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The Joe Murphy Column 08-03-19


The Joe Murphy Column

Received an email and some photographs and information from Mark Findlay of Ardrossan who writes; ‘Hi Joe, I do hope you keeping a lot better this weather. We have recently had our top stock and race birds photographed; the 3 pics and text have been compiled by Thomas Hore of Ireland. Please find attached copies of the same “Millie’s Memory” is named in memory of my late mother. This chequer pied hen is our 1st Federation 1st Region H 12th open SNFC Gold Cup Liege in 2018 she was clocked at 20-44pm covering 551 miles on the day. ‘The Mullingar Hen’ being our most consistent racing hen since Lindsay and I formed our partnership in 2016. Lastly a montage made up of all our top racing and stock birds together. Can I also take this opportunity to thank a real gentleman and ambassador of our sport in Billy Wortley of Annan who has just compiled an article on us to be featured in February’s Racing Pigeon Pictorial? We are very grateful to him for the countless hours spent putting it all together. Well thank you Joe and all the very best to you and Kevin for season 2019; kindest regards Mark Findlay for ‘Cowan & Findlay’ of Ardrossan.


Bo’ness Breeder Buyer

Received an email from Martyn Brown of the above club as follows, ‘Hi Joe, Hope you are keeping well and you and Kevin are looking forward to the up and coming new season. I’m again organising the Bo’ness Breeder Buyer sale this year and planning to have it held on the weekend of the 9th /10th of April 2019, readers may remember that young Martyn and I won this last year and I have no problem donating a bird again this year, hoping I can make it a double. More details will follow nearer the time of the same from Martyn.

Good SNFC Birds

Received a phone call from Davie Nicol of Longforgan whom I wrote about in this feature and wondered if Dave’s bird was a son of his good mealy cock, Dave informed me that this pigeon was in fact a grandson of the ‘old boy’. My thanks for your call Davie, and your kind words regarding the work and research I do regarding this feature in my column.

I had actually found this blue bar cock of Cowan & Findlay of Ayr in my research for birds within this feature and SU15A7243 has won 3 section prizes (no open diplomas) from inland nationals. In 2016 as a yearling he won 17th section F from Buckingham competing against 521 members who sent 4328 birds and was flying 296 miles; he then went to Littlehampton a distance of 379 miles from an entry of 4482 birds sent by 510 members and won 6th section F. In 2018 he won 25th section H from Buckingham competing against 2941 birds sent by 441 members.

Moving to Jim B McNeil of Tranent in the East of Scotland federation who has a blue bar hen SU15E218 who has won in 3 national races in 2017 she competed from Bedhampton a distance of 361 miles competing against 6065 birds entered by 634 members and she won 65th section B 219th open. She then went to Ypres a distance of 426 miles and she won 4th section B 8th open against a convoy of 2320 birds entered by 409 members and in 2018 she was again sent to Ypres and was again to the front of the convoy winning 6th section B 11th open against 2541    birds entered by 433 members. . Therefore she requires one more section diploma from over the channel to gain her SNFC Silver Award and we wish her and Jimmy well for the new season.

Moving further north into the Kingdom of Fife we come to the loft of Willie Pratt of Rosyth near the Forth Bridges he too has a blue bar hen SU15F509 who has also won 3 times in national races. As a yearling she competed in 2 inland nationals with the first from Buckingham a distance of 296 miles and she won 43rd section C 187th open against 4328 birds sent by 521 members. A few weeks later she was basketed for the Littlehampton race a distance of 380 miles and she won 30th section C 83rd open against a convoy of 4482 birds sent by 510 members. Last year 2018 she was entered into the Reims national a distance of 565 miles and she won 6th section C 27th open from a convoy of 382 birds entered by 129 members.

Moving now to the centre belt of Scotland to the loft of Davie Jamieson of East Calder whose white flight cock SU15CA2415 as a 2 year old he was sent to Bedhampton and won 9th section D 126th open flying 363 miles competing against 6065 birds entered by 634 members he was then sent to Ypres a distance of 436 miles and he won 18th section D 106th open from an entry of 2320 birds by 409 members. In 2018 he was sent to Buckingham a distance of 287 miles and he won 11th section D 204th open from an entry of 2941 birds sent by 441 lofts. He was then sent to Liege race with a convoy of 1072 birds entered by 327 members flying a distance of 519 miles and he won 91st open (but no section prize) however a good pigeon who has won 4 SNFC open diplomas.

Joe’s Joke

An elderly couple   had dinner at another couple's house, and after eating, the wives left the table and went into the kitchen. The two gentlemen were talking, and one said, 'Last night we went out to a new restaurant and it was really great I would recommend it very highly.’ The other man said, 'What is, the name of the restaurant?’ The first man thought and thought and finally said, 'What’s the name of that flower you give to someone you love? You know; the one that's red and has thorns’. 'Do you mean a rose?’ 'Yes, that's the one,' replied the man. He then turned towards the kitchen and yelled, 'Rose, what's the name of that restaurant we went to last night?’


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