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John Clements

Epic N F C Merit

December 15, 2018 John Clements 90 Hits
John Clements Articles, Reports and Shared Thoughts ‘Epic’ - NFC Certificate of Merit pigeon of 2018 for Fred Cornwell of Southend Essex Part one. The last of my 2018 Certificate of Merit reports (three times NFC Tarbes in the top 100 places Open)…
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Respectfornature J Clements 30-10-18

October 30, 2018 John Clements 74 Hits
Respect for Nature by john Clements Fanciers who fly long distance pigeons know the practice of 'Open Hole' helps. This directly opposed to successful fanciers who do sprint racing; here a system of controlled management adds to their success. The…
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Sprint Pigeons

October 30, 2018 John Clements 73 Hits
Sprint Racing By John Clements Both sprint Racing and Marathon racing involve knowing something fundamental about the pigeon and its natural behaviour. I shall first in this article deal with sprint pigeons. The successful sprint man must be aware…
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Thedoubleslitexperiement 19-10-18

October 19, 2018 John Clements 66 Hits
The ‘Double Slit’ Experiment by John Clements The famous 'Double Slit' experiment where a single electron is able to pass through two slits at the same time and turn itself from being a small particle into a small wave is the basis of quantum…

Andy Parsonspart2 J Clements 19-10-18

October 19, 2018 John Clements 60 Hits
Andy Parsons Certificate of Merit Part two by John Clements Continuing from my article in part one about 'Proud Mary' the Andy Parson pigeon of this year that won an NFC Certificate of Merit, there is much more to say and discuss but I made a…