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 4th June 2020

I am often asked about keeping the local fanciers up to date so I am now going to do just a few local notes whenever they are appropriate with the latest that is going on in the area. This might be a mostly daily section; we shall have to wait and see.

It is now Thursday 4th June and we are approaching the first race of the season after the coronavirus stopped us all in our tracks.

It’s typical after all this time waiting the best part of 2 months, we are a couple of days away from the first race and the weather has changed, we had a good April and May, then June arrives, and the rain comes down.

The first race for the Mid Cheshire Fed has the potential for a large send with an increase to 20-member clubs with 18 ready to send to this first race. It look’s like the fed are going to have in excess of 220 members for this season. As far as birdage goes, that we shall have to wait and see, it all depends on how many other clubs the members can compete in with other feds, some do like to have more than one race on the Saturday.

There are other clubs within the area where members can also send so that may reduce the possible end birdage figures. There are also other clubs whose fed, at the present moment, have not got a programme so what they are going to do is another matter. One thing is for sure they potentially have some of the bets competition in the area that they have had for some years.

The Mid Cheshire Fed has been bold by extending the boundaries which may need further changes because of the area covered.