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The Joe Murphy Column

My pigeon for the Charity 2019 Show of the Year charity auction is a dark chequer cock bred in 2013 ‘69693’ named Thaddaeus (See Photograph) he was bred by my good friend Guy Reed of the Isle of Wight and is a grandson of Champion ‘Wing Down’ crossed with a hen from Bernard DeWeerdt Champion ‘Iban’. Thaddaeus is also the sire of Kevin’s 8th section C 26th open SNFC Falaise 543 miles last bird timed on the day. He is also sire of 2nd club 144 bird’s 4th east section 405 birds Lauder: 1st club Duckbury 153 miles for Ron Lilleby. Mark Gilbert won 1st BICC St Vincent 2016 flying 538 miles on the day. Sire a son of Wind Down dam from Mellissa when mated to a son of Euro Diamond.

Sire of Thaddaeus is GB12J 19013 bred by Alwyn Hill being a direct son of Champion Wing Down (See Photograph) winner of 2nd nat Tarbes 2808 birds; 4th nat Tarbes 3290 birds, 7th nat Tarbes 3808 birds 676 MILES. Merit Award winner with 3 top 10 positions in history of NFC. Wing Down sire is SEB a son of San Sebastian 1st nat 4th International 2698 birds; he also won 252nd 321st & 361st national at 600 miles. The dam of SEB was ‘167’ winner 4 times from Barcelona with up to 14.000 birds competing. Dam of Wing Down was De Vos Duiven daughter of Schone Didi sire of Crayonne Didi winner of 14th nat Castres, 101st nat Pau, 192nd nat Dax his brother Kleine Didi won 1st nat Dax, 2nd nat Pau, 24th nat Pau, 72nd nat Perpignan, 1st nat Asduif Fond KBDB 1997 Distance World Champion. Dam of GB12J 19013 is the Shephard Hen, daughter of ‘Seven Up’ & Lady Garrett. Seven Up won 1st open BBC Barcelona 6 nat Barcelona 7th national Palamos 23 nat Bordeaux 40 nat San Sebastian 49th Poitiers 129 nat Tarbes. Dam of the Shephard Hen was ‘Lady Garrett’ foundation breeding hen.


Thaddaeus GB13N 69693

Alwyn.jpg     LolaDaughterofIban.jpg

Dam of Thaddaeus is Belge09 3133956 ‘Lola’ bred by Bernard DeWeerdt: (See Photograph) she is a daughter of Champion Iban winner of 57th international Dax 19.420bs; 179th nat Bordeaux 616 international Dax 17.625bs; 4th nat 10th international Perpignan 17.570bs; 39th nat 153rd international Perpignan 17.653bs; Brother to ‘Joan’ winner of 47th nat 9th international Perpignan 4th nat 10th international Barcelona 25.815bs. Sire of ‘Iban’ is a half-brother to Raldo brother to Emiel winner of 1st nat Bordeaux. Dam of IBAN is the Lemahieu Hen Grand dam 1st nat BICC Pau 562 miles; 87 NFC Tarbes 570 miles; also grand-dam 3rd international Pau 2013 and 3rd nat Barcelona 7th nat Tarbes 570 miles; also g-dam of Hennie sire of 41st and 31st NFC Tarbes. Dam of ‘Lola’ is a daughter of ‘Raldo’ she won 40th nat Barcelona and she is a half- brother to Katrien winner of 21st & 72nd international Perpignan. Her sire ‘Raldo’ won 18th & 157th international Dax; 186th nat Cahors, he is ½ brother to sire of IBAN, JOAN; CECIL; see above. Raldo’s and his ½ brother (sire of Iban) bred from ALDO brother to Emiel 1st international Bordeaux.

You will see from the above information that Thaddaeus is steeped in true long distance bloodlines. As mentioned above he has bred a 26th open Scottish National Winner at 543 miles on the day from Falaise in 2017. He would not be leaving my stock loft other than to support the Show of the Year Charity Auction. Good luck to the new owner and I hope he continues to breed something good for them; he is worth a try, Joe Murphy BHW Scottish Scribe:

Good SNFC Birds

BigRed65.jpg  CoolHandLukemon.jpg  FergiesFirst.jpg

Jim Hannah has kindly forwarded some photographs to me taken at Dundee Show and I would like to highlight 3 of these photos along with details of the winning birds. I will start by introducing ‘Big Red 65’ SU14DF 1965 bred and raced by Bruce McKenzie of Dundee. I had spoken to Bruce prior to my taking a stoke and I was going to include the ‘Big Red 65’ in my column but due to not doing a weekly column this never transpired, however better late than never and it gives me great pleasure to highlight ‘Big Red 65’ performances not. In 2016 he won 55th section C 216th open from SNFC Buckingham race flying 321 miles doing a velocity of 1290ypm against an entry of 4328 birds entered by 521 members. In 2018 he was entered into the SNFC Maidstone race a distance of 394 miles and he won 1st Logie club, 1st Dundee federation, 1st Grampian Combine 1st section C 4th open doing a velocity of 1392 against an entry of 3001 birds sent by 444 members. A few weeks later he was sent to SNFC Ypres race and competed against 2541 birds sent by 433 members and he won 8th section 16th open flying 460 miles recording a velocity of 1294. My next pigeon is another Dundee federation ‘Champion’ a blue bar cock SU14DF 1256 named ‘Cool Hand Luke’ bred and raced by J & J Hunt of Dundee this pigeon has won 7 times in the Scottish National and at this year’s presentation was awarded his SNFC Silver Award for winning 3 section prizes from Ypres. ‘Cool Hand Luke’ performances are as follows. As a yearling he won 8th section C 29th open from Eastbourne flying a distance of 422 miles from an entry of 2494 birds. Then in 2016 he won 105th section C 428th open Littlehampton a distance of 409 miles competing against 4482 birds entered by 510 members and logged a velocity of 946 ypm. He was then sent to Ypres a distance of 463 miles and verified a velocity of 1055 ypm winning 21st section C 54th open competing against 2323 birds entered by 440 members. Last year he won 49th section C 167th open from Bedhampton contesting against 6065 birds entered by 634 members flying a distance of 401 miles and recorded a velocity of 1174. Again sent to Ypres 463 miles he won 21st section C 57th open from an entry of 2320 birds sent by 409 members logging a velocity of 995. This year he has the same routine and won 68th section C 357th open from Buckingham with an entry of 2941 birds entered by 441 members flying a distance of 324 miles and documented a velocity of 919 before going to Ypres from an entry of 2541 birds entered by 433 members and he won 2nd section C 5th open doing a velocity of 1317 ypm and now wins his SNFC Silver Award. He also wins The Cher Ami Trophy for the first nominated pigeon in the race. ‘Cool Hand Luke’ requires ONE more inland section prize to gain a Meritorious Inland Bronze Award whether he goes for it or is retired to stock is up to Joe Hunt. I think you will agree with me he is an exceptional pigeon and we wish Joe and ‘Cool Hand Luke’ all the best for the future.

Another good pigeon flying into the Tayside area is a blue cock SU14AF2151 raced by MacAulay Ferguson & Curran of Forfar club in Angus federation he also won a SNFC Silver Award this year.  In 2016 he won 33rd section C 108th open from Roye flying 534 miles doing a velocity of 834 flying against 258 members who sent 1135 birds, that same year he won 29th section C 82nd open from Littlehampton from an entry of 4482 birds entered by 510 members and from a distance of 415 miles back to his loft he recorded a velocity of 1062. Last year 2017 he again won twice being 91st section C 349th open from Bedhampton a distance of 408 miles doing a veloicity of 1109 from an entry of 6065 birds sent by 634 members: he then went to Falaise were 199 members sent 802 birds and he won 14th section C 45th open flying 551 miles recording a velocity of 574 ypm. This year he again went to Roye and won 24th section C (no open prize) timed the 2nd morning on a velocity of 878 to gain his 3rd section win from over the channel and win his coveted Silver Award.

Although I do not have photographs of the next 2 pigeons they deserve some publicity as they are also quality pigeons and are raced by my son Kevin’s club mates and dear friends Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath. The first bird is a chequer pied hen SU16AF261 who as a yearling won 63rd section C 230th open recording a velocity of 1148 ypm for the 401 mile trip home competing against 4170 birds entered by 495 members. This year she had 2 inland nationals and won 24th section C 190th open from Buckingham a distance of 323 miles with a velocity of 989 ypm against an entry of 2941 birds entered by 441 members. She then went to Maidstone a distance of 393 miles and she won 44th section C 110th open recording a velocity of 1275 ypm against an entry of 3001 birds entered by 444 members. The partnerships 2nd bird is a blue bar cock SU16AF238 who in 2017 won 576th open from an entry of 6065 birds in the Bedhampton SNFC race were 634 members competed, he did a velocity of 1002 for the 401 mile trip home. Then in 2018 he was sent to the inland national from Buckingham that had an entry of 2941 birds sent by 441 members and he won 80th section C on a velocity of 911 miles for the 323 mile trip home. He was then sent across the channel to Ypres a distance of 455 miles and he came to the fore winning 4th section C 9th open with a velocity of 1307 flying against 2541 birds entered by 433 members.


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