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Mr & Mrs Paul Woolliss of New Waltham, Grimsby



Mr & Mrs Paul Woolliss


New Waltham, Grimsby


Introduce their National Winning Family, winning through to 815 miles


Origin of Birds

Our family of national birds are based on the bloodlines of the Van Wanroys of Joe Hendricks of Twello featuring all the family greats but predominately going back to the De Barcelona line, the International winner of 1980 for Joe, which, even to this day, is the furthest flying International winner from Barcelona at 780 miles. Into this family we have successfully crossed the world famous Stichelbaut bloodlines, allowing only Mr Basket to be the selection criteria. Although now the strain is often referred to as the Woolliss strain after over 20 years of cultivating it, I think it's worth remembering the importance of the above two strains in our family, also the odd selective cross we have added when, and only when, it survived Mr basket himself.


Please remember we only send small numbers, often one or two. We do not need ten or twenty entries, just quality pigeons with their own mind and determination..


The base pigeons in the loft as follows:


AMBITION. Cheq hen, Wanroy back to the original imports all the way back to De Barcelona. As a racer she was 1 st Section K Pau, 37 th Open Pau 703 miles, 1 st N.E. 700 Mile Club winning an R.P.R.A. N.E. Award for her efforts. She was a great racer for us, however her breeding prowess has left her mark for years in our loft and many other lofts throughout the UK and more recently Japan. She has helped breed winners from 86 miles to Palamos, Spain, 815 miles. 80% of our stock loft contains her blood.


LONA. 4 Times over 700 miles 8 times over 600 miles.

Much has been written about this great racing machine who took prizes, often back-to-back, at National level from middle-distance onwards, against top sprint widowhood cocks I may add, at 370 miles, 438 miles, 596 miles, 703 miles, 815 miles and Barcelona, 842 miles.

Indeed in her racing career she flew 3 times Spain to Grimsby including: 1 st Section 46th Open Palamos 815 miles, the only bird in race time in the Section; 2 nd Section, 68 th Open Palamos 815 miles; 3 rd Section 55 th Open Barcelona 842 miles.

What makes the results more amazing is the fact that we give up to 200 miles overfly in some of these races. Her other results include 39 th Open 4 th Section Nantes 438 miles; 3 rd Section 133rd Open Bordeaux 596 miles; 9 th Section 283 rd Open Bordeaux 596miles; 195 th Open 54th Section Le Ferte Bernard 370 miles; 33 rd Section 604 th Open Pau 703 miles; 24 th N.E. 700 Mile Club Pau 703 miles.For good measure she also scored inland at Portland 228 miles. Lona also won the trophy for the furthest flying bird in race time from the Palamos national twice.






Grandchildren of Lona start at only £70-00 each; £80-00 each with Ambition as a g.parent; from £100-00 each with Palona added.


The breeding of Lona is Van Wanroy with the lines of De Barcelona, De St. Vincent. Very inbred to this champion also the Zwarte Oude 90. This on the dam's side.

On her sire's side we have the Pol Bostyn Stichelbauts of Fred Bloor with his famous Olympic Gold, 1 st Open Pau National as the g.dam.


Lona is dam, g.dam and g.g.dam of winners in federation and national races for us and the many fanciers winning with her blood throughout the UK.




Winner of 1st Section 7 th Open Palamos 815 miles.

Winner of 1 st Open Single Bird National Palamos 815 miles.

Winner of a N.E. Region R.P.R.A. Award for his performance, just like his g.mother Ambition

Palona's other positions include: 14 th Section K, 11 th North East 700 Mile Club, 19 th Single Bird National Pau 703miles; 18 th Section E Nantes; 51 st Section K Nantes 438 miles.


His breeding is again Van Wanroy, bred off a direct son of Ambition, namely 754, our No. 1 breeding cock that has bred countless top pigeons throughout the UK. On his dam's side the lines of the legendary DE 90 and De Barcelona feature again, with a splash of Deny Bros, through a daughter of the famous Prins, for good measure.


Grandchildren of Palona are priced from £100-00.


Picture please.


Doug - Mealy Cock.


Again 3 times Spain to Grimsby and 9 times over 600 miles.

His breeding is a g/son of Ambition crossed with a Hansenne Westcott.


8 th Section 155 th Open Palamos 815miles; 8 th Section 154 th Open Palamos 815miles; 16 th N.East 700 Mile Club Pau 703miles; 25 th N.E. 700 Mile Club San Sebastian 710 miles; 23 rd Section K Pau 703 miles; 30 th Single Bird National San Sebastian 710miles.


Grandchildren of Doug from £70-00.


Dorothy (DOT). Blue Hen.


Picture please.


Dot is bred through Lona, Palona and Ambition, being a g.daughter of all 3.


In one season racing, year 2005, and only 2 years old, she won the following:

9 th Section 256 th Open Tarbes National 711 miles; 11 th Open 2 nd Section Single Bird National Tarbes 711 miles, winning the Brian Denney Shield for 1 st bird flying over 700 miles; 6 th N.E. 700 Mile Club Tarbes 711 miles; 34 th Section 259th Open Falaise National 320 miles; 210th Section 488 th Open Saran 394miles; 134 th Section Falaise National 320 miles.


We hope the above shows the quality of birds we race, flying to a off-line position where clearly there is no drag of birds to follow, and national-wise we are out on a limb so to speak. It takes special pigeons to fly and win at 700 miles or further on the east coast of England. Even more special with entries such as 1 or 2.


We can match pairs for you if you wish.


Export orders welcome.


Birds are limited as we are only small-team fanciers. Give us a call for a chat with your requirements on 01472 827239 or e.mail for availability.


Special price for 6 to race - please ask.


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