newbiggin, bird coming up Sunday, although not a long distance youngster a top middle distance bird up to 400 miles, Malcom said he had nothing long but this will increase the pot, sire Herman Clusters super breeder including 3rd Combine Maidstone 370 miles, Dam 959 a super daughter of the good cock 3 x 1st racing and grand sire to Sinclair Thomson & son 1st SNFC Maidstone 2018. Dam of 959 has also bred 1st Combine Ravenhall for Bob Donaldson; Brian Chalmers of Fife; J & G Peggie of Methilhill; Colin McGregor Edinburgh; Dale Renwick of Whitburn bird will be ready end April. Sire is a son of Alex Cockburn’s Silver Award winner which includes 1st section 9 9th open SNFC Gold cup, Dam is Dale`s 3687 a great hen winner of 1st section 15th open Alencon she is also a granddaughter of McAloney partnership from champion Janefield Paul their SNFC Gold Award winner, 5 x a winner in the Gold Cup. Ken Droog and son Forfar bird in pen; Martin Brown of Bo`ness; Mr and Mrs Britton and Daughter of Broxburn; Steven and Gullan of Broxburn; Grant French of Edinburgh; Mike McPherson of Letham bird in pen; Gordon McKenzie of Broxburn; Willie Pryde and son John of Edinburgh bird ready 7-10 days parents have won, 2nd, 36th, 41st & 53rd open SNFC from 350 to 500 miles ready 7-10 days. Mr and Mrs Forrest of Newbridge; Les Mitchell of Edinburgh bird in pen and Joe Mullen of Fife bird ready end of April;

Sad News

I was very sad to receive a call from Linda Tyerman informing me that her husband John had passed away during the night. I know that John had been ill these past few years but I was shocked at receiving this news. I would often have a good ‘blether’ with John on a regular basis. We first met John and Linda at Edinburgh international show in Musselburgh as John was one of the judges that year. Kevin was just a wee boy at the time and we were just leaving to go home to Fife when someone asked if we would give John & Linda a lift to the railways station to get their train back to England, which we did. I remember doing this but did not know it was the Tyerman’s until John told me in one of our telephone conversations. John was a very proud Scotsman and a great ambassador for the pigeon sport in general. As many of you will know he was the president of the BICC and did a wonderful job in making this club one of the best distance in the UK especially in International racing. John asked me to participate in the Barcelona Challenge Loft that he and John McGee organised and this was indeed a great honour. I also flew to Beauvais and took a train north to Arras where Linda and John met me and I had a wonderful couple of days with them. It was my trip returning home that turned into a nightmare as I caught food poisoning at the airport café and ended up in hospital for 24 hours. However the weekend was a time I will never forget as I met some outstanding fanciers who have become friends over the years. John will be a great loss to the pigeon sport not just down south but within Europe and I’m grateful to have known such a ‘wonderful man’ rest in peace my old friend. To Linda, their children and grandchildren our heartfelt condolences at this sad time;

John Tyerman holding his Barcelona winner

John Tyerman with Lee Dyer

My mate Guy Reed and visited John and Linda at the weekend as one of his club mates Lee Dyer had bought a youngster John had donated to a sale. They spent some time sitting out in the back garden watching John’s birds flying about. So you can imagine how Guy and Lee felt when they heard the news he wrote; Dear Joe, It was still very sad to hear we have now lost the company of another wonderful pigeon man and a good friend. The passing of the body is inevitable, and the release from this mortal form is a factor we all face. However, it still comes as a very emotional experience to most when the end comes. After getting to grips with my own emotions, I spent some time on the phone with Linda today, and I assured her that all who new JT would be sending their Love and Light in prayer to her, and the family, giving support in their period of grief. Not wishing to dwell on the sadness, I am pleased to tell you that last Saturday I escorted Lee Dyer, one of the Isle of Wight’s youngest members to Bracklesham Bay to visit with John and Linda. Lee had purchased a young bird from a sale that John had offered. I saw it as a good opportunity to have a good ‘blether’ and a catch up, as you and John would often say. The weather was kind, but being aware that John would easily be tiered, I kept the visit reasonably short. It was to be a good day to sit in the sun, watching the birds, and being waited upon by Linda with tea and cake, and while away a couple of glorious pigeon hours with a great fancier, good friend and ambassador for the sport. I can say our time spent at Bracklesham Bay, has left both Lee and I with the fondest of memories, of a true gentleman of the sport, John Tyerman; yours Guy’. John’s funeral will take place on Friday 26th April 2019 at 2.00pm at Boxgrove Priory Church Lane Boxgrove PO18 0ED.

*Please park at the reception venue which is opposite the church as there is no parking at the church*

Good SNFC Birds

This week I highlight 3 birds from north of the River Tay with the first a chequer hen SU16DF1160 raced by M Young of Dundee. As a yearling she won 53rd section C 189th open from the Bedhampton race a distance of 398 miles against an entry of 6065 birds entered by 634 members. Last year she went to Buckingham a distance of 321 miles and won 69th section C 357th open from a convoy of 2941 birds sent by 441 members a few weeks later she was sent to Maidstone a distance of 393 miles and she was to the fore winning 24th section C 57th open from an entry of 3001 birds sent by 444 members. We stay in Dundee for the next pigeon a blue bar hen SU14DF3564 raced by the Ness & Kempton partnership as a yearling she won 80th section C 241st open from Billericay a distance of 365 miles from an entry of 3406 birds. In 2017 she was sent to Buckingham a distance of 320 miles and she won 80th section C 246th open from an entry of 4170 birds entered by 495 members last year she was sent to Buckingham again and won 11th section C 153rd open from an entry of 2941 birds sent by 441 birds.   Moving eastwards we come to the father and son loft of Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath who have a chequer pied hen SU16AF261 who also has 3 inland national diplomas. In 2017 she won 63rd section C 230th open from Bedhampton a distance of 401 miles against an entry of 6065 birds entered by 634 members. Last year she went to Buckingham a distance of 323 miles and won 24th section C 190th open from an entry of 2941 birds sent by 441 birds. She then went to Maidstone a distance of 393 miles and won 44th section C 110th open from an entry of 3001 birds sent by 444 members.

Joe’s Joke

The young couple invited their elderly pastor for Sunday dinner, while they were in the kitchen preparing the meal; the minster asked their son what they were having. ‘Goat’ the little boy replied. ‘Goat’ replied the startled man of the cloth. ‘Are you sure about that’? ‘Yep,’ said the youngster. ‘I heard Dad say to Mum, Today is just as good as any to have the old Goat for dinner’.,


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