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Homers Odyssey 23/01/23


Homers Odyssey 23/01/23

Ahoghill Flying Club Award Night -

Ahoghill members recently held their annual prize giving in the local clubrooms with the local Frew’s Chip Shop kindly supplying the meals which the club thanks them very much for. The pavlova, fresh cream sponge and chocolate sponge desserts were made by Mrs Livingstone and Mrs Smyth and apparently, they were delicious and again a big thanks to the ladies for supplying them. To the awards now and Young & McManus & Sons were again Highest Prize-winners and topped the Mid Antrim Combine and Section B on three occasions in the old bird’s form Corrin, Penzance and the Penzance OB Classic event. Racing with the INFC and William Livingstone was best in the Sennen Cove Yearling National for 2nd Mid Antrim Combine & 107th Open velo 838. Other placed included Chris Moore also clocking on the night for 4th Combine & 167th Open, S & N Doherty 6th & 8th Combine & 235th & 237th Open and Young & McManus & Sons 7th Combine & 236th Open. In the St Allouestre Kings Cup Grand National race Chris Moore was best clocking on the first night at 20.14pm to win 2nd MA Combine and 51st Open INFC. William Livingstone timed the next day for 5th Combine & 155th Open. In the St Malo Friendship National Jimmy Smyth & Son won 1st Combine & 29th Open and William Livingstone again timed a bird to win 3rd Combine & 88th Open. William clocked in all three INFC OB channel Nationals entering only 8 birds in total.

paddy 23 01 23

Highest Prize-winner at Ahoghill the partnership of Young McManus & Sons. Paddy holding the race winners from Penzance and Fermoy with grandkids Abbie and Joel.

Top Prize-winner List - Young & McManus & Sons 211 points, Jimmy Smyth & Son 105, Mr & Mrs Robinson 69, Trevor Whyte 47, Chris Moore 37, A Shiels 16, T & G Balmer 15, S & N Doherty 3.

OB Races Winners

Tullamore 16/04/22 - Jimmy Smyth & Son 1st, 2nd & 3rd velo 1980, 4th & 19th Combine, 4th & 35th Section & 8th,143rd & 265th Open NIPA 13,860 birds.

Roscrea 23/04/22 - Young & McManus & Sons 1st, 2nd & 3rd Club velo 1211, 2nd, 5th & 11th Mid Antrim Combine 1715 birds, 7th, 12th, 19th, 34th & 35th Section 107/3029 Runners up in the Combine were Paddy & William McManus of the Young McManus & Sons partnership of Ahoghill. They timed their good 4-year-old self-bred Louis Thijs cock at 12.29pm flying 144 miles to the Croft in Ahoghill. This cock topped the Section from Fermoy last season and had just been paired up.

Gowran Park 29/04/22 - Young & McManus & Sons 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th velo 1562, 5th, 6th, 14th, 16th & 18th Combine 1761 birds & 13th, 17th, 31st, 35th, 37th & 49th Section 3434 birds, 88th & 161st Open 777/22021 Young McManus & Sons had the top five positions in Ahoghill. Paddy & William's 3-year-old blue chequer cock was 2nd club & 5th Combine last week and has now 4 x 1st clubs. Sire is their No.1 Karel Laenen cock and the dam a Lambrecht hen.

Fermoy 07/05/22 - Young McManus & Sons 1522, 1521, 1520, 1510, 1509 & 4th, 5th, 6th, 14th & 16th Combine, 7th, 8th, 9th, 19th & 21st Section 3179 birds. Ahoghill winners for the third week on the trot were Young McManus & Sons who had the top 5 in the club with the winner doing 1522. Paddy & William's two-year-old chequer pied Lambrecht hen is a granddaughter of "Superman".

Corrin 14/05/22 - Young McManus & Sons 1688, 1647, 1646, 1636, 1634, 1629 & 1st, 18th & 20th Combine 1637 birds, 1st, 24th & 27th Section & 8th Open 759/21930.

paddy bird corrin 23 01 23

Red Cheq topped MAC and 1st Sect B in the old bird race from Corrin for Young McManus & Sons.

Fast Race from Corrin – McManus team from Ahoghill top Combine & Section. The fifth race of the old bird season was held on Saturday 14th May. Birds were liberated in Corrin in County Cork at 10.00am in light west to southwest winds. Ace racers Paddy & William McManus of Ahoghill had the big winner in the local area timing at 13.34pm for the 205 miles fly to the lofts at The Croft in the Ahoghill village to record 1688. Their winning 2-year-old red chequer hen sitting on eggs is a top racer having won both the Combine and Section from Fermoy last season plus 6th Combine from the Skibbereen Inland National and 8th Combine Fermoy. This week she wins 1st Mid Antrim Combine, 1st Section B and an excellent 8th Open NIPA 759/21930. She is a great granddaughter of Gert Heylen's "Jackpot". Another top result for the McManus partnership.

Gowran Park 21/05/22 - Young McManus & Sons 1540, 1534.

Skibbereen NIPA Inland National 21/05/22 - Young & McManus & Sons 1st & 2nd velo 1840, 21st & 29th Section & 201st & 286th Open 4363 Birds. Mr & Mrs Robinson 35th Section B

1st Talbenny 28/05/22 - Mr & Mrs Robinson 1237, 1236, 12th & 13th Combine, 14th & 15th Section & 187th & 192nd Open 669/11258.

INFC Skibbereen OB Inland National -Mr & Mrs Robinson velo 1233 & 10th MA Combine.

2nd Talbenny 04/06/22 - J Smyth & Son 1203, 9th Combine & 9th Section 1055 birds & 46th Open 557/8235.

Fermoy 04/06/22 - Young McManus & Sons 1251, 1250, 1250, 1236, 1234, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th & 10th Combine, 5th, 8th, 9th, 13th & 14th Section 1334 Birds 58th, 62nd, 64th, 103rd & 113th Open 6715 birds. Fermoy 5 Bird - Young & McManus & Sons velo 1250, 4th, 6th & 12th Combine & 31st, 33rd & 55th Open 1064 birds.

Skibbereen Yearling National 12/06/22 - J Smyth & Son Ahoghill 1594, 1549, 9th Combine & 11th Section.

Bude 12/06/22 - Mr & Mrs Robinson velo 1209, 8th Combine, 9th Section & 45th Open 4035 Birds.

Penzance 18/06/22 - Young & McManus & Sons velo 1421, 1st & 9th Combine, 1st & 12th Section & 16th, 102nd Open 3904 birds. Chris Moore 7th & 14th Section & 64th & 121st Open, T & G Balmer 15th Section & 122nd Open. Combine Double for Paddy McManus of Ahoghill -The Penzance and duplicated Old Bird Classic races were frown on Friday 17th June. Birds were liberation at 7.00am in southerly winds. Paddy & William McManus of the Young & McManus & Sons partnership in Ahoghill had the best bird winning the Mid Antrim Combine in both the ordinary Penzance and the Classic event. Their winning 4-year-old blue cock was timed at 13.46pm for the 328 miles to their lofts at The Croft. Sire is their best Van den Brande stock cock and dam their good Louis Thijs hen granddaughter of "Olympiad 003" That's 3 x 1st Combine and Section winners for the top racing and breeding lofts this season.

Penzance OB Classic – was flown in duplicate with Penzance, Young & McManus & Sons velo 1421, 1st, 5th & 12th Combine, 1st & 7th Section & 10th & 59th Open 1697 birds. T & G Balmer 6th Combine, 9th Section & 72nd Open. Mr & Mrs Robinson 10th & 20th Combine.

Fermoy - Young & McManus & Sons 1st, 2nd & 3rd velo 1396, 9th, 10th & 14th Combine & 11th, 13th & 17th Section B 529 birds.

INFC Sennen Cove Yearling National - William Livingstone the Ahoghill the club winner at 18.23pm on the night for 2nd Mid Antrim Combine & 107th Open velo 838, Chris Moore also clocking on the night at 20.55pm for 4th Combine & 167th Open velo 687. Other lofts clocking the next morning in the prizes were S & N Doherty 6th & 8th Combine & 235th & 237th Open and Young & McManus & Sons 7th Combine & 236th Open INFC.

INFC Kings Cup Grand National - Only two members timed a Combine arrival on the first night one of which was Chris Moore. Chris timed his 2-year-old blue hen sitting 8 to 9-day old eggs at 20.14pm to win 2nd MA Combine and 51st Open INFC. This hen was first to the loft in last season's Penzance Classic winning 9th Combine and 12th Section B. Breeding is Soontjen x C & L Fryers hen from Dromara. This Fryer's hen is full sister to the mother of their 1st Section F & 26th Open NIPA OB Derby St. Malo a couple of weeks ago. Chris is very grateful to C & L Fryer's for kindly giving him the very best from their stock. William Livingstone timed the next day for 5th Combine & 155th Open.

GB20A 05604 10x8 copy 23 01 23

Blue hen raced by Chris Moore of Ahoghill, timed on the day in the Kings Cup Grand Nat St Allouestre to finish 43rd North Sect & 51st Open INFC at 506 miles.

INFC St Malo Friendship National - Jimmy Smyth & Son were best In the Mid Antrim Combine from Friendship National. The INFC Friendship National was held on Friday 8th July with the birds liberated at 6.00am in calm condition. Jimmy Smyth & Son of Ahoghill FC had the best local bird winning 1st in the Mid Antrim Combine and 29th Open INFC National. Jimmy timed his yearling red hen sitting eggs 10 days at 10.26am on the second morning after her 474 miles fly. The sire is from Glenn Smith of Cookstown and the dam from Sam Murphy of Randalstown. Jimmy, always a good supporter of this race won 1st Mid Antrim Combine, 5th North Section and 8th Open INFC when the race was flown from Lamballe in 2019 when only 49 birds were recorded in race time. 

smyth fshp 23 01 23

Jimmy Smyth timed a yearling winning 1st in the Mid Antrim Combine and 29th Open INFC Friendship National from St Malo in France.

William Livingstone timed at 9.54am on the fourth morning. William's yearling chequer cock sitting on newly hatched chicks is bred down from his old stock that he has inbred over the years and is closely related to last season's 7th Section & 72nd Open NIPA OB National St. Malo. The cock had 1st Talbenny and Bude before being sent to the Friendship. William who races a small team timed in all the INFC channel races this season having been placed 2nd Combine & 108th Open Sennen Cove Yearling National, 5th Combine & 155th Open King's Cup Saint Allouestre, and from this race 3rd Combine & 88th Open Friendship National St. Malo. Not many can say they recorded arrivals in all three races this season and considering these results were achieved with a total of 8 birds being sent to the 3 races. Top racing indeed.

livingstone fship 23 01 23

William Livingstone holding his winner of 3rd MAC and 88th Open INFC in the Friendship Nat from St Malo.

Young Bird Races:

1st Kilbeggan 16/07/22 - M/M Robinson 1st & 2nd Velo 1436 & 1435.

2nd Kilbeggan 22/07/22 - Young & McManus & Sons velo 1403, 14th Combine & 25th Section 2541 birds.

Tullamore 29/07/22 - Trevor Whyte 1st club velo 1700, 4th Combine 1547 birds, 8th Section & 20th Open 545/17775 Trevor Whyte who joined Ahoghill from Rasharkin to race young birds was best on velocity 1700 with a darkness chequer cock bred off Lambrecht’s birds from ace racers and breeders Paddy & William McManus.

whyte 23 01 23

New member in Ahoghill Trevor Whyte with kids Joshua, Zoe and Jason. The loft topped the mighty NIPA in the opening race from Tullamore.

Roscrea 06/08/22 - Young & McManus & Sons velo 1595, 15th Combine & 31st Section B 2928 birds. Paddy and William McManus timed a C & C Lambrecht gifted to them by good friend and new clubmate Trevor Whyte.

Gowran Park 13/08/22 - Young & McManus & Sons 1287 Young & McManus & Sons best in Ahoghill on 1287 under strong pressure from Trevor Whyte.

Fermoy 19/08/22 - Young & McManus & Sons 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th velo 1937, 5th, 10th, 13th & 15th Combine, 9th, 13th, 24th & 29th Section 2012 birds. Paddy & William McManus had the top five in Ahoghill. Their winning hen is a granddaughter of their No1 Karel Laenen cock. This cock is now nine years old and is sire and g/sire to multiple 1st prize-winner’s, for themselves and many others.

Fermoy 5 Bird 19/08/22 - Trevor Whyte 1st Club.

Talbenny YB National 27/08/22 - Young & McManus & Sons 1st Club velo 1244, 2nd Combine, 3rd Section & 56th Open 3191 Birds. Trevor Whyte 21st Section, S & N Doherty 25th Section. Paddy & William McManus were runner up in the Combine & 3rd Section B, 56th Open at 13.40pm flying 219 miles. Their winning blue cock is nestmate to last week's winner from Fermoy and is a grandson of their No1 Karel Laenen cock that is responsible for many 1st prize-winner’s.

Roscrea 27/08/22 - Young & McManus & Sons velo 1513, 6th Combine, 12th Section 1307 birds. Paddy and William McManus were best on 1513 with a blue cock bred from their Karel Laenen cock paired to an Alex Docx hen.

Fermoy 01/09/22 - Trevor Whyte 1st, 2nd & 3rd club velo 1332. 5th, 8th & 14th Combine, 8th, 12th & 22nd Section & 70th & 109th Open 9122 birds. Best in Ahoghill was Trevor Whyte who took the top three club positions. His winner bred by good friend's and clubmate's Paddy & William McManus is Alex Docx x Karel Laenen. Trevor's second bird is a nephew of his NIPA open winner from Tullamore in the opening race of the old bird season.

Skibbereen YB NIPA National 10/09/22 - Jimmy Smyth & Son 1st, 2nd & 3rd Club velo 1311, 7th Combine & 112th Open 3026 birds. Jimmy Smyth & Son was the winner with a blue pied hen from Mark Milliken of Rasharkin and is bred off two 1st Section winners. Mervyn Eagleson PO.

PS - Any club missing a season report contact Mervyn with info, most of the local area clubs are complete, news from other clubs will be most welcome. At the present time I am setting up the Club, Fed and Combine reports on the INFC season of six races. I usually have a bit gathered up at the time of each race, unfortunately this year with having a corrupt memory disk I lost all text and photos and will just have to do with what I can put my hands on. Homer.

Overview of Annaghmore HPS - Club winners for 2022 in the NIPA. 2023 a New Year so another chance for members to enjoy. Total Club wins Old & Young bird races. Jinkie and Eileen Calvin 8 wins, Bob Buckley 6 wins, Tom McClean 3 wins, R D Calvin 2 wins, G Buckley & Sons 2 wins, G Calvin & Son 1 win, P Boyd 1 win. Congratulations to all the winners for a great years racing. Roll on 2023. Davy Calvin PO. 

keelieTom 23 01 23

Young fancier winners Blackpool Show of the Year last weekend included Keelie Wright and Tom Larkin, both from Lurgan. 

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