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Thoughtsand Questions 31-05-19


Thoughts & Questions with Les. J Parkinson


Over the years I have had many questions come my way and I have done my best to answer them. If you have any questions (Pigeons related) send them along and I can see what I can do. Not saying that they will be to your satisfaction, but I can have a go.


“Hi Les,


Just a thought, would it be possible for you to put your thoughts, perhaps a series of your thoughts? targeted to a maybe a new starter, or in my case, a potential 'old' new starter?


Covering various aspects of the current sport, joining a club, buying stock, loft design, training, racing methods, healthcare etc. from your own experiences combined with those methods that you have encountered on your many loft visits. 


The sport has changed so much for even older ex-fanciers I feel it's daunting and no wonder the great sport is, sadly, shrinking. 


For example, times have changed so much that I don't even know if I need council or neighbour permission these days to erect a loft and/or keep pigeons, and if so, how many?











I have just read your latest article "Thoughts" but was disappointed that in Para 4 when you mentioned that the birds would not clear from a toss  and the fancier concerned was given advice by a local fancier as to the reason why but you did not enlighten us as to what advice was given!!


I enjoy your articles - keep up the good work.


The last race we had was from Brindisi on the heel of Italy. Out of 2700 only 35 got back on the day. The weather was fine all the way with good visibility a light Northerly wind for the first half of the race turning light Southerly (10 knots or less) for the second half. All the birds were very experienced.


Liberated at 0715, first bird back was at 1600 hours doing approx. 48 mph!! So where were all the others? I think the Northerly wind lulled them into a false sense of security and they set out moving fast but when the wind turned Southerly the majority would have been on autopilot and kept going. What I fail to understand is that on good days with a tail wind and good visibility good birds get lost even from short races. Now with Malta's position you would think that as soon as the birds saw a speck of land completely surrounded by sea for as far as the eye can see then they would gravitate towards it, but this does not seem to be the case. In fact, in these circumstances it seems that some of the best racers with numerous positions to their credit are the ones usually lost!!



Regards. Robert R”


This was all down to the weather when the wind was coming off the lake from the east and when it does the pigeons do not head off in the right direction. He went on to say that a very light mist, which you can hardly see appears to hang over the lake in an East wind but in no other wind. You can liberate in any other wind and they are off straight away.




I have already started with a few and more in the pipeline.


Please note that any questions must be on email, no texts or whatsapp etc. email only.






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