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Homers Odyssey - 03-01-23


Homers Odyssey

Coleraine Premier HPS 2022 report -

Russell McAlary has asked me to express his gratitude to Ronald McCandless for all the invaluable help that he has given him all year. Russell has done a fantastic job as race secretary as I’m sure the members will agree. Take a bow Russell, brilliant work.

The members of Coleraine Premier should be very proud of themselves for the fantastic performances they have put up in the Section and Open of the NIPA. This is a very competitive club and very hard to win. Top dog this year again is Jimmy Hanson who had a fantastic season winning 9 races and Section A 3 times plus a host of other Section and Open positions. Other club members have performed admirably with Section wins and brilliant Open positions. Diamond Bros & McLauglin and S Diamond won the Section 3 times each, B &D Coyle, L Hanson & Son, and Trevor McDonald all won the Section, totalling 12 x 1st Section wins. I have only covered Section wins and the Club winners Section and Open Positions but a further look into NIPA results will give you a deeper insight to the fantastic performances put up by members of this club

Ladies Night 117 03 01 23

Irish Region officials present the new trophies for competition to NIPA President David Mawhinney. They are the Irish Region L Boyle Memorial Jug for 1st Open NIPA St Malo OB National, Irish Region S Thompson Memorial Jug for 1st Open NIPA Talbenny YB National and Irish Region R Reid Memorial Jug for 1st Open NIPA Skibbereen YB National. Photo by Robin Tierney. 

Coleraine Premier HPS Prize Winners:

Old Birds:

Tullamore - L Hanson & Son 1st Section A & 5th Open NIPA, Roscrea - J Hanson 6A & 112th Open NIPA, Gowran Park - Diamond Bros & McLaughlin 1st Section A & 6th Open NIPA, Fermoy 1 - M & J Howard & Son 2B & 35th Open NIPA, Corrin - J Hanson 1st Section A & 16th Open NIPA, Gowran Park 2 - Newton & Quinn 6A & 150th Open NIPA, Skibbereen Inland Nat - M & J Howard & Son Centre Winner, 12B & 104th Open NIPA, Talbenny 1 - J Hanson 10A & 161st Open NIPA, Fermoy 2 - J Hanson 1st Section A & 24th Open NIPA, Fermoy 5Bird - J Hanson 1st Section A & 11th Open NIPA, Talbenny 2 - S Diamond 2A & 19th Open NIPA, Bude - J Hanson 2A & 37th Open NIPA, Skibbereen Yearling Nat - Sean Diamond, Penzance - S Diamond 1st Section A & 42nd Open NIPA, Penzance Classic - S Diamond 1st Section A & 25th Open NIPA also Centre Winner, Fermoy 3 - Paul O’Connor.

McSeveney 03 01 23

Jimmy McSeveney (l) McSeveney & Bradley and Dessie Quinn racing as Newton & Quinn.

Young Birds:

Kilbeggan 1 YB - Diamond Bros & McLaughlin 1st Section A & 5th Open NIPA, Kilbeggan 2 YB - T & J McDonald 4B & 304th Open NIPA. Sean Diamond 1st Section A, Tullamore YB - T & J McDonald 4B & 8th Open NIPA, Roscrea YB - J Hanson 2A, Gowran Park YB - T & J McDonald 26B, Fermoy 1 YB - J Hanson 5A, Fermoy 5Bird - T & J McDonald 1st Section B, also Centre Winner, Talbenny YB Nat - Diamond Bros & McLaughlin 1st Section A & 21st Open NIPA, also Centre Winner, Roscrea 2YB - J Hanson 2A & 78th Open, Fermoy 2 YB - B & D Coyle 1st Section A 24th Open NIPA, Skibbereen YB Nat. B & D Coyle 3A & 75th Open NIPA also Centre Winner.

Dom Diamond 03 01 23

Dominic Diamond from the high-flying Diamond Bros & G McLaughlin. 

Average Winners:

Inland Average - L Hanson & Son vel 1501.5, Cross Channel Average - J Hanson vel 1226.719, Coronation Cup - J Hanson 1226.719, Best Average Talbenny 1 & Bude - J Hanson 1227.302, Best Average Two OB Talbenny’s & YB Talbenny - J Hanson 1211.35, Old Bird Combined Average - J Hanson vel 1383.692, YB Average B & D Coyle vel 1445.443, Combined OB & YB Inland Average - T & J McDonald vel 1472.236, Combined Average OB & YB - Diamond Bros & McLaughlin vel 1367.437, Penzance Yearling Cup - McSeveney & Bradley, Talbenny 1 Yearling Cup - J Hanson, Champion OB - Jimmy Hanson GB19C-14792, Champion YB - T & J McDonald GB22C-11243

Trev McDonald 03 01 23

Trevor McDonald consistent racer T & J McDonald r/u for Highest prize-winner.

Top Prize Winners - Jimmy Hanson, T & J McDonald, Sean Diamond, B & D Coyle, Diamond Bros & G McLaughlin, M & J Howard & Son, L Hanson & Son, McSeveney & Bradley, Russell McAlary, Newton & Quinn, Paul O’Connor, Anthony McDonnell.

Sect A McSeveney 03 01 23

“Drumadragh Queen” Sect A Talbenny & Penzance average Meritorious Award for McSeveney & Bradley of Coleraine Premier HPS.

B & D Coyle win NIPA Section A - Young Bird Fancier of the Year. McSeveney & Bradley wins NIPA Section A Meritorious Award for Best Average 2nd Talbenny & Penzance with Individual bird performance.

Group PZTalb 03 01 23

RPRA Meritorious Award winners with Irish Region Secretary Noel Higginson at Ladies Night.

Trevor Steele won Robin Duddy Trophy for Longest flying pigeon timed in the Kings Cup.

B & D Coyle won the Robin Duddy Cup for the longest flying bird in Penzance YB National.

coylesteele 03 01 23

Bobby Coyle (l) and Trevor Steele with awards in the Coleraine Premier.

Coleraine Premier HPS Top Prize-winner 2022 is none other than Jimmy Hanson. Jimmy is never far away no matter the conditions, distance, inland or on the Channel. Jimmy has been top dog on numerous occasions and arguably over the last 15 years the most consistent racer in the Club and indeed the Coleraine Triangle. He races a good pigeon on the land but on the water if you are in front of Jimmy you are not far off the top spot.

jimmy hanson 03 01 23

Jimmy Hanson ace racer in the Coleraine Triangle and Highest prize-winner in Coleraine Premier HPS.

This year Jimmy won 9 races in the club, 7 times first Coleraine Triangle and 3 times first Section A as well as numerous Section positions. He also has figured highly in the NIPA open positions regularly throughout the year. In Old birds Jimmy won First and 2nd Club Roscrea, First, 2nd and 3rd Club Corrin, First and 3rd Club Fermoy, First, 4th and 5th Club Fermoy 5 Bird, First, 2nd and 3rd Club Talbenny 1, First and 2nd Club Bude. He was in the top 161 of the NIPA in all these victories. Best positions won were 11th Open, First Section A Fermoy 5 Bird, 1st Section A Corrin, 1st Section A, 24th Open Fermoy. 2nd Section A 37th Open Bude.

In YB’s Jimmy won 3rd and 5th Club Kilbeggan, First and 2nd Club, 2nd Section A Roscrea, 3rd and 5th Club Gowran Pk, First Club, 5th Section A Fermoy 1, 4th Club Fermoy 2, First Club 2nd Section A 78th Open NIPA Roscrea 2.

Jimmy won Champion OB in the Club. His outstanding Lambrecht hen won Roscrea, 2nd Club Corrin, First club 1st Section A Fermoy and First Centre, First Club and 1st Section A Fermoy 5 Bird. These Open and Section results are all with his first pigeon and many other Open and Section Results were achieved  with Jimmy’s other timers .

champ ob jimmy 03 01 23

Champion Old Bird in the Coleraine Premier 2022 for Jimmy Hanson.

Jimmy also won Channel Average, Best Average 3 Talbenny’s & Bude. Old Bird Combined Average, Coronation Cup and Talbenny Yearling Cup. Adrian Moffatt PO.

The AGM of the RPRA (Irish Region) will be held on Saturday 4th February 2023 at The Christ Church in Lisburn starting at 1.00pm. All Irish Region members are welcome to attend. All propositions and alterations to RPRA Rules need to be in the hands of the secretary by 7th January 2023. Noel Higginson RPRA (Irish Region) Secretary, 8 Abercorn Square, Ballyclare. BT 39 9FJ. Mobile: 07518 748717. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Following the AGM, a Region Delegates Meeting will be held. Please note Affiliation Fees for 2023.

Clubs £12.00, Single Members £12.00, Individual Members £12.00, Each partnership £12.00 in respect of each member of the partnership. Southern Members £10.00. Societies in arrears at 1st March 2023 will be charged an extra 50p per member and £10 for Club.

Membership fees have only to be paid through one Society Cheque, made payable to Royal Pigeon Racing Association – Irish Region. 

Irish Region (RPRA) Awards 2022 - Talbenny & Penzance (Individual Bird)

SECT A – McSeveney & Bradley, Coleraine Premier HPS GB21C-33615, Vel 1290; SECT B – D Dixon, Ballymoney HPS GB20B-24125, Vel 1273; SECT C – D & J Campbell, Eastway GB21E-24939, Vel 1309; SECT D – Barry Murray, Dromara HPS GB20D-20841, Vel 1278; SECT E – R D Calvin, Annaghmore GB19A-28342, Vel 283; SECT F – Robert Shaw, Corrigs GB21C-26674, Vel 1235; SECT G – Ron Williamson, Newry & District NWHU20E-0202, Vel 1297; SECT H – Ken Armstrong, Omagh & District GB20R-01722Vel 1205. Overall winner and the Irish Region Trophy won by D & J Campbell, Eastway GB21E-24939, Vel 1309.

Irish Region Mileage Awards 2022

0-250 Miles won by David Calvin, Bondhill Social – Blue Cock GB20L-27841; 251-450 Miles won by C O’Hare &B Daughter, Ballyholland – Blue Hen GB20B-30026: 450 Miles + won by Sean Hughes, Coalisland & District – Blue Hen GB20C-12537.

calvin trophies 03 01 23    GB22B 29720 10x8 copy Royal Express Calvin 03 01 23

Davy Calvin of Bondhill Social with awards won racing in 2022 season & “Royal Express” bred and raced by Davy Calvin. Winner Skibbereen YB Nat, NIPA Champion Young Bird overall, Best YB Performance Irish Region.

Best Young Bird Performance 2022 – Davy Calvin, Bondhill Social - Red Ch Cock GB22B-29720. Best Old Bird Performance 2022 -Donnelly Bros, Newry City Inv – Blue Ch Hen GB20L-42290. Irish Region Young Fancier of the Year won by H T & J Larkin, Blackwatertown. 2nd Mullen Bros Edgarstown 3rd M Donnelly Newry City Inv

el stranger mullen bros 03 01 23

Mullen Bros of Edgarstown “El Stranger” Young Fancier Mileage Award 251-450 Miles and runner-up Irish Region Young Fancier of the Year.

Irish Region Young Fancier Mileage Awards 2022 – Young Fancier 0-250 Miles H T & J Larkin of Blackwatertown – Mealy Hen GB19L-17540. Young Fancier 251-450 Miles won by Mullen Bros of Edgarstown HPS – Blue Ch Hen GB21L-01368.

Ballymena H P S. Christmas Show/New year. Saturday 31st December 2022. Penning 10.00 - 12.00. Judging 12.15 sharp. Old bird 3 in 1 Handled/Ttw / eyesign. Young bird 3 in 1 Handled/ Ttw / eyesign. Best in show, Best Opposite Sex, Best Young Bird and Most Points.  Good selection of prizes open to all. To book in birds with numbers entering and Dard Number. Once it's full it's full. Get booked in early. First come first served. Darren Swann PO.

Obituary Harry Richmond

I got the very sad news that long-time member of Ballymena & District Harry Richmond had passed away early on Christmas morning, he had been in failing health for a number of months and had not raced in very recent years. When racing Richmond Bros were top compotators always consistent fast or slow races and going out to the distance. They won many races in their time and topped Mid Antrim and well placed in the INFC Yearling Nat. Richmond Bros also bred the Hall of Fame winner for Alan Darragh. Even though Harry had stopped racing he was always keen to hear the local results including in his own club of Ballymena & District keeping up to date either through friends or the internet. Harry will be sadly missed. On behalf of the local fancy sincere condolences to wife Margaret and the entire family circle. Donations in lieu of flowers if desired may be sent to James Henry Funeral Services 100 Broughshane Street, Ballymena BT43 6EE for Wellington Presbyterian Church Building Fund. Willie Reynolds Secretary Ballymena & District HPS. 

Kells & District HPS - Tuesday the 27th of December we will be holding our Open Show. With 3 In 1 classes for both old birds and young birds. Penning will be from 11am to 1.00pm Prizes for every card winner and specials for Best in show, Best Opposite sex, Best Young Bird and Most Points. Can I please ask if you are showing can you please bring a list of all ring Numbers and Dard Number to keep within current legislation, Thank You. Laura Surgenor PO.

In this last column for 2022 can I thank all the local clubs for their continued support over the year and a special mention to all the elected PO’s who submit reports and photos. It’s a massive job to be doing every week of the race season. I missed a few weeks myself when in hospital with a hip fracture, but I am on the way to recovery. To meet publication deadlines articles and reports must be on time, either that or are carried over. It was also an honour to be invited to present awards at the INFC Night of the Year at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast, my last time before that was 40 years ago for the first Gold Medal presentation. Can I wish the very best to those who continue to fight ill health and wish all the fancy and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2023. In the early part of the year, I got married and had congratulations from far and wide and had an excellent day with the family including my brother and former race partner and scribe Michael who had travelled from Orlando in Florida where he has been living for over 40 years. 

Willie Reynolds – NIPA & INFC Press Officer

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