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Barrow Valley RPC presentation 2022 - Francis Corcoran

Barrow Valley RPC presentation 2022

The Barrow Valley RPC held their annual general meeting and prize presentation in the Graiugecullen GAA clubhouse on Sunday the 22nd of January, there was a good turnout of members for the meeting and friends for the presentation.

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Silverware on display for the Barrow Valley RPC presentation.

The AGM went off without a hitch, Frank Archbold remains as President and Francis Corcoran as Chairman, Joe Brennan stays on as Treasurer, and can I say what a sterling job he does in that role, accounts were presented clearly and in great detail and show a healthy balance going forward.

Jimmy Hurley stepped down as Secretary, taking a well-earned break for the time being, replacing Jimmy is Michael Ramsbottom, Michael is ever present at the club and will make a great contribution to the team at the top table.

We lost two great members, Noel O'Connor and Adam Sitek whose resignations were accepted with regret, Noel has moved to the Carlow Premier RPC and we wish him well at his new club, Adam has moved out of our radius and hopes to be competing in the ISRF in future years, we also wish Adam well in his new club and he is welcome back to our club at any time, should he be back in the radius. We had one application for new membership and the club would like to welcome PJ Nangle into the fold for the coming season, PJ joins us from the Carlow & Dist. RPC.

Changing clubs now is more down to economics than anything else, members move now to be in clubs closer to home, in the above scenario, both members are now within walking distance of their respective clubs

Crossing town now on a Friday evening for marking and the same on Saturday evening for clock checking could take anything up to an hour, and therefore it makes sense to be in the most local club to you.

Just a reminder now and a date for your diary,

Adam Sitek will have a selection of birds going for Auction on Sunday February 12th in the Èire òg GAA clubhouse O’Brien Road, Carlow, starting at 3pm. Viewing 1pm to 2:45 pm.

Adam has moved house and does not have the time to break these pigeons to his new address. There are 60 birds in total, 30 fully raced, 30 Trained to 40 miles.

Some beauties among them. The majority of birds are bred from German imports, also Herbie Thorpe, and Sladomir Woloszyn. Anyone looking for a spare Hen or Cock, or even a new pair to try, could do a lot worse than try some of these. No expense has been spared in obtaining the parents of these birds, and all parents are being retained, so that Adam can get started again with young birds at his new address.

Details on the pens will be brief, so for further inquiries please ring.

00353894894708 or 00353877711311. or e-mail  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Adam Sitek, 1st Federation Newcastle West 2022.          Frank Archbold, receiving his diplomas for 2022 Season.

IMG 20230124 WA0002 26 01 23x                                                                                 IMG 20230124 WA0003 26 01 23x

Joe Brennan, Highest prize winner Barrow Valley RPC 2022.                 Jimmy Hurley.

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JJ Hurley & Son.                                        Haughney & Hurley.                                     Adam Sitek.

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Noel o Connor.                                      Donal Begley.                                                      Steffan Ogzalyszyn

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Jimmy Hurley & Billy Brooks enjoying the evening.           Paul Byrne (young Racy) & Seamus Quinn, enjoying a pint at the presentation.

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Michael Ramsbottom, our new Hon Secretary & Billy Brooks.     Seamus Quinn, Noel o Connor, Francis Corcoran & Joe Brennan.

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All Bred and raced by Adam Sitek, in the Barrow Valley RPC and South Road Central Federation.