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Sean Wolohan (backcountry Auctions)



2011: Raised £1375 COMPTON HOS (Charity)

2011: Raised £1375 ACORNS TRUST (Children’s Charity)

2006: Raised £1600 ACORNS TRUST (Children’s Charity)

SEAN WOLOHAN (Backcountry Auctions)

Sean and his children Shay & Sienna.

Every single one of us along our paths of life meet people who have a profound inspiring influence on our lives. I first met Sean Wolohan some 8 years ago by answering an add placed in the British Homing World, when he, and then business partner Pete Shaw were advertising pigeons for sale. (Blackcountry Auctions). I bought one of my first stock hens from them at that time, a beautiful blue hen direct out of “Beth's Boy”. Both Shaun and Pete realised that I had just started up within the sport and sold me the hen for nearly a third less of the original asking price. I realised then after speaking to both of them, what genuine fanciers they both were.

Sean, who is now the sole proprietor of Backcountry Auctions, is well known up and down the country for his entrepreneurship with regards to his growing business acumen of buying and selling quality thoroughbred racing pigeons. During the last eight years of becoming a close friend with Sean and his brilliant family it became so apparent of how genuine and honest he is. How many of us can really say that about anyone these days?

The two charities Sean & Pete have raised the money for I should imagine will touch all our hearts, as it’s for children with limited or life threatening conditions & the very frail and elderly. I couldn’t imagine any other charities worthy of our appreciation.

Sean has asked me to personally thank each and every fancier who donated pigeons for the sale, as follows: Pete Shaw, Clive Yates, Mark Caudwell, Jack Walker, Darren Riley, R.Stokes & Sons. Pete Norton, Bobby Walton, Stuart Knowles, Mickey Betts, Ingram & Langton, Steve Ash, Frank Taylor, Royal Oak Lofts. Stuart Inett, Roy & Wess Whitehouse. Fanciers who gave monies directly to Sean for the charities are: Ray Roberts, John Henwood, Dennis Dorset and Jim Carr. A massive thank you to all.

During the sales within the British Homing World a number of fanciers pledged money to buy certain pigeons, but then failed to send the monies. This ran into hundreds of pounds, Sean then spending literally hours trying to contact the various fanciers. In the end Sean gave up and put the whole amount in himself.

I would like to finish by saying, I’ve witnessed first hand how hard Sean and others like him within the sport work tirelessly for the good of the many. I’ve spoken to our new RPRA General Manager and his predecessor asking why such brilliant visionaries cannot be part of the rebuilding process that our sport desperately needs?