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The highly respected family partnership of T&T Hennessy - 21-09-20

The highly respected family partnership of T&T Hennessy.

The subject matter of this loft report is the highly respected family partnership of T&T Hennessy. Everybody within the family gets involved willingly. Firstly, it essentially consists of Tim the senior (Dad) and Son Timmy, who are respectively 5th and 6th generation fanciers such is the tradition in family history. The future may hold a 7th generation fancier as Timmy's beautiful Partner Diane recently gave birth to twins Tadhg and Faye.

Diane Twins

Diane & The Twins

Dad, Tim, first became involved in the sport in 1976. The lofts are situated at their home in Corks famous northside measuring 25feet in length and is a double decker self build. The partnership believe in keeping numbers low with 50 youngsters and a few 12 select summer breeds being the quota. Absolute quality has been the dictum at this loft with plenty of space and fresh air to benefit the pigeons. The loft has always been successful, but in their quest to become ultra successful which they are now amassing 50 x1st 10 x 1st feds in the last few seasons a dedicated plan was laid out regardless of cost or effort. Timmy had been afforded an opportunity of visiting several national and Kings cup winning lofts as their sights were firmly focused in the nationals. A very different type of class was needed, The lads stated pre-potent blood is gold for distance racing, with this in mind 2 fanciers were approached. Stock was selected from Denis Wall's "Unlucky" Lines and most of His French lines. Denis being Timmy's partner Diane's Dad, Denis is an outstanding fancier and has given Timmy a lot of support and guidance throughout the years. The other fancier who wishes to remain anonymous, selected initially 2 matched pairs which immediately delivered the goods. One hen turning out to be a goldmine producer of fed and national pigeons. The fancier concerned said they now have "Free reign in his stock loft and bloodlines aside, the Hennessy's create their own success through hard work and absolute dedication as he aptly described superb sportsmen". Regarding the system of racing its primarily roundabout and variations just to see certain pigeons reactions. The lads race in only 1 club, Cork North West affiliated to the Cork Fed and They race in 2 separate nationals namely  the Eire National which races North out of Scotland and the Irish Homing Union NFC racing out of England, Wales and France, which shows to illustrate the calibre of pigeons they fly, no more than one or two entries are sent to each national race. Each bird being specifically prepared for its chosen national, the preparation and condition is a masterclass in itself.  Best performances have been achieved with cocks racing to a big baby and hens sitting 10-12 days but never rearing, This method has proven itself as the lads struck gold with back to back Fed's out of Perth 2019 & 2020 flying 371 miles. The preferred type and now dominant in the loft is for small to medium apple bodied with silky feathering and an abundance of keel cover regardless of how its bred if these essential conditions are not met disposal is certain. Regarding eyesign Tim Snr has no interest, But Timmy likes a nice strong eye in a breeder. The partnership considers feeding vital, and goes to great lengths to make up their own mix. The lads insist on plenty of tosses generally up to 30 miles as young birds, "let them mature and develop insisting they don't have to be raced as YB's or burnt out". 

Fitness and Motivation being the essentials for success. The lads believe its essential to be totally dedicated 365 days a year. They firmly believe, natural constitution and health emanating from successive generations of proven blood, the loft and its inmates radiate sublime quality class and calmness throughout. 

In conclusion, both lads unhesitatingly wish to thank Diane as she does a substantial amount of private training and relishes the success of the loft as does Timmy's younger brother Jamie. Below is an example of the national performances achieved and please note the number of birds entered into each national its simply quite phenomenal but nothing short of elite fanciership. Its been a privilege to report on such fanciership.

MAX      The Fifty Five Cock Tim SNR

Perth Cock Tim Snr Son Jamie

"The Perth Cock" - 8hours 371 miles 

SALLY     Minstrel



"Tadhg" - Single entry to St.Malo

Kind Regards

Ger O'Sullivan