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Just when we thought it was all systems go, the Mid Cheshire have cancelled their first race of the season and now go to Cheltenham on the 13th June for their opener.

I was talking to Geoff Bebbington who has been working hard to get his pigeons right for the BICC and wanted the racing to start asap. On Wednesday I was saying to him that the weather forecast for the weekend did not look good with predicted strong northerly winds and showers. To which he replied that was what he wanted as part of the preparation for his BICC entries. So, on Thursday evening when he called to say the first race had been cancelled, he was a little disappointed to say the least.

I was only going on the Wednesday forecast but the late weather on Thursday evening did show spaces for a liberation later on Saturday after lunch. The problem the officials have is, do they want to take chances at this early stage after the delays, I don’t think so.

I had a lengthy email but due to content will only use the following. “Hi Les, Your comments regarding training starting were absolutely spot  on, we were offered a free training toss  by the Amal from Ilkeston to us about 70 odd miles last Saturday, I am still waiting for half of them, one turned up dead in Oldham yesterday, corn will last longer. We will keep soldiering on it will get better who am I trying to convince!” Yes’ this was always going to happen to some fanciers who do not always have the facilities to get their birds down the road and jump them too early due to their own personal circumstances.