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Homers Odyssey 03/12/22


Homers Odyssey 03/12/22

Mid Antrim & Around Shows Update –

Rasharkin & District HPS held their annual Old Bird show on Saturday 19th November and the judges from Bushmills were Trevor Scott and Adrian Parke. The show was kindly sponsored by Henry McLaughlin Feeds and Fullans Eurospar in Rasharkin. The local loft of A C & T Tweed penned the Red Card winner in Old Bird Through wires and had Best OB overall, R & S Swann from Ballymena finished 1st & 2nd in the Old Bird handled. Old Birds T/W – 1st & Commended A C & T Tweed, 2nd, 4th & VHC W & W Gilbert, 3rd, Reserve & HC R & S Swann. Old Birds Handled – 1st, 2nd, Reserve & Commended R & S Swann, 3rd A C & T Tweed, 4th, VHC, & HC W & W Gilbert.

The Young Bird show for Rasharkin & Dist. was held on Saturday 26th November the judges were Henry Turkington from Kells and birthday boy Bertie Blair from Ballymena & District HPS. The local club had the Red Card winners in both classes, Steele & McNeill 1st in the Through Wires and A C & T Tweed successful in YB Handled.  Results: Young birds T/W - 1: Steele & McNeill, 2: R & S Swann, 3: R & S Swann, 4: A C & T Tweed, Res: R & S Swann, Vhc: W Gilbert, Hc: W Gilbert, Com: R & S Swann. Judged by Henry Turkington. Young birds Handled - 1: A C & T Tweed, 2: A C & T Tweed, 3: W Gilbert, 4: Steele & McNeill, es: D Magill, Vhc: S Crawford, HC: R & S Swann, Com: J & J Greer. Judged by B Blair. Best in Show: A C &T Tweed. Bos: A C & T Tweed. Best Young Bird : A C & T Tweed. Most points over show series: R & S Swann (Ballymena). Runner-up Most points over show series W & W Gilbert (Ballymena).

tweedbisjudges 05 12 22

Tommy Tweed Best in Show, BOS and Best Young Bird at Rasharkin & Dist. with judges Bertie Blair and Henry Turkington.

Swann Most Points 05 12 22

In the middle Darren Swann from Ballymena & Dist. had most points in the series at Rasharkin & District.

gilbertrupoints 05 12 22

Willie Gilbert centre from Ballymena & Dist. was runner-up for most points at Rasharkin & District.

The winners of Ballymoney HPS show held Friday 2nd December for old birds 3 in 1 a total of 102 birds - 1st eye sign John McConaghie, 1st TTW D&G McMullan, 1st Handling D&G McMullan, also Best in show D & G McMullan. Would like to say a big thank you to the 2 judges Adrain and Jason Parke (Windsor Social) for a job well done. Many thanks to Frazers Animal Feeds for sponsoring the show thank you. Results: Old Bird Eye-sign – 1st J McConaghie, 2nd & 3rd D & G McMullan, 4th & Reserve D & H Stuart, VHC, HC & Commended J McConaghie. Old Bird Handled – 1st D & G McMullan, 2nd & 3rd J McConaghie, 4th, Reserve, VHS, HC & Commended D & H Stuart. Old Bird T/W – 1st D & G McMullan, 2nd & 4rd J Connolly, 4th C Thompson, Reserve J Connolly, VHC, HC & Commended D & G McMullan.

derekjudges 05 12 22

Winners and judges at the Ballymoney HPS Old Bird Show from (l) Derek McMullan, Jason Parke, John McConaghie and Adrian Parke.

Ballymena & District H P S club show. Monday night 21st November held their 4th show. Old Hens Handled - 1st R and S Swann, 2nd R and S Swann, 3rd B Herbinson, 4th B Herbinson, Res R and S Swann, Vhc R and S Swann, Hc R and S Swann, C R and S Swann. Old Cocks handled - 1st R and S Swann, 2nd R and S Swann, 3rd R and S Swann, 4th R and S Swann, Res R and S Swann, Vhc R and S Swann, Hc B Herbinson, C B Herbinson. Well done to Reece and Scott Swann doing the double winning both classes. BIS over the two classes Reece and Scott Swann with the old cock winner. Thanks to the two judges Noel Higginson from Ballyclare and Robert Turkington from Doagh & District.

DarrenEAC judges 05 12 22    swannparke 05 12 22

Darren Swann winner in Ballymena with the judges from East Antrim Robert Turkington and Noel Higginson & Winner of both classes at Ballymena & Dist. HPS plus BIS Darren Swann with judges Jason Parke and Adrian Parke.

The last show in Ballymena was held Monday 28th November and observing the latest regulations from Daera put in place at lunchtime regarding Bird Flu. Judges from the Windsor Social travelled from Bushmills and Darren Swann collected the Red Card in both classed Old & Young Pairs judged through the wires. Old Pairs T/W – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Commended D Swann, 4th, Reserve, VHC and HC B Herbison. Young Pairs T/W – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, VHC, HC & Commended R & S Swann, Reserve B Herbison.

Broughshane & District – The latest show on Tuesday 22nd Nov was for Young Hens judged Through the Wires. Result: 1st, Reserve & VHC W & W Gilbert, 2nd A Barkley & Son, 3rd & 4th J & J Greer, HC Gregg Bros, Commended J Getty. Congratulations to Willie Gilbert (Ballymena) collecting the Red Card, and all the card winners. The club would like to thank Robert Alexander judge for the night, and thanks to everyone who continues to support the event each Tuesday evening.

Broughshane HPS pigeon shows update: Old Bird Eye sign - 1st.    A Barkley & Son, 2nd.   W Gilbert, 3rd.    J Getty, 4th.    W Gilbert, Res.   C Kennedy, Vhc.   C Kennedy, Hc.     A Barkley & Son, C. J & J Greer. Young Bird Eye sign - 1st.    J & J Greer, 2nd.  A Barkley & Son, 3rd.    A Barkley & Son, 4th.  J & J Greer, Res.  A Barkley & Son, Vhc.   W Gilbert, Hc.     M Gregg, C.   A Barkley & Son. Fancy - 1st.    D Swann, 2nd.   D Swann, 3rd.    W Gilbert, 4th.    D Swann, Res.   D Swann, Vhc.   J & J Greer, Hc.    D Swann, C. D Swann. Raffle M Gregg. Congratulations to our three class winners A Barkley & Son, J & J Greer and Darren Swann, plus all the other card winners on what was a busy night. The Club would like to thank the Judges B Blair and R Turkington and thank everyone for supporting the show with an amazing turnout of 127 Birds over the 3 classes. Next Tues 6th Dec is Old Bird mated pairs and Young Bird mated pairs.

Kells & District HPS Week 4. Week 4 of Kells & District Shows. Young Hens T/W – 1st W Gilbert, 2nd & HC J & J Greer, 3rd Blair & Rankin, 4th Gregg Bros, Reserve D & R Turkington, VHC V Montgomery, Commended D Magill. Raffle winner tonight was - D.Magill. Well done to W.Gilbert for taking first prize tonight. Well done to all the card winners this week. Big Thank you to judges this week Chris & Robin McIntyre (Cullybackey). Thank you again to everyone who continues to support the club. Next week we have - Mated Pairs - Young pairs and Old Pairs.

GilbertC R 05 12 22

Willie Gilbert the Red Card winner at Kells, with judges C & R McIntyre of Cullybackey.

Week 5 for Kells and District Show - This week was mated Pairs Old and Mated Pairs Young 38 old pairs tonight and 18 young pairs. Results: Mated Pairs Old - 1st - J&J Greer, 2nd - A Barkley & Son, 3rd - J&J Greer, 4th - J&J Greer, Res - J. Getty, V.H.C - A.Barkley & Son, H.C - J Getty, Com - W. Gilbert.  Mated Pairs Young - 1st - A.Barkley & Son, 2nd - J&J Greer, 3rd - J&J Greer, 4th - Blair & Rankin, Res - W.Gilbert, V.H.C - W.Gilbert, H.C - A Barkley & Son, Com - J&J Greer. Well done to A.Barkley and Son and J & J Greer for taking 1st in a class each. Well done to everyone else who carded tonight. Thank you as always to everybody who continues to support the club. Thank you to judges J.Smyth (Ahoghill) and H.Cubitt (Rasharkin) for coming along tonight to judge the show. Next week we have 3 classes - Old Bird Eye sign and Young Bird eye sign & Pieds

greercubsmyth 05 12 22

Jamie Greer with the winners of Old Pairs in Kells with judges Harold Cubitt and Jimmy Smyth.

barkcubsmyth 05 12 22

A Barkley & Son won the Young Pairs at Kells & District, included the Judges H Cubitt and J Smyth.

Cullybackey HPS held the 4th show in the series on Saturday 19th November, with old cocks handled and late breds handled. Another good turnout of members and birds with 77 old cocks and 32 late breds being penned. Old cocks handled (77 birds) - 1. A Darragh, 2. A Darragh, 3. N & S Anderson, 4. A Darragh, Res. J & J Greer, Vhc. J & J Greer, Hc. A Barkley & Son, C. A Barkley & Son. Late breds (32 birds) 1. J & J Greer, 2. A Darragh, 3. J & J Greer, 4. J & J Greer, Res. J & J Greer, Vhc. J & J Greer, Hc. J & J Greer, C. R Balmer. Best in Show: A Darragh. Raffle: A Darragh. Judges: Sam Crawford and Daniel Magill. Next week is old hens handled and fancy t/wires. Cullybackey will be holding their open show on Saturday 17th December 2022 with 3 in 1 Classes for both old birds and young Birds. All welcome.

Cullybackey HPS held their 5th show on Saturday 26th November 2022 with old hens handled and fancy t/wires, with 51 old hens and 55 fancy penned. Results:

Old hens handled - 1. J & J Greer, 2. J& J Greer, 3. A Darragh, 4. A Darragh, Res. A Barkley & son, Vhc. J & J Greer, Hc. J & J Greer, C. J & J Greer. Fancy - 1. J & J Greer, 2. J & J Greer, 3. W & W Gilbert, 4. A Darragh, Res. J & J Greer, Vhc. A Barkley & Son, Hc. J & J Greer, C. A Darragh. Best in show J & J Greer (Cullybackey).  Judges Robert Alexander (Ballymena) and John McConaghy (Ballymoney). Raffle winner A Darragh. Next week is Young Cocks and Young Hens handled. Open Show will be held on 17th December in Cullybackey clubroom with 3 in 1 for both old and young.

greerbis5th 05 12 22

Winner of two classes at Cullybackey J & J Greer with judges John McConaghie and Robert Alexander.

Edgarstown HPS 5th show Results: 1st R Bell & Sons, 2nd G&C Simmons, 3rd S&E Buckley, Res A Neill, VHC A&R Neil, HC T McClean, C T McClean. Best Grizzle D Love, Best Red Pied Mullen Bros. Well done Ronnie and Jason winning their third show with the same pigeon, second goes to G&C Simmons, with S&E Buckley rounding out the top three. Thank you the Eddie Murray for Judging the show. Next week’s show is an ALL YOUNG BIRD SHOW with specials for best Grizzle and Pencil Blue with R&J McCracken, D Love, O Forde and T&A Forde in charge.

judelutton 05 12 22

Jude Lutton with first prize for R Bell & Sons at Edgarstown also with his tin of sweets he won in the raffle well done young Jude.

Ballycarry & District HPS - Tonight's show 21st November was old birds handling thanks to both judges for coming out a night like that and members who came along as well. Old cocks - 1. Sam Beattie & Lauren McClean, 2. Eddie Arthur's, 3. Degnan & T McKee, 4. W Degnan & T McKee, 5. Sam Beattie & Lauren McClean, 6. Eddie Arthurs, 7. Eddie Arthur's, 8. Eddie Arthur's. Nom Eddie Arthur's Old hens - 1. Sam Beattie &Lauren McClean, 2. Nigel Arthurs, 3. Sam Beattie & Lauren McClean, 4. Sam Beattie & Lauren McClean, 5. Sam Beattie & Lauren McClean, 6. Eddie Arthur's, 7. Eddie Arthur's, 8 Nigel Arthurs. Nom Sam Beattie & Lauren McClean. Note to members young birds t.t.w next week be good to see more members.

3rd night group 05 12 22

Group of members at the show in Ballycarry & District HPS.

Class winners from Doagh & District Open show, congratulations to all the winners. Top dogs yesterday were A & N Lewis who came away with Best in Show and Best Young Bird and D & J Campbell with Best Opposite Sex.

lewis BIS 05 12 22

A & N Lewis Best in Show and Best YB at Doagh & Dist. with judges from Portadown. 

Lurgan Social HPS 3rd Show - 1st Keelie Wright, 2nd Keelie Wright, 3rd Marty Rice, 4th K Henderson, RES Ted Furphy, VHC Marty Rice, HC Keelie Wright, COM Keelie Wright. Best YB Keelie Wright. The club would like to thank G O’Dowd and A Feeney for judging and for their generous special.

Lurgan Social HPS show 4 results: 1st Keelie Wright, 2nd Keelie Wright, 3rd K Henderson, 4th Keelie Wright, RES K Henderson, VHC Keelie Wright, HC Keelie Wright, COM Ted Furphy. Best Yb Keelie Wright. Many thanks to our judges Mr McDowell and Mr Mount from the Drumnavaddy Club, and for their generous special.

keelie 3rd week 05 12 22

Keelie Wright wins the third show in Lurgan Social, the Red Card and Best Young Bird.

Strabane & District Monday 28/11/2022. Tonight's show was young hens TTW. 1st B McLaughlin, 2nd B Mc Laughlin, 3rd B McLaughlin, 4th I Deazley, Res R Monteith, VHC J White, HC I Deazley, C B Mc Laughlin. The club would like to thank tonight's judge Mr Stanley Gilmore.

NI Show Racer Society - Our society held its 1st show of season on Friday 28th October with 97 birds on show results as follows: Old cock ttw - 1st D&A christie, 2nd T Rouke, 3rd T Rouke, 4th D&A christie, 5th D&A christie, 6th D Brennan. Old hen ttw - 1st D& A christie BEST OLD BIRD, 2nd T Rouke, 3rd D&A christie, 4th D&A christie, 5th D Brennan, 6th T Rouke. Young cock ttw - 1st T Rouke RESERVE BEST IN SHOW, 2nd D&A christie, 3rd W Gilbert, 4th D&A christie, 5th D&A christie, 6th D&A christie. Young hen ttw - 1st T Rouke BEST YOUNG BIRD, BEST IN SHOW, 2nd D&A christie , 3rd D&A christie, 4th D&A christie, 5th D Brennan, 6th D Brennan. Congratulations to T Rouke on winning best in show & reserve best in show, and a big thanks all members who took part.

Our Society held its second show of the season on Friday 18th Nov with 90 birds on show I would like to thank judges D McMullan & B Walsh,  all classes ttw, results as follows. Old cock ttw judge D McMullan. 1st D&A christie, best old bird & reserve best in show, 2nd D&A christie, 3rd T Rouke, 4th D & A christie, 5th D & A christie, 6th T Rouke. Old hen ttw judge B Walsh. 1st D&A christie, 2nd T Rouke, 3rd D&A christie, 4th D Brennan, 5th D & A christie, 6th D Brennan. Young cock ttw judge B Walsh. 1st D & A Christie, 2nd D & A Christie, 3rd D & A Christie, 4th D & A Christie, 5th T Rouke, 6th D& A Christie. Young hen ttw judge D McMullan.  1st D&A Christie, best young & best in show, 2nd D Brennan, 3rd D&A Christie, 4th D& A Christie, 5th D Brennan, 6th T Rouke. Darren Christie PO.

Russell McAlary (Coleraine Premier) is running a bus to Dublin Lier Market on Sunday 26th March 2023. Anyone interested please contact Russell ASAP so as he can make all arrangements for the trip contact 07759 539451. Call, text, messenger, or WhatsApp.

We are hoping to organise the Duddy Bus to Blackpool again subject to suitable interest and numbers. Leaving on the late boat on Thursday night 19th January and returning from Blackpool at 9.00am on Mon 23rd January, travelling Belfast Stenna line to Cairnryan. For more information contact Alan Shanks 07503 483328 or Robert Turkington 07710 483063.

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