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Thoughtson Cholet 16-06-19


Thoughts on Entries by Les J Parkinson



Over the years there has always a lot been said about the number of pigeons entered into the races by any individual racing loft. I have been one to write about this subject but, I feel I have done it in a positive way. I was always told in my early days of racing pigeons to remember; number’s pay the prize money and just because someone sends a lot it doesn’t mean they are going to win everything.



I was once asked how many racing pigeons I kept; at the time I only had a small team of 9prs. In fact, one of the best seasons I ever had I only raced 6 cocks in 2 x 8ft sections, this was the only year I ever flew the widowhood system properly. That year I only sent 1/2 to channel races and they were all in the prizes, mind you with only 6 cocks to enter I couldn’t do much else. My preference is the longer races and the hens were always reliable, so I preferred either the roundabout or mostly the natural system. The best season I ever had in the club, when Middlewich was a big club, they were raced on the natural system.



What has prompted me to get on this subject, well it is the latest National race from Cholet. I have always been a fan of the National because years ago that’s where I set my sights on racing. A club that should be the premier racing club in the country. That was the time when they had over 6,000 members and sending in excess of 10,000 to some races. That was the big attraction to me, big numbers with lots of members, how times have changed.



Let’s get back to my point, numbers sent. I was looking through the Cholet result and was surprised at how many fanciers sent less than a handful of pigeons and were well up in the result. Fanciers entering 1 2 3 - 4, these are fanciers who must put a lot of time into the preparation of a few, fanciers who have confidence in their birds.



The early fanciers who stood out sending only 1 in the Cholet race were;


Richard Haddon 3rd Section K 83rd Open 444mls


Crehan & O’Connor 3rd Section L 89th Open 446mls


Mr & Mrs Nigel Shaw 16th Section J 106th Open 420mls. What is probably more satisfying with this result is, it is a broken pigeon because they only moved to a new house as the racing season started.



There were a few others sending only one, the fanciers above were racing in excess of 400mls.



Others entering only one and clocking with distances from 260 to over 400mls are;


C Hallett of Portsmouth


Baron & Crick at Hitchen


K Allman over at Castleford


G D Hancock from Devizes


C Lavis at Exeter


M Gorka at Tarleton


Bartlett & Jones in Southampton


M Johnson of Southsea


D M W Yates at Southampton


As mentioned, there were many others sending less than a handful.



Well done to all the winners in what for some was a trying day, which is highlighted with the drop in velocities from the winner on 1790ypm to 731ypm, there were quite a few below 1000ypm and I don’t think they are bad pigeons, probably come out and win before the season has finished. Like everything in life your turn will come if you try hard enough and keep entering.


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