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31-01-19 J



The Joe Murphy Column


Firstly I must thank Struan Ferguson from Kirkcaldy who took my BHW Charity bird down to Blackpool show, I was very pleased with the price paid for him £500 and I wish his new owner every success with him in the future and I hope he breeds something good for him or her. I took the opportunity of the Blackpool show weekend to clean out my nest boxes and put some stock birds together. I have been going out all week letting a pair out at a time to tread and then back into their box. Today Rabbie Burn’s day I put in a nest bowl into each box these had nest felts cable tied to them and the birds were giving some nesting material this afternoon. I’ve had a couple of cock’s playing up as they don’t want to go to a new nest box but I will persevere with them and hopefully now the nest pans are in the box they will settle down.


Arona Derby

 Debbie & Andy Gregson (see text)

I noticed in today’s BHW that Debbie and Andy Gregson took pole position in race number 7 winning 1st UK & Ireland as well as 1st International from an entry of 3265 birds. I phoned Andy to congratulate him and he was telling me that the same pigeon won 15th international the following week which was outstanding. However Andy is under no illusions that when it comes to the races over the sea then it will be a different story. However for one of his 2 entries to win one of these races is a great achievement so well done to this husband and wife partnership I have looked out a photograph of them from my archives?




I am sorry to report the passing of one of Scotland’s well known fanciers the famous George Macaloney of Coatbridge who passed on another celebrated Scotland icon day Friday 25th January the Bard himself Rabbie Burns. Obviously the Macaloney family are heartbroken at the loss of someone so special to each and every one of them. George has been battling ill health for the past 10 years and will be missed by all the family. The partnership won from away back in the 1970 right up to the present time. I remember visiting their loft away back in 1987 when they won 1st open SNFC Sartilly (2) flying 504 miles and if my memory serves me right they also won 1st Open Scottish Central Combine. They have also acquired 4 x 1st West Section wins in the Scottish National Flying Club from distances of 400 to 608 miles. They are also the proud owners of 2 Scottish National Flying Club Gold Awards.  In 1997 they decided to concentrate on federation one day racing as they could compete against 12,000 birds on a weekly basis in Lanarkshire federation and set about building up a stock loft of sprint/middle distance birds and they literally took the sport of pigeon racing to heights never before witnessed in Scotland. They won 1st open SNFC Buckingham in 2017 with ‘Double Vision’ competing against 4170 birds. To Willie, Paul and the other members of the family I send my heartfelt condolences at their sad loss. George may not be with us but his name will live FOREVER in the annuals of pigeon racing in Scotland.



This week’s photos



These pictures are from Jim Hannah of Blantyre and the first 2 are beautiful chequer cocks raced by A A Wilson & son from Stranraer; the first is ‘Davy Lad’ a winner of 1st section F 17th open SNFC Ancenis he also won 34th section F 435th open from SNFC Marlborough. The 2nd pigeon from the Wilson loft is ‘Another One’ who won 1st section H 58th open from SNFC Buckingham from an entry of 3576 birds sent by 441 members in 2018. I think you will agree they are 2 cracking looking chequer cocks well done to the partnership. My next pigeon is a Chequer pied cock ‘Nae Pals’ which means to our English friend’s ‘No Pals’ he was raced by Dunc & Craig McCleary of Dundee this cock won 49th section C 280th open from SNFC Buckingham competing against 441 members who entered 3576 birds and a few weeks later won 10th section C 67th open from SNRPC Billericay well done.

Joe’s Joke

Hurt my arm this morning and needed to go to the hospital for an x-ray. As I was sitting waiting to be seen the lad next to me says ‘Fair fae yer honest sonsie face’ Great chieftain o’ the puddin race!!!. I was like what??!!! I turned my head round to the lady sat on my other side, she said, ‘Wee sleekit, cow’rin tim’rous beastie, O what a panic in thy breastie’. As I grabbed hold of the next doctor who walked past I said ‘Here mate, is this the psychiatric ward’. He said ‘No this is the BURNS Unit’. Happy Rabbie Burns Day 25th January.


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