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Yearling Nationals John Clements 13-06-18

Yearling Nationals in the UK


John Clements


Looking at the BICC Poitiers race I see that there were a few yearlings timed in what most would consider a hard race. There was some outstanding performances (going on the early times) by fanciers flying long distances. Booth and Roper of Tewksbury deserve a mention as does Crehan and O'Conner  flying 500 miles and John Rumney flying 589 miles. All these are outstanding performances. I have what I consider to be a good habit of noting ring numbers of winning pigeins and those that do well so that I can follow their progress in future races and in future years, that way I can find what most overlook - the real champions undiscovered in our midst. Just looking at a result, noting the fancier but now noting the individual pigeon. This is of enormous use if you want a wider picture of any particular race and the chance of finding real champions.


This brings me back to yearlings and a yearling results  in UK National and Classic races. As most peiople know the Belgian and Dutch systems regularly  splits yearlings from the main race and give them a result on their own. This splitting yearlings into a competition on their own  also affords separate yearling pools to be and  makes National Channel racing fairer and likely as a result to atttract more entries and as a side issue earn more money for the club. In my example at least Brooks Bros will now justly claim to have won a National which must be good for them.

With all this in mind I have tinkered with the BICC Poitiers result to show the yearlings as they would appear in a separate race. I hope that with an example of how it would work fanciers might see the value of such a move and how it would boost the finances of the club and for the fancier and  additional status. Everybody wins including Len Swallow of Diss and B Williams of Paulsgrove who now wins first sections in a National.



Sect               Name                                            Town                            Ring No                       Dist                   Vel

1. WS1          Brooks Bros and Wilson            Bristol                         GB17L42106             361.1485           896.54

2. WS2          D & J Staddon                              Shepton Mallet          GB17N28220            349.  581           884.34

3. WS3          M.M Mc Clements                        Ivybridge                     GB17N77642            336.178             880.85

4. CS1          B Williams and sons                   Paulsgrove                GB17P13493            313.679             799.36

5.CS2           M/M Cross                                     Purbrook                     GB17N24120           313.1373           794.28

6.WS4           P Boden                                        Frome                         NWHU17D3259       352.1679           781.66

7.CS3            L M Dyer                                       Nettlestone                 NWHU17R5814       303.1063           755.82

8.ES1            Tom Williams                              Orpington                   GB17F30765             343.362             717.16

9.CS4            M Shepherd                                 Lancing                      GB 17N16089           306.827             641.11

10.ES2          B & F Gasson                             Chatham                    GB 17N 040629        343.454             590.34

11.NE1         Len Swallow                                Diss                            GB17D01588            414.1318           580.17

12.ES3          Nicolac Bogden                          Bishop Stortford       GB17N047521          377.867             563.37

13.WS5         D & F Barresi                               Bath                           GB17C36223            359.1758           539.33

14.WS6         S Dickenson & Phil                    Locking                     GB17N04353            368.1044           539.10

15.WS7         Luscombe and W                       Plymouth                  GB17N52251            339.236             439.24

16.CS5         Gaiter                                             Tilchurst                   GB17N043281          353.567             414.09

17.NE2          M/M Stowger                                Leiston                     GB17N01236            405.580             402.53


It can be seen in this example there were no yearlings clocked in the NW Section but by giving yearlings a result on their own their value is no longer submerged within an overall result. The effect of this is to encourage more yearlings to be sent - a greater spread of prizes and overall greater interest in the club. From this the club is bound to benefit financially from a greater overall send. Why clubs who are closely connected to the continent have not realised the benefits of such a move can only be explained by our island attitude of wanting to be isolated lest we lose our identity.