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Thoughtsonthepastseason 05-09-19

Thoughts on the past season by Les J Parkinson



Although I no longer have pigeon’s myself, I still talk to fanciers on more or less a daily basis and get to know what’s happening in many lofts. You can bet your life that if one is having problems then others are also going to be in the same position. There are always “the have” and “the have not’s” those who are having problems in the loft and those who are not.  



I talk to a couple of fanciers on a regular basis and they have both been pulling their hair out for week’s because their pigeons are not performing as they would like them too. One has the pigeons looking in top form, but they are not performing on the road, he started the season being within a few minutes of the winners and considering the size of his set up and numbers kept was, in my opinion flying a good pigeon. But as the races progressed, they went further behind and he became disheartened.



Through our conversations I gather the pigeons were healthy, he had them tested in Colchester and the reports were good, a slight problem that would not stop the pigeons but nothing major and that was soon cleared up. He was only racing a handful of pigeons to a small loft so kept the same pigeons on the go. Probably through inexperience he had not picked up on them needing a rest for a couple of days in the early part of the week. Through inexperience many fanciers push their pigeons too hard when they could probably do with a break. This is something that we have all done it at some time or another because we want to keep racing the pigeons.



I would suspect that next year when he has the new loft that he promised himself, and a few more birds he will be in a better position to build up a team as long as he is patient with the young birds. This is where some fanciers never get a team of old birds together because they push the young birds too far too early on and then never have enough to build a team for the old bird season.



The other fancier is of long standing and knows what the game is all about but cannot get his birds to the top of the list. He has his pigeons tested on a more than regular basis and they are nearly always in good health and no problems. The only thing that I can put his lack of consistency near the top is because there is a problem within the lofts. He has spent a lot of money on testing, to find next to nothing, they have been trained and they are looking a picture of health. With that in mind the only other reason that comes to mind why they are not right is the loft ????????.



I have watched and spoken too other fanciers who are the opposite, their pigeons are in good health, they never have them tested and are winning or in the prizes nearly every week.



Pigeon racing is a funny old game, you never know when you are doing the right thing, even when they are winning, because at some point they will fall behind and leave you scratching your head.



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