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Homers Odyssey - 06/02/23


Homers Odyssey

Freddie Barkley is Top Prize-Winner In Rasharkin & District -

The Rasharkin & District HPS 2022 Annual Dinner and presentation of awards was held in Ballymoney British Legion. A good turnout of members and friends enjoyed a great night.

A few of the highlights of the season were Trevor Whyte winning 1st Section and 1st Open NIPA Tullamore in the opening race of the old bird season and again topping the Combine form Gowran Park OB. John & Mark Milliken won 1st section B, 1st Mid Antrim Combine & 3rd Open Skibbereen Old Bird NIPA National and A C & T Tweed were 1st Club timing their good hen for a second time from Old Bird National St Malo France National to win a Bronze Diploma award with the NIPA. In the young bird season William McFetridge won 1st & 2nd Mid Antrim Combine from Roscrea and W & J McLean won 1st Section A & 4th Open NIPA Tullamore and 1st Combine & 3rd Section A in Fermoy 5 Bird Championship.

tweed montage 06 02 23

Montage of the winners for A C & T Tweed in 2021 with Bronze Diploma added in 2022.

The cup winners were as follows:

Old Birds: J & M Milliken won old bird NIPA Skibbereen National, old bird Yearling National NIPA, Old Bird 5 Bird, Old bird Inland Average, Penzance Classic, Old Bird Knockout cup, old bird Sprint Cup and Old Bird of the Year. A C & T Tweed won Penzance Cup, Old Bird Channel National St Malo, and Old Bird Channel Average. In the Young bird season: W & J McLean won 5 Bird Cup, William McFetridge won Young Bird NIPA National Talbenny, and Best Average 2 Young Bird Nationals. Harold Cubitt won Young Bird of the Year.

cubitt 06 02 23

Chairman Harold Cubitt won the Young Bird of the Year award.

Freddie Barkley had a great season winning Young Bird National NIPA Skibbereen, Young bird Knockout Cup, Young Bird Average and to top off a great season Freddie won the Mamie Simpson Memorial cup for the Highest Prize winner.

fbarkley 06 02 23

Freddie Barkley had a top season and won the Mamie Simpson Memorial cup for the Highest Prize winner.

OB Races Winners:

Tullamore 16/04/22 - Trevor Whyte 1st & 2nd club velo 2011, 1st & 6th Combine, 1st & 7th Section & 1st & 30th Open NIPA 13,860 birds. Rasharkin fancier Trevor Whyte wins 1st Open NIPA Tullamore. The opening pigeon race of the season was flown from Tullamore in County Offaly on Saturday 16th April. The NIPA liberated the 13,511 birds at 10.30am in a southerly wind. The best bird in the local area was recorded was by Trevor Whyte of Rasharkin who timed at 12.19pm for the 125 mile fly to his lofts. Trevor recorded his best ever result winning 1st Mid Antrim Combine, 1st Section B and 1st Open NIPA 511/13511 on velocity 2011. His winning 2 year old dark pied Lambrecht’s cock was sitting eggs 10 days has won good prizes in the past including last season 2nd club (bblm) & 12th Combine from Roscrea. Sire of the winner was bred by clubmates W & J McLean and the dam was bred by clubmates John & Mark Milliken.

Roscrea 23/04/22 - J & M Milliken 1st Club velo 1178, 18th Mid Antrim Combine 1715 birds & 31st Section 107/3029.

Gowran Park 29/04/22 - Trevor Whyte 1st velo 1572, 1st Combine 1761 birds, 5th & 11th Section 3434 birds & 34th & 82nd Open 777/22021 Combine Double for Trevor Whyte from Gowran Park - The racing season continued with the third race from Gowran Park in County Kilkenny. Due to a poor weather forecast for the weekend it was decided to race mark on the Thursday evening for a Friday Liberation. Friday 29th April turned out a beautiful day and the NIPA liberated at 10.30am in light easterly winds. The Rasharkin club had the early birds taking the top four positions in the Mid Antrim Combine 64/1761. Trevor Whyte fresh from his 1st Open NIPA Tullamore result a fortnight ago was again best in the Combine again doing 1572. His winning yearling grizzle Lambrecht hen timed at 13.28pm was flying 159 miles to the lofts just outside Portglenone. Trevor's hen was racing on the natural system and finishes 34th Open NIPA. In the opening race of the season from Tullamore she won 2nd club (blm), 6th MA Combine and 30th Open NIPA and last year as a young bird 1st club and 8th MA Combine from Gowran Park. This top racing hen is full sister to his Tullamore NIPA Open winner. Combine runner up was John & Mark Milliken on 1569 followed by Freddie Barkley on 1567 with the same bird that won 11th Combine in the opening race of the season and Trevor Whyte was in again for 4th Combine on 1563.

Fermoy 07/05/22 - J & M Milliken 1st, 2nd & 3rd velo 1515, 10th & 12th Combine, 13th & 16th Section 3179 birds.

Corrin 14/05/22 - Trevor Whyte velo 1681, 2nd Combine 1637 birds, 2nd Section & 19th Open 759/21930 Runner up in the Combine on 1681 was Trevor Whyte of Rasharkin who is having a great season having won 1st Open NIPA Tullamore in the opening race of the season and 1st Combine a fortnight ago from Gowran Park. This week’s winner a 2-year-old blue pied Lambrecht hen was bred by clubmate William McFetridge.

Gowran Park 21/05/22 - William McFetridge velo 1683, 2nd Combine & 4th Section B William McFetridge of Rasharkin was the Combine runner up on 1683.

Skibbereen NIPA Inland National 21/05/22 - J & M Milliken 1st velo 1913, 1st Combine, 1st, 9th & 17th Section B & 3rd, 93rd & 144rd Open NIPA 4363 Birds. R J & W J Reid 6th Section & 37th Open, Freddie Barkley 26th Section & 253rd Open The first classic race of the season was the old bird Inland National from Skibbereen. The NIPA liberated on Saturday 21st May at 9.00am in fresh south westerly winds and a fast race was to follow. Best bird in the local area and 1st Mid Antrim Combine & 1st Section B was timed by John & Mark Milliken of Rasharkin at 13.04pm who fly 266 miles to their lofts. Their winning 2-year-old chequer cock is a son of Jackie Steele's top Lambrecht stock cock the famous "38".

milliken 06 02 23

J & M Milliken won 1st Section B, 1st Mid Antrim Combine, 3rd Open Skibbereen old bird NIPA National.

1st Talbenny 28/05/22 - Harold Cubitt 1221 19th Combine, 24th Section 94/1480.

2nd Talbenny 04/06/22 - J & M Milliken 1221, 3rd Combine, 3rd Section 1055 birds & 24th Open 557/8235.

Fermoy 04/06/22 - J & M Milliken 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Club velo 1223, 14th & 16th Combine, 18th & 20th Section 1334 Birds.

Fermoy 5 Bird - J & M Milliken velo 1223, 9th Combine & 66th Open 1064 birds.

Skibbereen Yearling National 12/06/22 - J & M Milliken 1st Club vel 1501.

Bude 12/06/22 - Freddie Barkley velo 1119, 39th Section 65/547.

Penzance 18/06/22 - A C & T Tweed velo 1204, 14th Combine, & 24th Section 73/638.

Penzance OB Classic - J & M Milliken velo 1093, 17th Combine.

St Malo OB National NIPA - A & C & T Tweed 1st Club velo 280, 4th Combine, 7th Section & 71st Open 336/1232 The only other loft to clock in the Combine was the Anne, Chris and Tommy Tweed partnership of Rasharkin & Dist. Their dark w/f hen was timed on the third evening to win the club for the second season in a row. Last season the hen was placed 5th Section & 43rd Open NIPA and this year 7th Section & 71st Open winning the partnership the Bronze Diploma. Dam is from Joe Murphy, and it contains top Scottish distance lines, the sire from Rudi Gage of Windsor Social is Fred Simpson x Robin Duddy best bloodlines.

tweed 06 02 23

A C & T Tweed had another top season through to France to add to awards won in 2021.

Young Bird Races:

1st Kilbeggan 16/07/22 - A, C & T Tweed 1st club Velo 1473, 15th Combine & 38th Section B 47/1324

2nd Kilbeggan 22/07/22 - Steele & McNeill velo 1435, 3rd Combine & 5th Section 2541 birds. Jackie's winner is off his top Lambrecht stock bird "38 Cock". This cock has bred outstandingly over the years including 1st Open NIPA Mullingar for Bertie Blair of Ballymena & Dist, 1st Section B Skibbereen OB Inland National for clubmates John & Mark Milliken, 1st Combine & 13th Open INFC St. Allouestre Kings Cup for Stewart Bros of Randalstown, and Jackie's own "Isla" winner of 3 x 1st Combine and 3 x 1st Section B 2018. The nestmate of the "38 Cock" bred 1st Open NIPA Fermoy for John & Mark Milliken.

steele 06 02 23

Secretary Jackie Steele holding his winner from 2nd Kilbeggan young bird. 

Tullamore 29/07/22 - W & J McLean 1st club velo 1723, 1st Section A & 4th Open 545/17775 brother and sister partnership of William & Jean McLean who were best in Rasharkin on 1723 and also won 1st Section A and 4th Open NIPA. They timed a Lambrecht cock bred by clubmate Mark Milliken.

mclean 06 02 23

Willie McLean (W & J McLean) topped Section A and finished 4th Open NIPA in the young bird Tullamore.

Roscrea 06/08/22 - William McFetridge velo 1637, 4th Combine & 6th Section B 2928 birds. William McFetridge the Rasharkin winner 4th Combine 6th Section with a dark Lambrecht cock off a brother of Jackie Steele's top stock cock "38".

mcfetridge 06 02 23

William McFetridge was 1st, 2nd in Mid Antrim Combine from Roscrea young bird.

Gowran Park 13/08/22 - W & J McLean 1st Club 1286

Fermoy 19/08/22 - W & J McLean velo 1926, & 4th Section A 31/677

Fermoy 5 Bird 19/08/22 - W & J McLean 1st Club velo 1926 1st Combine & 3rd Section A William & Jean McLean from Rasharkin topped the Combine in the duplicated 5 Bird event and finished 3rd in Section A. Their winning chequer hen sitting on eggs won 1st Club last week from Gowran Park and was bred by clubmate Mark Milliken.

Talbenny YB National 27/08/22 - William McFetridge 1016 1st Club.

Roscrea 27/08/22 - W McFetridge 1st & 2nd Club velo 1544 1st & 2nd Combine & 3rd & 4th Section 57/1307

William McFetridge wins 1st & 2nd Combine from Roscrea -The Roscrea comeback was flown on the same day as the Talbenny YB National Saturday 27th August with a liberation at 8.45am in light winds. Rasharkin fancier William McFetridge had a great result winning 1st & 2nd Combine after timing at 11.34am & 11.36am flying 148 miles. William was due a Combine win having had a handful of runner-up places, over the last two seasons. His winning chequer cock is bred from Herman's x Luis Thijs stock from Darwin Stuart of Ballymoney and clubmate Jackie Steele. William's second bird was bred by clubmate Mark Milliken.

Fermoy 01/09/22 - Freddie Barkley 1st club velo 1309. 13th Combine, 20th Section & 171st Open 9122 birds Freddie Barkley had the winner in Rasharkin with a blue cock bred from his good 4 x 1st cock when paired to a Roland Janssen hen.

Skibbereen YB NIPA National 10/09/22 - Freddie Barkley velo 1267 13th Combine & 18th Section 37/331 Freddie Barkley had the Rasharkin winner with a blue chequer Busschaert x Lambrecht.  Mervyn Eagleson PO.

* The members of Kells & District HPS send their condolences to their chairman Harry Boyd on the recent death of his brother George and extend their sympathy to the family circle. We also wish Stewart McIlveen a speedy recovery after his recent hospitalisation. Kells & District will have a meeting in clubroom on Thursday 9th February at 7.00pm to vote on the Nipa resolutions. Harryville HPS have a meeting arranged for Friday 10th February at 4.00pm.

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