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Keith Mott You Tube Channel; Video List

Keith Mott YouTube Channel: Video List.


Video1: L&SECC Tours Race 2002: Allan Scarborough (30,000 Dutch pigeon liberation).

Video 2: L&SECC Bordeaux Race 2002: John & Mark Adcock.

Video 3: L&SECC Guernsey Races 2002: Derek Squires / Ron Ball.

Video 4: L&SECC Le Ferte Bernard Race 2002: John Haynes.

Video 5: L&SECC Pau Race 2002: Ron Wasey.

Video 6: BHW Blackpool Show 2014: Judging ‘Best in Show’ (John Robilliard).

Video 7: BBC ‘Inside Out’ London 2007.

Video 8: L&SECC Alencon Race 1999: Mike Armitage.

Video 9: L&SECC Pau Race 1999: Geoff Gilbert.

Video 10: L&SECC Nantes Race: Derek Taylor.

Video 11: L&SECC Bordeaux Race 1999: Khan Brothers.

Video 12: L&SECC Guernsey Races 1999: John Haynes / Ian James.

Video 13: Fishing at Spires Lakes in Devon 1997.

Video 14: General Fishing 1997.

Video 15: Pike Fishing 1997.

Video 16: General Fishing 1999 / 2000.

Video 17: Racing Pigeon Liberations 2007 (Continental Liberation Sites).

Video 18: National Pigeon Shows 2015: Nottingham YB Show / Duchy Show / RPRA Southern Region Show / BHW Blackpool Show.

Video 19: National Pigeon Shows 2013: Duchy Show / RPRA Southern Region Show / CHASE Show / BHW Blackpool Show.

Video 20: National Pigeon Shows 2007 / 2010: BHW Blackpool Show (BBC filming) / RPRA Southern Region Show / CHASE Show / SCSRS Open Show.

Video 21: Duchy Show 2012: John Robilliard (Supreme Champion).

Video 22: Pigeon Fancier’s Lung: Interview with Dr. Gavin Boyd.

Video 23: CSCFC 2010 Season: Featuring liberations at Messac, Tarbes, Bergerac and Carentan.

Video 24: L&SECC Sennen Cove Race 2001: Norman Middleton.

Video 25: L&SECC Perth Race 2001: John Haynes.

Video 26: L&SECC Guernsey Races 2001: Lewis Walsh / Dennis Abbott.

Video 27: The Alliance Le Ferte Bernard National 2000: Vic Emberson.

Video 28: Eric & Pat Cannon of Wormley.

Video 29: Brian & Thelma Denney of Strensall.

Video 30: Jim Biss of Norwich: 1st open NFC Pau.

Video 31: John Lovell of Lincoln: 1st open NRCC Lerwick.

Video 32: Brian Shepperd of Trowbridge: 1st open International Dax 2003.

Video 33: Cecil & Mark Bulled of Harlow: 1st open London NR Combine / 1st open L&SECC.

Video 34: Tom Gilbertson of Carlisle: 1st open Combine.

Video 35: Stan Wheatley of Middlesbrough: Show Racers.

Video 36: The Wheatley Family of Middlesbrough: Show & Racing Pigeons.

Video 37: Doug McClary of Exeter: Show Racers.

Video 38: Ron McCarthy of Wales: Show Racers.

Video 39: Alan Spedding of Cumbria: Show Racers.

Video 40: Jimmy Fitzpatrick of Glasgow: Show Racers.

Video 41: L&SECC 2008 Season: Darran McFadden.

Video 42: L&SECC 1997 Season: Steve Tote / Cullum Edmiston / Alasdair Muir.

Video 43: The Barcelona Lofts in France 2009.

Video 44: Ced & Clive Allwright of Ashford: Three times 1st open NFC.

Video 45: Bob Reeves of Exeter: 1st open NFC Nantes.

Video 46: Jed & Joan Jackson of Worthing: 1st open NFC Pau.

Video 47: Rod Adams of South Shields: 1st open UNC Bourges.

Video 48: Sonny & Phil Galloway of Hartlepool.

Video 49: Bill Porritt of Staithes.

Video 50: Bolton & Williamson of Bridlington.

Video 51: L&SECC Alencon Race 1998: John McGee.

Video 52: L&SECC Pau Race 1998: Gordon Robinson.

Video 53: L&SECC Nantes Race 1998: Tony & Dol Fletcher.

Video 54: L&SECC Guernsey Races 1998: Tom Cummings / John Edwards.

Video 55: Richard & Ken O’Connor of Croydon.

Video 56: John & Mark Adcock of Croydon.

Video 57: Biss & Waite of Whitchurch.

Video 58: Alwyn Hill of Lincolnshire.

Video 59: Frank & Anne Tasker of Lincolnshire.

Video 60: Geoff Clare of Lincolnshire.

Video 61: Brian & Angela Garnham of Boston.

Video 62: Mooney & Kirkman of Boston.

Video 63: National Pigeon Shows 1995 /1996: RPRA Southern Region Show (1995) / ‘RP’ Southern Classic Show / RPRA Southern Region Show (1996).

Video 64: National Pigeon Shows 1997 / 1998: ‘RP’ Old Comrades Show / BHW Blackpool Show / NEHU Peterlee Show.

Video 65: National Pigeon Shows 2001: BHW Blackpool Show / RPRA Southern Region Show.

Video 66: John Lock of Wales: Show Racers.

Video 67: Val Viccars of High Wycombe: Show Racers.

Video 68: James Reid of Glasgow: Show Racers.

Video 69: Fancy Pigeon Breeds: Ray Hetherington / John Gregg.

Video 70: Racing Pigeon Liberations: ‘Lodmore’ car park Weymouth.

Video 71: Preece Brothers of Wales.

Video 72: Padfield Brothers of Wales.

Video 73: John Smale of Wales.

Video 74: Burgham Brothers of Wales.

Video 75: B. D. Jones Brothers of Wales.

Video 76: Wilf & Janet Reed of Wales.

Video 77: John & Ann Rake of Wales.

Video 78: The Media and Pigeons: Jed Jackson / Keith Mott (‘Pigeons Queer Facts’)

Video 79: The Media and Pigeons 2: Keith Mott (‘Sun Rise’ Sky News).

Video 80: The Media and Pigeons 3: Keith Mott (ITV News).

Video 81: L&SECC Alencon Race 2000: John & Darren May.

Video 82: L&SECC Tours Race 2000: Ray Duffield.

Video 83: L&SECC Pau Race 2000: Colin Crick.

Video 84: L&SECC Bordeaux Race 2000: Mr. & Mrs. Ray Osgood.

Video 85: L&SECC Guernsey Races 2000: Fred Johnson / Dean Jenkyn.

Video 86: Derik Nordon of Scotland.

Video 87: Jim Donaldson of Scotland.

Video 88: John Traill of Scotland.

Video 89: David Osborne of Scotland.

Video 90: Dale Newcombe of Scotland.

Video 91: Hans Eijerkamp & sons of Brummen in Holland (‘Greenfields’ Breeding Stud)

Video 92: Ronald Hessen of Holland.

Video 93: Loft visits in Holland: With Ronald Heesen.

Video 94: Schoors & De Waele of Belgium.

Video 95: Callum Edmiston of Horley.

Video 96: Vic Shaw of North London

Video 97: Terry Haley / Karen Haley: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 98: Tony Dann / Wally Dann: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 99: Brian Goodwin / Gerry Byrne: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 100: Mick Worsfold / Peter Taylor: (Two Loft Visits).


Video 101: Dave ‘Topper’ Taylor /Eric Matthews: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 102: Les Kidd / Rod Berry: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 103: Bill Woods of Shaftsbury.

Video 104: Bob & Martin Adair of Cumbria.

Video 105: Des Coulter of Worthing.

Video 106: Bert Bowden of Guernsey.

Video 107: Ronald Legg & son of Guernsey.

Video 108: Richard Mauger of Guernsey.

Video 109: Bryan Kett of Guernsey.

Video 110: A pigeon weekend with Jan Olav Thrana of Norway: (KM original stock birds / Peter Taylor / Mike Armitage / Spelthorne Open Show).

Video 111: Around the loft 2002 /03 /04: (Eric Cannon stock birds / ‘Culmer Gold’).

Video 112: National Pigeon Shows 2002: BHW Blackpool Show / NEHU Peterlee Show (Rod Adams loft visit / Bill Young / Danny Breeds).

Video 113: National Pigeon Shows 2002 /03/ 06: RPRA Southern Region Show 2002 / BHW Blackpool Show / RPRA Southern Region Show 2006 (Norman Perry / Mike Horner).

Video 114: BHW Blackpool Show 2004 / 05.

Video 115: David Impett of Blackpool.

Video 116: Eric Fox of Bakewell.

Video 117: George Burgess of Wraysbury.

Video 118: Frank Bristow of Horbling.

Video 119: Porter & Richardson of the Midlands.

Video 120: Edward Froggatt of the Midlands.

Video 121: Arnie & Sylvia Tonks of Wednesbury.

Video 122: Kevin Lawson / Jake Cotterill: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 123: George Wandless of Hetton-le-Hope.

Video 124: Soderlund & Bradley of South Shields.

Video 125: Elliott & Ward of South Shields.

Video 126: Ron Evans & son of Sunderland.

Video 127: Mick Lilley & son of Newcastle.

Video 128: ‘Megaworld’: Filmed at the BHW Blackpool Show 2007.

Video 129: ‘Extraordinary Animals’: The film shoot at the Claygate loft in 2008.

Video 130: Puddephatt Brothers of Crawley.

Video 131: Ken Hine of Hayes.

Video 132: Dennis Smith / Ernie Moan: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 133: Daryll Luxford / Doug Gatland: (Two Loft Visits).

Video 134: Tony & Dol Fletcher of Old Woking.

Video 135: Steve Appleby of Guildford: A talk about pigeon race advising.

Video 136: John Ellis of Scotland.

Video 137: Bob McDonald of Scotland.

Video 138: Ralston Graham of Scotland.

Video 139: John Wylie of Scotland.

Video 140: Bill Jamieson of Annan.

Video 141: BHW Blackpool Show 2009: Ron McCarthy (BIS), KM £440 / BD £1,200, John Tyerman

Video 142: RPRA Southern Region Show 2007: Mike Horner (BIS), ‘The Four Stars’, Geoff Clare.

Video 143: CHASE Show 2008: Darran McFadden (BIS), Sasha footage, John & Linda Tyerman.

Video 144: BHW Blackpool Show 2008: ‘Fancy Pigeons’, KM £580.

Video 145: Pigeon weekend with EC 1995: Vince Durrant/Eric Pearson/Des Coulter/Jed Jackson.

Video 146: Godalming Bar BQ 1996: Jed & Joan Jackson.

Video 147: Some “Banter” with Jed Jackson: Eric Cannon.

Video 148: Albert & Dennis Taylor of Eastwood: Two loft visits / ‘Tame Red’ footage.

Video 149: Brian & Thelma Denney of Strensall: Loft visit 1999.

Video 150: Eric & Pat Cannon of Wormley: Loft visit 1995.

Video 151: Brian Pearson of Gateshead.

Video 152: Ralph Iley of North Shields.

Video 153: Brownlee, Nee, Sons & Ward of the UNC.

Video 154: Steve Hadfield of the UNC.

Video 155: Marsay, Taylor & Robinson of the UNC.

Video 156: BHW Blackpool Show 2010: BD £3,200 / KM £740 / Ron McCarthy (Supreme Champion).

Video 157: BHW Blackpool Show 2000: Albert Taylor’s loft / Jimmy Fitzpatrick (BIS).

Video 158: Claygate pigeon footage: The ‘Rabbit Hutch’ loft system.

Video 159: Pigeon loft visits 2001: Bryan Kett / Peter Taylor (Wales) / Ced Allwright & Jed Jackson with Bob Reeves.

Video 160: Godalming Bar BQ 1999 / Eric Cannon loft visit.

Video 161: Pigeon day out in Weymouth: Ponderosa NFC car presentation (Bob Reeves).

Video 162: Pigeon loft visits in Devon 1996: Bob Reeves / Don Taylor / Tumley Lofts / Devon & Cornwall SFS Show (Doug McClary / John Robilliard).

Video 163: Pigeon loft visits in Cumbria and Scotland 1997: Bob & Martin Adair / Jim Fitzpatrick / Jamieson & Simpson / ‘Smokey’ Ian Grey.

Video 164: Pigeon weekend in Nottingham 1997: Albert Taylor’s loft / BSR Federation Show.

Video 165: Pigeon loft visits in 1998: Eric Cannon (with Doug Went) /Jed Jackson / Albert Taylor / Eric Fox.

Video 166: Pigeon loft visits in 1998: Brian & Angela Garnham / Mooney & Kirkman / Carl Upsall / Frank Bristow / Brian Denney / Alwyn Hill.

Video 167: Kids at the Claygate loft 2006.

Video 168: George & Gordon Grant of Scotland.

Video 169: John Hodgson of Scotland.

Video 170: Thomson Brothers of Scotland.

Video 171: Matthew Jamieson of Annan.

Video 172: Don Taylor of Exeter.

Video 173: David Brackenbury of Boston.

Video 174: Albert & Dennis Taylor of Eastwood.

Video 175: Mitchell Brothers of Bilsthorpe.

Video 176: John Norris of Grantham. (NRCC Convoyer)

Video 177: Jack & John Newell of Feltham.

Video 178: The new pigeon loft at Claygate 2009: Peter Obertelli / Ced Allwright / Peter Taylor.

Video 179: ‘Golden’ Cine Film: Keith Mott 1974 to 1985.

Video 180: ‘Golden’ Cine Film 2: Twenty loft visits 1976 to 1985.

Video 181: ‘Golden’ Cine Film 3: The Pigeon Fancy 1974 to 1985.

Video 182: ‘Golden’ Cine Film 4: The kids at Claygate 1980 to 1985.

Video 183: ‘Golden’ Cine Film 5: Caroline Mott 1978 to 1980.

Video 184: Alan Mark of Sanderstead.

Video 185: Fred Hall of Worthing.

Video 186: Ron Wasey of New Addington.

Video 187: John Salt of Kimberley.

Video 188: Ward Brothers of South Elmsall.

Video 189: Bob Walton of Oldbury.

Video 190: Billy Simmons of Sheffield.

Video 191: George Morris of East Acton.

Video 192: Comperat & Holmes of South Wales.

Video 193: Ward Brothers of Risca.

Video 194: Don Chaffe of South Wales.

Video 195: A. & A. Deacon of Cardiff.

Video 196: Sterio Brothers of Cardiff.

Video 197: Brian Henderson of Morton.

Video 198: Frank Cheetham of Pontefract.

Video 199: Ken Hanby of Mexborough.

Video 200: Mick McGevy of Rotherham.


Video 201: SESRS Open Show / Emsworth Open Show 2011: Phil Harrod / M. Collins.

Video 202: Esher Open Show 2001.

Video 203: Spelthorne Open Show / Godalming Open Show 2013.

Video 204: John Cole of Staithes.

Video 205: John Marsay & son of Staithes.

Video 206: Derek Carter of Guisborough.

Video 207: Mr. & Mrs. Seaton of Guisborough.

Video 208: J. & M. Walton of Guisborough.

Video 209: Brian Wall of Portsmouth.

Video 210: Terry Hudson of Bracknell.

Video 211: Roger Lowe of Reading.

Video 212: Fred Birch of Uxbridge.

Video 213: Rod Berry of Ashford.

Video 214: Collin Taylor of Kent.

Video 215: The Kids: Pigeon & Fishing Footage 2007.

Video 216: The ‘Italian Stallion’ Loft Tour 2013: Crammond & Langstaff / Clive Turner / Terry Haley (The ‘Watford Wizard’) / Peter Wells.

Video 217: Dave Sherratt of Crewe.

Video 218: Terry Sherratt of Crewe.

Video 219: John Byng of Portsmouth.

Video 220: Roy & Stewart Waters of Salisbury.

Video 221: Mr. & Mrs. Phil Dunstall of Taplow.

Video 222: Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Dodd of Taunton.

Video 223: Lappage & Hallam of Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Video 224: Steve Lubelski of Mansfield.

Video 225: Ron Vardy of Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Video 226: Keith Morgan of Worksop.

Video 227: Joss Mee of Mansfield.

Video 228: Hovell & Roberts of Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Video 229: Merryweather & Laidlaw of Shildon.

Video 230: Tray, sons & Lynas of Co. Durham.

Video 231: Knighton, Shoulder, Rhine & Roe of Co. Durham.

Video 232: Dent & Linsley of Cockfield Fell.

Video 233: Barbara Matthews of Co. Durham.

Video 234: Ian & Marie Johnson: Secretaries of the North Road Championship Club.

Video 235: George Dobb of Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Video 236: Mell Weller of Norwich.

Video 237: Eric Yule of Aberdeen.

Video 238: George Brownlie of Carluke.

Video 239: Norman McCulloch of Dalbeattie.

Video 240: George Rankin of Glasgow.

Video 241: Bobby Carruthers of Bonnyrigg.

Video 242: Gunn & Cherrie of Roslin.

Video 243: Richie Stephenson of Great Ayton.

Video 244: Kevin Locker of Loftus.

Video 245: Colin Allison of Redcar.

Video 246: Wright & Lowe of Brotton.

Video 247: Terry Callan of Brotton.

Video 248: Carolyn & Geoff Brundle of Skinningrove.

Video 249: The Best of Eric Cannon & Brian Denney.

Video 250: The Best of Keith & Betty Mott of Claygate.

Video 251: Steve Howard of Guildford: 1st Combine Bordeaux winner footage.

Video 252: Pat McKeown of North London.

Video 253: Carl Upsall of Boston.

Video 254: Sid & Kitty Reeves of Derbyshire.

Video 255: Oliver Roberts of Molesey.

Video 256: General Fishing: Pike / Carp / Perch (Terry Graham).

Video 257: Lawrence Bewsey of Hinchley Wood: Koi Carp.

Video 258: Runner Beans: Mott Family Fun Film.

Video 259: The Haley Family of Watford: Family Fun Film.

Video 260: NEHU Offices / Swainston Pigeon Corns.

Video 261: John Stott & son of the UNC.

Video 262: Vince Whittaker of the UNC.

Video 263: Vincent & Robinson of the UNC.

Video 264: Jim McCarthy & son of the UNC.

Video 265: Verrill & Armstrong of Staithes.

Video 266: Scurr & Parry of Cumbria.

Video 267: Mossop & Moore of Cumbria.

Video 268: Frank Stanley of Portsmouth.

Video 269: Mike Armitage of Ash.

Video 270: John & Darren May of Worcester Park.

Video 271: NFC Pau Grand National marking at Reading 1995: John Goodwin / Mike Shepherd.

Video 272: Ponderosa UK Stud at Weymouth 1995.

Video 273: The ‘RP’ Capital Show in London 1996.

Video 274: Vince & Sue Durrant of Godalming.

Video 275: Eric Pearson of Godalming.

Video 276: Paul & Arthur Bridgewater of Godalming.

Video 277: Tony Theodorou of Richmond.

Video 278: Peter Lovell of Shaftesbury.

Video 279: Bill Wylie of Exeter.

Video 280: Derek Human of Alton.

Video 281: Eddie Upton of Newbury.

Video 282: Mr. & Mrs. Walker of Reading.

Video 283: Brian Clayburn of Pontefract (Part One).

Video 284: Brian Clayburn of Pontefract (Part Two).

Video 285: Tumley Lofts Stud of Dartmoor.

Video 286: Vince Ransome of Redcar: Up North Combine.

Video 287: Trevor Rowland of Sunderland.

Video 288: Ken Mitchell & son of Redcar.

Video 289: Hopton & Stephenson of the WDA.

Video 290: Pincher & Barnes of the WDA.

Video 291: Ponderosa & Greenfields Stud in Holland.

Video 292: NRCC Lerwick marking at Grantham 1996.

Video 293: Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Edwards of Skegness.

Video 294: Mr. & Mrs. Ray Skillcorn of Doncaster.

Video 295: Brian Stone / ‘Econolofts’ of Ripley.

Video 296: Terry Whitting of Norwich.

Video 297: ‘Doodles’ Lambert of Norwich.

Video 298: Andrew McMorrine of Carlisle.

Video 299: Anthony Carrigan of Carlisle.

Video 300: Ellwood & Little of Scotland.

Video 301: Morrice Deplexcito of Scotland.

Video 302: Ken Melvin of Scotland.

Video 303: Bob Wilson of Scotland.

Video 304: Robert Nisbet of Scotland.

Video 305: C. Lycett & son of Rugeley.

Video 306: Ken Briggs of the Midlands.

Video 307: Alan Monk of the Midlands.

Video 308: Mr. & Mrs. Gregory of the Midlands.

Video 309: Johnson, Wilson & son of Hull.

Video 310: Leicester Racecourse Pigeon Liberations 1996.

Video 311: Peter Smith of Burgh Le Marsh: 1st open NRCC Perth.

Video 312: Steve Carder of Sheffield.

Video 313: Birch & Booth of Chesterfield: Visit to the corn shop and lofts.

Video 314: John Dowd of Derby.

Video 315: Ralph Jepson of Underwood.

Video 316: John Mason of Babworth.

Video 317: Barry McNicholas of Sheffield.

Video 318: Tom McGoldrick of Nottingham.

Video 319: Adrian Duggins of Darly Dale.

Video 320: Ian Axe of Owston Ferry.

Video 321: Tom Williams of Orpington: 3rd open NFC Tarbes winner.

Video 322: Tom Williams of Orpington: Photo Show.

Video 323: Richard Kent of Walton-on-Thames: Three Borders Federation winner.

Video 324: Mick & Lorna Dickenson of Hamel Hempstead. 1st UBI Combine winners.

Video 325: Chitty Brothers of Kings Langley: 1st UBI Combine / 1st open L&SECC winners.

Video 326: Jeff & Sherry Poole of Kings Langley: 1st UBI Combine winners.

Video 327: Terry Haley of Abbots Langley: Five times 1st Combine winner.

Video 328: Charlie Riley of Blandford Forum: 1st open NFC winner.

Video 329: Tony Swain of Dorchester: 1st open CSCFC winner.

Video 330: Great Fanciers, Wonderful Pigeons: Pigeon montage photo show.

Video 331: Ponderosa UK Stud of Weymouth 2016.

Video 332: Albert & Jan Deacon of Waterlooville.

Video 333: Great Fanciers, Wonderful Pigeons No.2: Pigeon montage photo show.

Video 334: Keith & Betty Mott of Claygate: Pigeon pairings for 2017.

Video 335: Mike & Theresa Horner of Alton: Show Racers.

Video 336: Southern Counties SR Society Trophy Show 2016: ‘Supreme Champion’ Colin Reynolds.

Video 337: South West SR Society Open Show 2016: ‘Supreme Champion’ Jill & David Fisher.

Video 338: John & Pam Robilliard of Bodmin: Show Racers.

Video 339: Peter Wells of Dunstable: 1st Combine winner.

Video 340: Gary Wood of Ruislip: 1st UBI Combine winner.

Video 341: Vince & Sue Durrant of Godalming: 1st Amalgamation / 1st L&SECC winner.

Video 342: Great Fanciers, Wonderful Pigeons No.3: Pigeon montages photo show.

Video 343: Mick Tuck of Witley: 1st Combine winner.

Video 344: London & South East Classic Club winners: Pigeon montage photo show.

Video 345: Paul Stowell of Basingstoke: 1st Combine / 1st open BBC winner.

Video 346: Mick & Lyn Chaplin of Woking: 1st Combine / 1st open L&SECC winner.

Video 347: Mick & Lyn Chaplin of Woking: Photo Show.

Video 348: ‘Pigeon Talk’ with Mark Bulled & Terry Haley.

Video 349: Mark Bulled of Harlow: Photo Show.

Video 350: Mark Bulled of Harlow: 1st Combine / 1st open BICC / 1st open NFC Tarbes.

Video 351: Great Fanciers, Wonderful Pigeons No.4: Pigeon montage photo show.

Video 352: ‘The Bull System’ with Alwyn Hill.

Video 353: Keith Mott ‘The Band Years’ 1961 – 1975: Photo Show.

Video 354: ‘The Impalas’ at the Swan PH Kingston: Photo Show.

Video 355: ‘The Impalas’ 1967 – 1975: Old Band Photos.

Video 356: Hathaway & Poole of Egham: Photos Show.

Video 357: Hathaway & Poole of Egham: 1st Combine winners.

Video 358: ‘Pigeon Talk’ with Les Kidd & Gary Frewin.

Video 359: Gary Frewin of New Milton: 1st open CSCFC winner.

Video 360: Great Fanciers, Wonderful Pigeons No.5: Pigeon montage photo show.

Video 361: John & Alice Bell of Catrine: Show Racers.

Video 362: Colin & Jean Carter of Churchdown: Show Racers.

Video 363: Norman Perry of Port Talbot: Show Racers.

Video 364: Ron McCarthy of Rhymney (Part 2): Show Racers.

Video 365: Mike & Theresa Horner of Alton (Part 2): Show Racers.

Video 366: John & Pam Robilliard of Bodmin (Part 2): Show Racers.

Video 367: Terry Haley of Watford (Part 2): 1st Combine twice in 2017.

Video 368: Godalming RPC Open Show 2017: Look at the club’s champion racers of 2017.

Video 369: Spelthorne RPC Open Show 2017: Look at the club’s champion racers of 2017.

Video 370: Keith & Betty Mott of Claygate: Pigeon pairings for 2018.

Video 371: RPRA Southern Region Show 2017: John & Alice Bell won ‘Supreme Champion’.

Video 372: ‘Pigeon Talk’ with John & Alice Bell of Catrine.

Video 373: The ‘Lion Brewery’ Open Show 2017: Russell & Liz O’Cuneff won ‘Best in Show’.

Video 374: Mike & Lyndsey Armitage of Ash: 1st open BICC, 1st open L&SECC, 1st Amalgamation.

Video 375: ‘Pigeons in War’: A talk with Mike Armitage.

Video 376: ‘Pigeon Talk’ with Paul Johnson & Chris Greenwood of Hull.

Video 377: Paul & Helen Johnson of Hull: Champion Federation racers.

Video 378: Great Fanciers, Wonderful Pigeons No.6: Pigeon montage photo Show.

Video 379: Steve & Tessa Howard of Guildford: 2nd open BICC Poitiers National 2018.

Video 380: Bill Young of Old Woking: Pigeon photo show.

Video 381: Racing Pigeon Breeding Studs: Pigeon photo show.

Video 382: David Coulter of Northern Ireland: 2nd open NIPA St. Malo National 2018:

Video 383: Keith & Betty Mott of Claygate (Part 2): Featuring Jan Olav Thrana & Peter Obertelli.

Video 384: Keith & Betty Mott of Claygate (Part 1): ‘Rabbit Hutch’ loft / Original EC & BD breeders

Video 385: Steve & Annett Appleby of Ash: 1st Three Borders Federation 2018.

Video 386: Russell Ayres of Ash: 1st Three Borders Federation2018.

Video 387: Russell Ayres of Ash: Pigeon photo show.

Video 388: “Superstars”: Pigeon montage photo show (Specials).

Video 389: Crammond & Langstaff of Fontwell: 1st open NFC / 1st open BICC / 1st open L&SECC.

Video 390: Crammond & Langstaff of Fontwell: Features Peter Obertelli & Clive Turner.

Video 391: “The Most Beautiful Pigeons in the World”: Show Racer photo show.

Video 392: RPRA Southern Region Show 2018: John & Alice Bell won ‘Supreme Champion’.

Video 393: The ‘Lion Brewery’ Open Show 2018: Clive Turner won ‘Best in Show’.

Video 394: “The Magic of the Long Distance” (Part 1): Pau & Tarbes races: Cullum Edmiston / Gordon Robinson / Geoff Gilbert / Darran McFadden.

Video 395: “The Magic of the Long Distance” (Part 2): Pau & Tarbes race: Colin Crick / Ron Wasey.

Video 396: ‘May Pigeons’ of Chichester: 14 times 1st Federation in 2018.

Video 397: Great Fanciers, Wonderful Pigeons No.7: Pigeon montage photo show.

Video 398: Keith & Betty Mott of Claygate: Pigeon pairings for 2019.

Video 399: Les Stevens of Lower Halstow: Pigeon photo show.

Video 400: Racing Pigeon Liberations in France: Tours and Nantes (30,000 birds Dutch National).

Video 401: Pigeons, Keith and the Media: Photo show of media appearances.

Video 402: John Tyerman of Bracklesham Bay: Tribute to the late John Tyerman.

Video 403: The Most Beautiful Pigeons In The World: Photo show of Show Racers.

Video 404: Esher & District RPC: Photo show.

Video 405: ‘Champions of Yester Year’: Vintage pigeon montage photo show.

Video 406: Clive Turner of Capel: Footage of Clive at his loft and at ‘Lion Brewery’.

Video 407: Rod & Angela Berry of New Milton: Footage of Rod at his loft.

Video 408: ‘Champions of Yester Year’ (Part 2): Vintage pigeon montage photo show.

Video 409: RPRA Southern Region Show: History photo show.

Video 410: National Pigeon Shows: History photo show.

Video 411: Cornwall ‘Duchy’ Show: History photo show.

Video 412: C.H.A.S.E. Charity Show: History photo show.

Video 413: BHW Blackpool Show: History photo show.

Video 414: Keith & Betty Mott of Claygate: Pigeon pairings for 2020.

Video 415: Pigeon Loft Visits In Scotland: Pigeon photo show.

Video 416: ‘Special’ Loft Visits Over The Last 50 Years: Pigeon photo show.

Video 417: ‘Champions of Yester Year’ (Part 3): Vintage pigeon montage photo show.

Video 418: Pigeon Loft Visits In Belgium & Holland: Photo show includes: Schoors & De Waele, Ronald Heesen and Hans Eijerkamp.

Video 419: A tribute to Tony Claiden of ‘The Impalas’ rock band.

Video 420: Brian Denney “The Full Monty’ Photo Show.

Video 421: Eric Cannon “The Full Monty” Photo Show.

Video 422: Terry Haley “The Full Monty” Photo Show.

Video 423: Hathaway & Poole “The Full Monty” Photo Show.

Video 424: Ced & Clive Allwright “The Full Monty” Photo Show.

Video 425: John & Alice Bell “The Full Monty” Photo Show.

Video 426: Dean Jenkyn of Chertsey.

Video 427: Colin Crick of Stevenage.

Video 428: John McGee of Worthing.

Video 429: Darran McFadden of Godalming.

Video 430: Ray Duffield of Croydon.

Video 431: Fred Johnson of Brighton.

Video 432: John Haynes of Slough.

Video 433: Vic Emberson of Banstead.

Video 434: Ray & Kathy Osgood of Windsor.

Video 435: Gordon Robinson of Dunstable.

Video 436: Khan Brothers of Kingston.

Video 437: Mike Armitage of Ash.

Video 438: Ian & Carol James of Worthing.

Video 439: Vic Emberson of Banstead.

Video 440: Geoff & Mark Gilbert of Windsor.

Video 441: “Two of the Best” of 1997: Steve Tote / Ray Patton.

Video 442: “Two of the Best” of 2001: Norman Middleton / Lewis Welsh.

Video 443: “Two of the Best” of 1998: Doug Mitchell / Tom Cummings.

Video 444: Hagilouka & Couch of Feltham: Looking at Ch. ”Miss Consistent”.

Video 445: A visit to Catterall pigeon transport yard in Blackpool.

Video 446: “Two of the Best” of 1998: Tony Fletcher / John Edwards.

Video 447: “Two of the Best” of 2002: John & Mark Adcock / Derek Squire.

Video 448: ‘Pigeon Talk”: Ronnie Wasey / Ron Ball (The Two Ronnies).