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Old Socks from Dave Brierley

Odd Socks

Here is a little story for you it just might give a little inspiration to the fanciers that are a bit disheartened in the sport with all the negativity which seems to dominate Facebook at the moment.

Well I am just a back-garden fancier with a small 10 x 8 loft and a small team of bird’s that I am passionate about. I have been involved in racing since I was born as it has been in my family from as far back as my great grandfather. I have never won a first prize like my forebears and that has always been my goal to achieve this I have won a couple of 2nds and other minor cards but never a first till today! I am disabled which I hate to say but that in it is important. Because I couldn’t of achieved my goal if it wasn’t for fanciers help which I am eternally grateful first of all Ged and Sue Hampson who have helped me with tasks that I just can’t do but also all my club mates which have to incorporate the tasks in the club I should be doing.

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This year has been a bit different due to a chance meeting on Facebook with Jim Emerton he has really helped me by getting my mind focused and sharing his extensive knowledge about long distance pigeon racing. Something I call P.M.A (positive mental attitude) which basically means focus on the positives forget the negatives as they only distract you from your goal.

So, to Odd Socks I was that focused that the morning of the race I put on odd socks something I never do as I follow strict regimental processes to keep myself safe from injuries. I was at the time messaging Jim and I said I will call my first bird back Odd Socks.

Anyway at 11.42 on the second day from Gien the up north Combines replacement race point from Bourges my yearling untrained, unraced as a young bird after approximately 8 training chucks this year then raced from Oakham 130 miles, Chelmsford 203 miles and then Roye 375 miles where he got 9th club 50th federation. He finally went to Gien 503 miles winning 1st Club 22nd federation and possibly a Combine place. To say I am happy is an understatement.

The most important thing that made this year better than the previous 10 years was that although my body is broken and some experts say my brain ha ha what part that was salvageable was given a clear focus objective to achieve which was thanks to Jim Emertons magic.

Jim a living legend of racing pigeons has written numerous books in the aim of helping others achieve their dreams. If you also want to make your dreams come true just search for Jim Emerton on Google to help Jim help you.

Dave Brierley 2020