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Homers Odyssey - 30-01-23


Homers Odyssey

Northern Ireland Provincial Amalgamation of Racing Pigeon Societies -

The 2023 and 78th Annual General Meeting will take place in the Protestant Hall in Glenavy on Saturday 11th February commencing at 2:00pm sharp. Only Delegates can vote or enter into the business of the meeting. All clubs must hold a meeting on the Resolutions and mandate their delegates on how to cast their vote. A letter of confirmation that each Delegate(s) club had held a club meeting to vote on Resolutions being produced at the AGM.

Agenda will include 1. Minutes of last AGM. 2. Secretary Report. 3. Passing of Accounts. 4. Any other 2022 Business. 5, Election of Officers for 2023.

Secretary’s Report 2022/2023

2022 was a very challenging year for our Sport and Organisation. Bird Flu was at an all-time high, unfortunately it is still with us in 2023. Covid is still present possibly not the threat it was, however, please take as much care as possible when you are race marking and holding club meetings. Brexit is still around, thankfully we are able to overcome all the procedures that have to be in place for Inland, channel and continental racing to proceed from Northern Ireland.

IN Northern Ireland WE FIND OURSELVES IN A MUCH BETTER POSITION THAN OUR PIGEON FRIENDS IN GB. Many people must be thanked for all their assistance to us and our sport.

Our MLA`S at Stormont, the TD`S in the Irish Republic - The staff at Dublin Port, Rosslare and Interfrigo here in Northern Ireland - The staff at the Reddings and to Jim Blee and his staff at DAERA.

All of these people have been so helpful to you all in the NIPA, I would like to thank you all as members of the NIPA for your support in 2022 and especially the following Jim Ramsay your Race Controller Paul Howard your Transport Manager, Paddy McNeice Convoyer, Cormac O`Hare and Sammy Briggs our RPRA representatives. The members of committee who do their utmost to arrange pigeon racing for you all to enjoy. Trevor and Robert Topping, their assistance to me is very much appreciated. David West for his assistance in distributing ETS rings.

2023 is now here and we still face many problems, there will have to be suitable solutions found.

The problems facing us are easily seen in the accounts, the main one is FUEL, WHICH HAS RISEN BY OVER 50% The number of pigeons being transported is well below our capacity, six transporters can carry up to 30,000 pigeons, at the moment 20, 000 in any week is a good week. We need to find a solution how to collect all our pigeons with 4 transporters is not an easy task.

I have received no new race programmes for 2023, I will keep you updated on a programme and commencement date later.

You will shortly receive your accounts for 2022. The NIPA committee at the start of the Season agreed to budget up to a £30,000 loss on the previous year in the Number 2 account. We managed to keep within those figures turning a £11,879 Profit into a £12,047 Loss a turnaround of approx. £24,000.

The Transport account shows a total increase of income from sections, the expenditure especially DIESEL rose by 51%, this figure will have to be addressed. The overall position shows a loss for 2022 of £12,047.21.

The Number 1 account shows a surplus for the season of £19,987.25, this figure Transferred to the balance sheet shows an increase of around £7,900.

Our total assets total £715,127.32 less our current liabilities of £192,29.56 leaving a total of £695,897.76.

The General Account performed on paper very well this year - However, it will not do so in 2023.

The profit on UNIKON products will be a lot less than 2022 we have had a terrific increase in sales this year, and the profits made from this company over the past 14 years is, well in excess of over £60,000. This amount of revenue has assisted all of you, even if you are not a Unikon user, so I am disappointed with the negativity some of our members post about Uni (This Must is covered by an RPRA Rule). kon.

As we move forward into very uncertain times ahead you should be very proud of your Organisation finds itself in a very healthy position. Our sport faces great difficulties, we love our Sport, we must work hard together to protect it, unfortunately I believe we are doing the complete opposite and our sport is in decline.

I finish my report by wishing you all good health, an enjoyable season, we cannot all be winners, being fit and able to take part we should be very thankful. Regards to you all.

F C Russell Financial Secretary NIPA. The following will be put to the vote.

Amendments of existing musts and rules and Musts & Rules – Delete the following Musts and replace them with New Rules.

Delete Must Number 1 in its entirety. (This Must is covered by an PRPA Rule).

Delete Must Number 2 in its entirety. (This Must is covered by an PRPA Rule).

Delete Must Number 3 in its entirety. (This Must is covered by an PRPA Rule).

Delete Must Number 4 in its entirety. (This Must is covered by an PRPA Rule).

Delete Must Number 5 in its entirety and replace with a new General rule 86. Belgica clocks must be punctured twice when Setting and Timing in.

Delete must Number 6 in its entirety. (This must is covered by NIPA Race rule 13).

Delete Must Number 7 in its entirety and replace with a New General rule 87. The number of the receptacle showing on Competitor`s clock must be entered on the Verification Card immediately after setting and again before being checked.

Delete Must Number 8 in its entirety. (This must is covered by the Amended General rule 70).

Delete Must Number 9 in its entirety. (This must is covered by NIPA General rule 19).

Delete Must Number 10 in its entirety and replace with a new General rule 88. All pigeons competing for club prizes in National, Classic and Championship races must be paid for to the NIPA.

Delete Must Number 12 in its entirety. (This must is covered by NIPA race Rule 15).

Delete Must Number 13 in its entirety. (This must is covered by NIPA General rule 18).

Delete Must Number 14 in its entirety and replace with a new General rule 89. Club`s must have RPRA Membership lists and Payment with the Irish Region secretary before the 1St of March each year. Individual names addressee’s of partnerships must be given.

Delete Must Number 15 in its entirety and replace with a new General rule 90. In forwarding a Resolution to the NIPA, the following format should be used as a guideline. (1) Delete an existing rule if necessary. (2) No preamble. (3) Should be viable. (4) Should be in the interest of all members of the NIPA. (5) It cannot contravene any RPRA rules.

Delete Must Number 16 in its entirety and replace with a new General rule number 91. Club Secretaries, important notice puncturing clocks audit. Please note any puncturing clock still in use needs to be re-registered with the RPRA prior to the start of 2023 racing season. Failure to do so will disqualify the clock from any future use. Puncturing clocks may not be sold, loaned out, r disposed of for the use of any other person in any RPRA Competition.

Delete Must Number 17 in its entirety and replace with a new General rule 92. All club`s must send two members to assist at Race Marking in NIPA designated Centres, this to include the loading of pigeons into the transporter.

Delete Must Number 18 in its entirety (This must is covered by NIPA General rule 7a)

Delete Must Number 19 in its entirety and replace by a new General Rule 93. All members Measurements & Long/Lat Certificates calculated by Google Earth or any other recognised system approved by the RPRA be forwarded to the NIPA Secretary, failure to comply will mean disqualifications in NIPA races.

NIPA AGM agenda 2023 - Amendments to NIPA General Rules

Amend General Rule 3a to read. The delegates representation shall be one delegate for club`s with a membership of up to 15 members, two delegates for a club with a membership of 16 to 30 members three delegates for a club with a membership of 31 to 45 members and four delegates with a club 0f 46 members and above.

Amend General Rule 10 to read. The Royal Pigeon Racing Association will calculate all member`s loft locations and measurements by Google Earth or any other system they recognise. no other measurements will be accepted.

Amend General Rule 39a to read. That all members can purchase their own hampers for the first five old bird Irish races only, in all other club races pigeons must be spread as evenly as possible over all club crates. in National, Classic and Championship races. Pigeons will be race marked at centres.

Amend General Rule 41b to read. Where more than one club race-mark their pigeons at the

same clubrooms. All clocks must be set, checked and the result completed at the same club rooms, (One Master Timer to be used).

Amend General Rule 70 to read. In all National, Classic and Championship races the 3-hour rule for returning your clock after timing your first arrival will only apply to birds timed on the first day of the race. In the event of no first day arrivals, the 3-hour rule will apply on the second day.  If there are first day arrivals, the Centre Officials can arrange convenient checking times at their own discretion. If you arrive at the centre outside the 3-hour rule with your first arrival you will be, given the time of your arrival at the Centre.

Delegate Cards will be required for the recording of votes, each delegate must endure to have his/her official Delegate Card. No discussion of Resolutions.

More Mid Antrim winners -

Ballymena & District's Martin Graham and Johnston Eagleson with their NIPA awards won racing in the 2022 season. Martin a former INFC Sennen Cove Yearling National winner won a French Bronze Diploma with his 3-year-old chequer cock "Hugh's Delight" winner of 10th Section & 109th Open St Malo 2021 and 3rd Section & 46th Open St Malo 2022. Former Northern Ireland and NIPA Fancier of the year Johnston won the Section B Old Bird Inland Fancier of the year award. Any club missing a season report contact Mervyn with info, most of the local area clubs are complete. Mervyn Eagleson PO. 

Ladies Night 117 30 01 23

Irish Region officials present the new trophies for competition to NIPA President David Mawhinney. They are the Irish Region L Boyle Memorial Jug for 1st Open NIPA St Malo OB National, Irish Region S Thompson Memorial Jug for 1st Open NIPA Talbenny YB National and Irish Region R Reid Memorial Jug for 1st Open NIPA Skibbereen YB National. Photo by Robin Tierney.

Ladies Night 112 30 01 23

NIPA acting Chairman Pat McLaughlin and wife from the Maiden City cut the cake to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the NIPA. Photo Robin Tierney.

paddy murray 30 01 23

Retiring NIPA President Davy Mawhinney (l) is seen here presenting the Presidents Chain to the incoming President Mr Paddy Murray from Killyleagh representing Section F.

tomlinson 30 01 23

Tomlinson & Wilson from Dromore in County Down win 1st Section D & 7th Open NIPA in the Skibbereen OB Inland National.

McConaghie 5b montage 10x8 copy 30 01 23

Montage of birds flown France in 2022 for John McConaghie of Ballymoney HPS.

grahom bronze 30 01 23

Martin Graham with his Bronze Diploma won with "Hugh's Delight" In the back ground is his 1st Open INFC Sennen Cove Yearling National winner "Denman" sire and g/sire of winners including Combine & Section winners.

GB19B 16541 10x8 copy 30 01 23

“Hugh’s Delight” 1st Club, 1st Mid Antrim Combine, 3rd Sect B & 46th Open NIPA St Malo OB National raced by Martin Graham of Ballymena & District HPS.

eagle fanof year obinl 30 01 23 

Johnston Eagleson of Ballymena & District with his 2022 Section B Old Bird Inland Fancier of the year award. This can be added to his Section B Old Bird of the year award won a few seasons ago.

GB19B 15985 10x8 copy 30 01 23 

Black Pied hen winner of 2nd Club Ballymena & District, 2nd MAC, 4th Sect B & 57th Open NIPA St Malo OB Nat 336/1232. Vel 350, miles 474. Raced by Robert Alexander.

Willie Reynolds – NIPA & INFC Press Officer

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Mobile: 07538 238364

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