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The Joe Murphy Column 15-03-19


The Joe Murphy Column


Received an email and photographs from Cambusnethan & Morningside Flying Club president Andy Eadie, who wrote: ‘Cambusnethan & Morningside FC is an amalgamation in 1971 of 2 very old clubs with recent research has shown that they go back to the late 1800, nearly 1900’s thus dating it amongst one of the oldest clubs in the country. Some of the current trophies date back to 1925 for Cambusnethan & 1937 for Morningside. Official’s past was George Kelly who held the post as president for around 36 years until sadly he passed away in May 2013. George held many posts being; vice President of Lanarkshire Federation; President of the Confederation of Racing Pigeons and was twice president of the Scottish Homing Union holding this a total of 10 years how do you follow that. The present officials are I; Andy Frame and John Lawrie who has been our club secretary for 48 years and both have taken this ‘Old Club’ from strength to strength. It is a privilege to follow in the footsteps of George and to work alongside John and Andy who take their duties very seriously and carry them out honourably and in the best interest of the club. (Joe I was George’s adopted son and looking back would on the above history would make you cry). Friday 22nd February saw us hold our annual Cambusnethan & Morningside prize and presentation in Newmains pigeon club and many members and friends arrived to listen to the guests for the evening. This was a relaxing pigeon talk between long standing friends being the order of the day. Club president Andy Eadie began the presentation by welcoming everyone to our annual ‘Doo Ball’ and asked everyone to be upstanding for a minutes silence in respect of all members who passed away in the last year and of course absent friends. Andy then asked Secretary John Lawrie to say grace and the dinner was then served. Thanks to the caterers for an outstanding meal and service, also big ‘Thank You’ to the bar staff and Newmains pigeon club for the use of their premises. Main guests for the evening were

Tommy McDonagh: - who is quite a character being Transporter Manager, Chief Controller and Doctor Doolittle. His performances were as follows:-19th section 294th open Buckingham (winning £947) this same pigeon went back to Liege Gold Cup race and won 16th section E 64th open with a velocity of 677 and she was Tommy’s sole entry. 1st west section 2nd open Billericay flying 343 miles recording a velocity of 1068 in Lanarkshire federation; Tommy finished up 8th in the combined averages against 60,659 birds and 6th in the old birds.

Andy Eadie with Tommy McDonagh



John Leggate:-Official Capacity Hard-working vice president SNFC and looks after the marking station. Performances: - 22nd section Buckingham (£470) 1st Federation in the Gold Cup; 2nd section 9th open Liege Gold Cup velocity:-1095 (£512) distance 530 miles, this same pigeon blue chequer 6111 was then doubled back into Roye national and won 1st section 19th open winning £ 964; John being modest was asked to give her a name and his reply was that they have to score 3 times. Anyway his son Alistair named her ‘Ferniegair Starly’.

Andy Eadie reading out the prize winners.

Andy asked for a show of hands for these 2 fantastic fanciers and their pigeons. Hard work and dedication, in what is a thankless job in pigeon racing, where mistakes are unavoidable and everything else they do for the sport in general.

Before the main club presentation I would like to highlight some of the outstanding performances by our members:-

Major positions in the Lanarkshire federation by the members which consist of 384 members, east section 105, west 127 and centre 152 members. After 18 qualifying races for the combine/ average only 14 fanciers finished the program we had 3 in this top 14 with 60,659 birds competing. The J J & K Gillon partnership had a fantastic season and won the east section averages which is no mean feat and finished up 6th overall. Eadie & Kelly were 7th and our long standing secretary of 48 years John Lawrie & son were 13th which was truly fantastic when you consider these fanciers were competing against some 384 outstanding members who sent 60,659 birds. With the old birds in the federation only (31 managed) to finished after 12 races and we had 4 in the top 31 racing against 43,128 birds. J J & K Gillon 10th; Eadie & Kelly 15th; J Lawrie & son 23rd and J & K Millar in 27th place.

John Leggate and John Lawrie

Young Birds in the federation only (41 managed) to finish after 6 races and we had 8 in these top 41 fanciers racing against 17,531 birds. Tam Richardson was 2nd ; Eadie & Kelly 4th; J J & K Gillon 14th; J Lawrie & Son 18th; Wilson & Cairns 19th; T McGinn 22nd ;  A J Cook 25th and finally Frame & Cowan 32nd; Wull Smart

John and Tony McGinn

wins the Shepherd Trophy for the best average 5th open Billericay and 17th open Ripon young birds. Tam Richardson wins the R Telfer & son Trophy for the Best young bird average east section with over 50 positions alone and he was a very close 2nd to the Federation Champions.

Federation Toppers 2 x Tony McGinn was 1st section 1st open also SNFC 2nd section 194th open Maidstone. 2 x sections wins and old bird K.O to Eadie & Kelly who were 1st section 1st open with 5 section wins the members gave a great show of hands for theses fantastic achievements Well Done Lads.

Now on to the 2018 club winners

Top Table

J J & K Gillon who had a Fantastic Year won the Old Bird & Combined Average winners; Last 4 longest and the last 3 inland races; The George Kelly Memorial for the best 2 bird average being 4th & 6th club 9th & 11th section 29th & 37th open federation.

The Gillon Partnership Top Prize Winners

Eadie & Kelly; runners up for the combined, old bird and young bird average and yearling average; they won 5 x 1st club and 5 x 1st section and Topped the Lanarkshire federation and won a total of 33 diplomas (13 with young birds and 20 with old birds). They were also 5 section 214th open Buckingham SNFC

Andy Eadie rec'd trophy from John Leggate

5th & 13th section 263rd open Maidstone SNFC; 22nd section 223rd open Ypres SNFC and the highlight of their season was winning a Silver Award with ‘Bellside Jeanie’ winner of 4th section E 33rd open Alencon flying 563 miles being on the wing 16 hours 4 minutes recording a velocity of 979 and 7th section 106th open Ypres that is what ‘Dreams are made Of’.


Tam Richardson winner of the Hardcross Points Shield with (144 points); he was also young bird average winner; the Nell Eadie trophy for being 2nd section 17th open from Reims the longest race in the SNFC programme flying 563 miles recording a velocity of 741. The young bird K O with 5 x 1st; and 3 x 1st sections and a total of 62 diplomas (50 with young birds and 12 with old birds)


John Leggate and Tam Richardson


J Whiteford & Family winners of 1st club Ypres and winning the Channel Club being 10th section 139th open SNFC Ypres; John Lawrie & son winning lowest winning shield velocity 883 from Melton Mowbray also 1st section 6th open yearling open race and 17th & 26th Maidstone SNFC.

John Leggate presents John Lawrie junior with his shield


Individual Race, prize money & nomination winners were carried out by both John Lawrie and Andy Frame stalwarts of the club. After the presentation we had a question and answer session which was fantastic and the evening closed with one final conclusion.  There are only 2 types of pigeons left ‘Good and Bad’ as well as ‘Healthy and Sick’; what is wrong with racing pigeons that they can no longer cope with bacteria and viruses and are the question asked are there any Tough Pigeons left. 30/40 years ago only a few pigeons were exchanged. Nowadays there are over a 100 One Loft Races from all over Europe with tens of 1000’s on the move and then we have Blackpool with all the sales. (Motto) Never stand still or you’ll be left behind. Hope everyone has had a good night big thanks to our guests John, Tommy, John and Andy and all who attended it is very much appreciated and wishing each and every one of you all the best for the 2019 season.  That is it for another year; good luck to yourself and Kelvin as it is almost upon us again, yours in Sport Andy Eadie’.


Bo’ness Breeder Buyer

News from Martyn Brown of the above club who wrote ‘Hi Joe, thank you once again for donating a bird to the Bo’ness breeder buyer sale. This will be held on Saturday 13th of April with viewing from 12 noon to 13-00 with the club rooms open from 11am onwards, the venue is the Bo’ness club hut post code is EH51 0JU. Prize money the last 2 years has been £1000 split between the breeder and the buyer and we hope to match that prize money again this year. The winner will be based on performances over the entire young bird season and will be judged by an independent fancier. A sales list of all birds donated can be found on pigeon basics. If anyone would like any more information, then please contact me Martyn on 07413405163. Wishing you and Kevin all the best for the upcoming season, once again many thanks’, yours Martyn:

Joe’s Joke 

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