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Untouchable From Barcelona By John Halstead



by John Halstead

In 2009, John Halstead won 1st National from Barcelona, 696 miles, with his blue pied cock Untouchable. This fabulous pigeon extricated itself from a convoy of over 27,000 birds, all but a few of whom were heading way over to the east of John’s Dorset home, to lofts in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Running for nearly an hour and a half, John tells the story of how Untouchable was selected, trained, conditioned and MOTIVATED to strike for home early on in the world’s greatest pigeon race. This is a comprehensive dvd covering feed, feed supplements, tonics, medicine, the value of peanuts, the home environment, the widowhood system, prep races and exercise time around the loft. The dvd costs £25 and can be ordered directly through Elimar by clicking on the Pigeon Racing DVDs logo on the left of this page.