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Les Parkinson's News, Report and Articles - 21/04/20




Congratulations to Adie McCormack on winning the Galway Classic where the first 16 birds were only separated by 52 seconds. It was rather an odd race when you look at it because after the first drop of 16 there was a gap of 9mins to the next pigeon. Then they were coming in small numbers and only a further 21 pigeons in the next 36mins with only 74 of the 132 basketed on the day or it could be registered on the site. I was pleased with all our three in the final making it on the day with the first being on the clock less then a minute behind the winner.


Not one of my favourite sites to visit but I decided to try it as a means of communication with pigeon fanciers around the world. Did it work, yes it did but you have to use the system right and stick to what your intentions were when you joined it. In my case it was purely for pigeon fanciers and that is what I was looking at and yes there were an assortment of fanciers using the system. I soon made friends with pigeon fanciers from around the world and there were a lot more who sent requests to be a friend but because there was no real indication whether they were pigeon fanciers or not I did not confirm all who requested being a friend. As I said I had communications from around the world so there is a case for spreading the word as far away as you want but again I do stress you need to stick to the good intentions that the facility was set up for in the first place. I was rather surprised at some of the people who are on there in the first place and unfortunately I did not have the time to spend on the site to get the best out of it. Most of the communications are done at night when people have finished but in my case I try not to spend too much time on the PC in the evening because I have spent a good chunk of my day in the office to start with. No doubt if I had sent out enough request I could have gathered a whole series of articles on fanciers from around the world. However I did try with one and received the following from Arnaud Provost. “I play the widowhood system with my cocks and my females in its own juices. I like to play middle-distance. My “Haughtiness Ecaillé” which is a 3 year old chequer cock classified this year on all competitions of half bottom and bottom which arePeronne 479kms 32 /3307, Hazebrouk 551kms 147/2722,Gand 616kms 148/1812,anvers 676kms 178/1158 and Amsterdam 783kms le 01/08/09” I could no doubt of had further mail with Arnaud but this was a minor project to see what others are doing with their time. I did not go into it into detail but I am assuming that when Arnaud refers to “Bottom” I take it that they are the longer races from the distance covered. It did not taker long to get requests for friends in the pigeon world so if you join a photo of your loft or good pigeons will soon bring them in. An individual personal photo, or in fact as many photos as you like can be added to your photo gallery at a later date. I was most pleased to have a communication from one of our friends in Malta Carlo Micalef who we have seen on several occasions. We would like to go back to Malta but time is something we do not appear to have too much of nowadays. Nevertheless it was nice to hear from Carlo (seep photo) and find out how his family are getting on with their racing. Carlo now races at the other end of the island so he is no doubt in competition with his young brother Deano who races with his father Freddie. We also come into contact with our very good friends the Rigole family so there is a good source worldwide. These sites can take up a lot of your time and unfortunately I do not have it so after my initial research I deactivated my membership.

Carlo Micalef of Malta

Arnaud Provost loft

“Haughtiness Ecaillé”

Arnaud Provost Blue Pied Cock

Logo    Europa Classic

I have been watching the birds in the Europa Classic very carefully and after seeing the way the series has gone I am considering changing my way of entering for next year. I say change because I have been watching the birds for sale and there are still some good birds available after the last race. The only problem is I have been watching a few that have been snapped up just before the penultimate race so missed out on those. Then as soon as the last race was over they were going off the BFS list quite quickly. I think Derek has proved that he does run a tight ship and has a healthy team of pigeons at all times. The biggest problem with one-loft races is keeping the birds healthy because if they are not then you lose big numbers and that is what happens to most of them. It is easy to make mistakes and when you do the youngsters are gone and it is not always down to the birds themselves. It is always easy to say it is the birds but I am afraid that is the easy option and unfortunately not the correct one to take. This has been the case in many one-loft races throughout Europe this year not just here in the UK over 90% have suffered serious losses. This is what will knock one-loft races back the heavy losses after fanciers have paid their hard earned cash to enter in the first place.  

Here is the loft manager’s report for the last Hot Spot race. “Once again the remaining 759 birds were loaded on to our Geraldy transporter at 8pm Wednesday. This was one day early due to the weather forecast the wagon was then parked up at the loft until 02-30hrs. That was the time the birds and me left for Brough 200miles for the final hotspot race of the year. It did not get light until 05-30 but it quickly turned into a very nice sunny morning with a moderate tail wind. However the forecast was good up to Leyland but north of that the forecast was for low cloud and mist that would not clear until late morning or early afternoon. By this time the temperature was forecast to reach up to 24 degrees possibly 80 Fahrenheit and sure enough as soon as I went passed Leyland the weather went down hill very quickly. After a phone call back to Lee at the loft who was on the Internet checking the weather sites and confirmed if I went to Brough we would not be able to liberate until the middle of the day by which time it was going to be too hot to expect a good race. So I turned the transporter around and drove back to Leyland arriving at 07-00 and liberating at 07-05 into clear blue skies and a tail wind.

The smaller than usual crowd even though it did include flyers from as far away as Manchester and North Wales were waiting for the birds at the loft. All thought it would be a fast race and a couple voiced their disappointment at it not being the full 200 miles. Then just short of 3 hours on the wing a batch was sighted very high and dropping very fast sure enough here were the winners. There were about 100 of them landed right in front of the trap and all 100 of these were recorded on the unikon system in just 48 seconds! A dozen or so had been spooked by something and landed on the loft roof  and within seconds a Goss hawk was chasing these birds off the loft roof and around the field in some mad cap display for the fanciers watching. I am glad to say it was a not successful in killing any of our birds, which soon came back to the loft and sooner or later this unwanted visitor will go the same way as all our previous unwanted raptor guests! Anyway the second batch were soon followed by batch after batch with us getting 533 birds in less than 5 minutes and having 98% of the birds home on the day a truly great race result from 160 miles. Now onto the MAIN EVENT this weekend when a good crowd will gather as usual for a good day out. We can be confident of a good race with a full program of training completed where all the birds have been above a hundred and fifty miles twice. This has been a good season because we still have over 60% of the birds that we started with. This is an achievement we are proud of and one that all other one-loft races try to achieve but very few other than the Europa actually do year after year. Everything is well in hand for the big weekend and we still have a few spaces at the hotel for the weekend at £150 per person for the 2 nights and of course day visitor tickets at £15 each. We look forward to greeting you and entertaining you with a truly great event. There have been some fanciers who have told me of their concerns that we might have a bunch of 50 or more come together to win this race because the birds are in such great shape, and the fact that the main race is from Carlisle! Well firstly we have a good jump to split these birds then we have every chance of getting a head wind, which will surely split them. If they were not a couple of geed reasons then thirdly I have had the RPRA on the phone telling me we cannot go to Carlisle for a liberation because the site as this has been cancelled! So we must now go to either Hexham or Kelso, which are up to 285 miles! So don’t be concerned that these birds are not going to be tested this year because they will be! Just make sure that you are here to watch then race home in style. Best of luck to you all from the Europa team who are looking forward to meeting our friends this weekend for the year’s final race. If you see a few birds on the web site that are not yet spoken for as always you can call me on 07810 323827. To sum up the five successful hot spot races, I have enjoyed the series once again and am very pleased with the returns and we have met our target. For this reason I am looking forward to this weekend and I hope the winners is in attendance to see their entry come home to roost” Here are the pools and nominations for the 5th Hot spot race. A 34 x £2.00 = £68.00 minus 15% =  £57.80 = 1 @ 28.90 1 @ 17.34 & 1 @ 11.56. B 34 x £3.00 = £102.00 minus 15% = £86.70 = 1 @ 43.35, 1 @ 26.01 & 1 @ 17.34. C 31 x £5.00 = £155.00 minus 15% = £131.75 = 1@ 65.87 1@ 39.25 & 1 @ 26.35. D 18 x £10.00 = £180.00 minus 15% = £153.00 = 1 @ 76.50, 1 @ 45.90 & 1 @ 30.60. E 12 x £15.00 = £180.00 minus 15% = £153.00 = 1 @ 76.50, 1 @ 45.90 & 1 @ 30.60 F 16 x £5.00 = £80.00 minus 15% = 1 @ £68. G 10 x £10.00  = £100.00 minus 15% = 1 @ £85. Total pools and noms paid out £735.25. POOLS/NOMINATIONS WINNERS 5th HOTSPOT ARE AS FOLLOWS:- 42nd OWEN & HOGARTH WHU09D00508 ABC & £138.12. 63rd AQUAFLIGHT WHU09C06801 ABCF & £150.61. 106th AQUAFLIGHT WHU09C06802 ABC & £55.25. 110th DOUBLE Ds GB09J25702 DEG & £238.00. 131st BAMFORDS BIDDERS WHU09D04432 D & £45.90. 163rd WILLIAMS & LEIGHTON AU09FIAHAWAII777 DE & £76.50. 172nd POMPEY BOYS GB09N22049 E & £30.60. PRIZE WINNERS 5th HOTSPOT 1st CHILLYS HOMERS with WHU09S07824 £1000. 2nd GOODOLPHIN LOFTS with GB09E22679 £750. 3rd BOB FENECH with NWHU09E3801 £500. 4th LIME KILN LADS with NWHU09 E3808 £250. 5th DARLO DREAMERS with GB09D07621 £200. 6th MURPHY & SPARKY with GB09Z58448 £200. 7th SINCO 666 with SU09AB1293 £100. 8th BFS TUMLEY LOFTS with GB09L03138. 9th COONEYS GANG SYND with BELG09-6333808 £100. 10th HERONSTONE LADS with GB09D19753 £75. 11th ARTHUR & CAROL with GB 09N19788 £75. 8th PRIZE NON ACTIVATED PIGEON PRIZE MONEY GOES TO 11th POSITION CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PRIZE WINNERS.

Club/Fed News

Result for Crewe West End when 16 members sent 294 birds to Swainswick to be liberated at 10.10 in a strong South West wind Mr & Mrs Stuart Hart sent 17 fed extras that recorded the highest vel of 1924ypm for the birds marked at the West End. The club race went to Mr & Mrs Richard A Young whose winner clocked up 1908.3ypm. a very close 2nd are Mick & Wendy Mellor on 1908.1ypm with 3rd going to J Clarke on 1906ypm followed by Rob Bennett whose first bird recorded a vel of 1902ypm. This week’s nom of £21goes to A Williams. The Mid Cheshire fed race from Mangotsfield saw 88 members sending 1527 birds that were liberated at 9am with no wind. I was talking to Anthony Evans who takes the birds and he is pleased with the way the numbers are holding up giving the members of the fed good racing. This weeks top spot plus 3rd go to Eric Taylor with the Sandbach club who has been a prominent young bird flyer for many years, having said that he doesn’t do too bad with the old birds. I did hear a story from a fancier who was saying that he was getting up early in the morning to take his birds and no matter what Eric was always on his way back up the M6. That reminds me of the days when the likes of Denis Gleave and Brian Beardmore used to do the same sadly both are no longer with us. As the saying goes “The early bird catches the worm”. Let’s get back to the result where Wayne & Roy Beverley came home 2nd & 12th ahead of Bill Whisker who is getting into his own comfort zone of the longer young bird races. Bill finished 4th with the Middlewich FC but was also 5th 21st & 23rd with his Sandbach entries. 6th goes to Alan Woodcock followed by Rudheath winner Ian Cooper who is also 16th. Bob Hall comes in at 8th & 13th while Bagnall & Antrobus are 9th just one yard ahead of Earlstown winners Flint & Hodkinson who were also 15th & 24th. 11th goes to Tommy Hulme & Son while Crewe Premier winners Dave & Baz Mellor are 14th I hear Dave has not been too well of late we wish him all the best. Dixon & Thomas are 17th ahead of Mark & Heather Smith 18th, G Smith 19th, David & Craig Wilkinson 20th, Alan Groom 22nd, H & S Jolley 25th, Derek Woodward 26th. Royal Wires winner Bill Mather is 27th, followed by Mr & Mrs Geoff Mathews, O’Hare & Woodward and Geoff Hanagan who are the last four on this weeks result. Club winners not making the fed result this week in their respective clubs are Fletcher & Gobin racing at Acton Bridge, Harry Vernon at Moulton, P Birtles from Weaverham and Dave Dickenson with the Winsford club. it is always interesting to see the fed results because clubs do have their ups and downs during the season. The Kempsey birds were liberated at 112.15 for their journey home to the members of the Lymm FC. This week the red card goes to Derek Woodward with a blue cock on 1813ypm and is bred from the Golden Gabby lines. Derek also takes 4th with a blue hen that is a granddaughter of the Dutch Master bred by Marijke Vink from Tips and Geschelte Vannibaaij full brother to Drum with a vel of 1725ypm. 2nd & 3rd go to Ian Holmes recording vels of 1808/1806ypm with a blue hen off John Corris and a blue Janssen cock. The Rudheath WMFC race from Mangotsfield saw Ian Cooper come home 1st & 4th with two Busschaert blue hens on 1886/1868ypm. Bob Hall is 2nd after seeing home a chequer Janssen cock on 1883ypm while 4th goes to Jimmy Smith with a chequer Janssen hen on 1869ypm. Poynton RBLHS. 9 members sent 142 birds to the first YB race from Windrush approx 110 miles. D & G Brown took the red card vel 1296 with a Janssen/Van De Weyer. Mike Webb was second Club vel 1274 with a Lefebre Dhaenen, Ken Johnson took 3rd spot vel 1267 with a Brasspenning and Pete Stanway was 4th with a Wimy Moens via Mark Evans. The North Section of the Fed had a separate liberation for this race. The afore mentioned fanciers finished 3rd, 6th, 7th & 8th in that section.  At the second race from Windrush 11 members sent 203 birds. Geoff Townley won with a van Reet vel 1444 this bird was also 13th Fed 139 sent 2680 birds. Mike Webb took the next three positions with his Lefebre Dhaenens vels 1427,1426 & 1412. Poyntons 3rd YB race was from Hullavington approx 130 miles with 9 members sending 167 birds. Pete Stanway took the first three positions vels 1517,1515.9 & 1515.7 with van Reet based birds. Richard Given was 4th vel 1498 with one of his Cash Machine pigeons. These Poynton birds were 6th, 8th, 9th &16th Fed 156 sent 2949 birds. News from the Royal Wires is the birds were at Mangotsfield to be liberated at 9.05 in a southerly wind. 1st goes to Geoff Hanagan with a blue hen that has been coming in the first bunch on most weekends. She paired to a young cock and two eggs were slipped under them and they did the job finishing on 1862ypm and was bred from a Walter Docx cock crossed with a hen from Trevor Roebuck of Rawmarsh yorks. Don Risley takes the next two positions with the first home being a blue Lindelauf/Van De Zwart hen. Don then clocked a chequer Van De Zwart/Carrera cock to record vels of 1841/1829ypm. Bill Mather was 4th on 1824ypm with a Blue cock while the nom goes to Paul Seed.

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