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        Where do we start this weeks write up? Should I continue with the doom and gloom that we all shared after the racing of the infamous weekend of 19th June. A date that will I'm sure remain in everyone's mind. Even as I sit here at my computer, I am still hearing of many missing birds up and down the country. One thing that must be said is the fact that pigeon fanciers the length and breadth of country are doing their best to repatriate lost birds. With carriage costs so high, it is very heart-warming to hear of fanciers all over the  country pulling together in many different ways to help out. Let's face it, the cost to get just two birds back could cost as much as £100. This could be the nail in the coffin for some fanciers with the cost of the sport rising year on year. I have been reading of many birds being reported by non fanciers with some dedicated fliers going out of their way to collect the birds and feed them up until fit enough to fly home. Other cases have shown birds reported at one end of the country being put on transporters to be released or collected at the other end of country. Well done to all fanciers who have put themselves out to help in any way they can. You are all a credit to the sport. Then of course we have , unfortunately, the other end of the spectrum. Fanciers getting birds reported by non fanciers and telling them they don't want the birds back. What on earth do they expect these people to do with them if they are too worn out to carry on? Shame on you! Luckily we have responsible people amongst us who go the extra mile to collect these birds and care for them until they are ready to fly home. Well done to you.

         Now let's get onto a more Savoury subject, and that is this weeks race. Our race point this week is from Holmesly a distance of between 107 miles and 124 miles depending where you live. Unsurprisingly, birdage was very low after last week’s disaster with some members sending low single figures. The big smiler at marking must have been Robbie Hume who decided not to send last week because of the weather. Good call Robbie, it paid off because he is the only member able to send a full team. Will his gamble pay off? We shall have to wait until the strike to find out. There was plenty of banter in the clubhouse with the majority giving it large and telling me that I will win because of the wind being in my favour. Utter twaddle, I believe it is their way of putting a curse on me. 

           The Friday night scratchcard was won by John Buckfield who very generously put his £20 winnings back into the kitty. He then went on to rob me of £10 on the crib board, the man has no shame! 

John Buckfield unlucky at crib 2cnd Super 6. 27 06 21
John Buckfield unlucky at crib, 2nd Super 6.

           Race day is here and what a cracking day, there can be no excuses this week for por returns. The main race birds were liberated at 09:15 with the Super 6 being released fifteen minutes later. There was no wind reported although at the home end there seemed to be a bit of South East.

             Reports were coming in of everyone having a great race with hundred percent returns in a good race. So congratulations go out to our advisor Robbie Wilton and convoyer Adrian English on a brilliant race, well done. 

             My prediction was that on present form, Robbie and Paula Hume would take the red card. Once again the bar was occupied by the members before we could get the results team, i.e. John Gladwin and John Cowlin, away from the bar and over to the computer and get to work.

           Meanwhile I did my rounds with the twice weekly scratch cards to raise some cash for the club. Saturdays winner of the £20 was Dave (jammy) Lammin who has won the dosh previously. Come on Dave, give somebody else a chance. So far, the presentation fund has raised just over £300 pounds. Well done to the members for digging in and taking part.

           Now onto the important bit, the results. Taking the red card this week is Micky Watts, one of our longer club fliers. Micky’s plan was to get this hen ready for the Channel races but it looks like that is put on the back burner. This four year old Gabby hen, who won 2cnd B.I.C.C. last year, took 2h 34m 28s to fly the 124m 1632yds recording 1423:427. She is flown on widowhood and fed Gerry Plus. 

Micky Watts celebrating 1st club 1st Super 6 27 06 21
Micky Watts celebrating 1st club 1st Super 6.

Taking 2cnd and 3rd spot is my winning prediction, laughing boy Robbie Hume. Both of Robbie’s birds are Leo Heremans and raced on widowhood. They are fed on Van Robeys. The first bird, a yearling chequer hen, took 2h 26m 18s to cover the 118m 446yds recording 1422:597 with the second bird, another chequer hen recording exactly the same velocity. Well done, let's hope we can get back to some normality after last week’s horrendous race.

Robbie Hume 2nd 3rd club 3rd Super 6 27 06 21
Robbie Hume 2nd 3rd club, 3rd Super 6

 The winners of the Super 6 were 1st Micky Watts, 2cnd John Buckfield 3rd Robbie Hume. Winner of this weeks £5s and £10s was John Gladwin.

John Theresa winners of 5s and 10s 27 06 21
John & Theresa winners of £5s and £10s

As a passing thought, I won my tenner back off J.B.

Good luck everyone, stay safe.

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