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Tuesday 9th June 11.15am

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Been a busy few days for some, I was talking to a fancier from the East about this seasons racing and he was telling me that it is thanks to Walkers Transport that some organisations are getting channel racing. I am told that this is all down to licences that are required to ship pigeons across the channel. It looks like the BICC are in for a bumper send which is expected after the delay and I hear that there have been some really full transporters for the first weekends racing. I did hear of a few tough races and a few empty boxes which can be expected, but it is early days.

I am now wondering how else the changes from Brexit are going to affect pigeon fanciers. I suspect that there are Terms & Conditions in place for quarantine of which I had heard there were rumours of happening, but i had not taken much notice of.

When I first started racing, all pigeons coming into the UK from the continent had a 3 week plus quarantine period but that was later relaxed. If that happens now there are probably going to be less imports from the continent because of the costs and the extra waiting times for pigeons. I think that might be good for pigeon racing in the UK because fanciers would start to build their own family based on their winners instead of introducing the latest fashion from the continent every year. The other thing that has crossed my mind is, how will the one loft races go on, each quarantine station has to be so far away from other pigeons. Then there is the added cost of Vet’s etc at the quarantine facility. So, unless they have plenty of land they would also have to go through the same procedure and by the time they came out of quarantine, which could be from a different area, they would be strong on the wing.


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What’s happening in the next few days, according to the Country file weather forecast for the week ahead. We have a mixed weather patten for most of the week. Well it looks as if the second weekends racing of the season being the 13th is going to be a tough one, one of those weekends with the wind east north east. Through experience over many years we all know that the pigeons are not in favour of having those cold North East winds on their nose.

I was talking to a fancier about this first weekend of racing which was a mixed bag all round. As we know everyone is not going to have their birds in top form, I suppose that all depends on how hard they have been trained.

Don’t know if there is anyone out there who can help with the following, if so drop me an email.

“Hi I used to race pigeons when I was a young teenager in the early to mid-80's and I suppose with all this covid 19 and staying at home the interest in the hobby seems to have got into me again. I’ve been tracing my past days in the sport and the fanciers I got to know my mentor at the time Neville Chamberlain Kettering North Road. Northants fed. I know it’s a near impossible task but I am trying to trace where and who I bought a pair of Dordins from in I think 1983/84 the cock bird was a blue cock called Hillside flint, I would say most definitely originally purchased from Jim Biss before me. The hen was a blue check unfortunately I have no ring numbers. This pair I bought as a pair for £150 which I saved up for from my many paper rounds. I’m sitting here looking at a 1991 Homing World Stud Book and theirs an add by The Stevenstone Stud which rings a bell regards to the pair of Dordins I had. I hope I’m not boring you, is the stud still going? I know it’s an age ago 35 years and as I’m finding out a lot of the guys and friends from then have passed. Any help or advice would be amazing thank you for your time. Regards DD”


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Sunday morning started off with rather dark skies’ but according to the weather forecast the day will improve and looking out the window now at 9.40am that looks like the case, but it is still raining.

No doubt there will be a few kicking themselves after cancelling yesterday’s race when most appeared to do well. There are always going to be those whose results falls short of their expectations, that happens on good racing days.

I was talking to “Bebbo” on Thursday morning saying that it looked good for a lunchtime lib on Saturday so was surprised when some didn’t go, and some cancelled altogether. I am told that some did mark Saturday for a Sunday race and having just seen the weather forecast “Sunday am” it is the same as it was for Saturday so lets hope the rain clears and they get a good race. The problem today is the wind has dropped so the rain clouds are not moving through as fast as they were yesterday, and it is coming down even harder, how long will it last, that’s another matter.



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Well, the first weekends raced was a mixed bag depending on where you lived of course. There were pigeons doing as much as 2000ypm which is an easy day’s work for those who managed to stop in time on their way home. Those who did not engage the brakes and overshot their home loft had a tough fly back. Flying back into a strong head wind takes a lot out of them.

As I sit here typing away it looks like some missed out by not going but that can happen in the best of times. “Bebbo” was saying that he has been giving his a few tosses flying home into good head winds because he wants to get them into the first BICC race which means from hard training into a channel race coming back into the North West. I have nothing against this happening because I have seen it work, good experienced pigeons do not need lots of land races into this part of the country to go straight into a 300ml channel race. If they are fit and healthy, they can do it, I do not always advise this but if you know your pigeons and they are reasonably experienced they can do it.

It is not much past 11am and the sky looks good, the washing is drying so it cannot be all that bad. The clouds have slowed down to what they were earlier but still moving at across the country.

Had a few calls about today’s racing or none racing whichever category you were in. Some feel they have missed out while others have said they had a mixed race which was expected after the long delay.