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Lancaster Bomber is a little blue hen who was sent to Tenerife to take on the world best.

I was gifted a pair of eggs from Michael Riding off his super hen “Rainy Day Lady”. Both hatched out and we got to a nest pair, Cock and Hen. I then told Michael I was thinking of sending the blue hen over to Tenerife to lead a team in the toughest races in the world. 3,500 pigeons starting this series of races, with over 40 different countries competing. Micheal agreed and we was both excited about taking on the best in the pigeon world.

Lancaster Bombers mother “Rainy Day Lady” is one super pigeon when the going got tough, she was the one to beat. 12 times into France, 11 times on the day and to finish her racing career she topped the NWGNFC as a 7 year old. With these genes in Lancaster Bomber’s blood we were quietly confident she could stay the distance in these tough races.

“King of Atlantic” being the crown we had in mind knowing she would stay. Seven tough races from Grand Canaria and Fuerteventura back to Tenerife. Plenty of water to cross, the pigeons needed to be brave.

Rainy Day Lady

Rainy day lady

Racing started and Lancaster Bomber’s results proved to be very consistent and after the first of six races Lancaster Bomber was leading the pack going into the final race at number one in the world. Some 90 point clear of the second pigeon.

Result after 6 races

Results after 6 races.

So after six three day races it left only the final race from Fuerteventura, the longest and toughest three day race. When in 2019 only 92 pigeons made it home in the three days.

The final, only five hundred forty one birds made it to the final race out of 3,500  birds that started the series. That’s nearly three thousand birds lost. The bird were put up at eight am on the 5th July with 115 making it back on day one. A further 44 on day two and 7 more on day three, that’s one hundred and sixty six in race time. Yes Lancaster Bomber finished 162nd arriving on the 3rd morning.

The brave little blue hen showing true grit and determination to finish this tough race.

We then calculated the “King of The Atlantic” points she had gained for finishing 162nd in the race and yes it took her back to number one in the world some eighty points clear with only one of the five going into the Final, managing to finish along Lancaster Bomber. One hundred and sixty six brave birds out of 3,500 that started this tough series of 7 races making it home in race time. Lancaster Bomber “ ENGLAND” “ KING OF THE ATLANTIC” what a proud moment. She was sent to Tenerife to beat the best in the world and this she did.

Three days after the final race I took my team down to Leic ( Chris Sutton’s) for the first English shipment to Tenerife for the 2021 race series. On arriving I asked Chris Sutton to ring Tenerife to update the third day pigeons on top the results. This is when I was told the race had been finished a day early. My response being you cannot cut a grand averages, it’s got to run to the end of the third day.

I later received an email saying it was safe discretion of the management to say when the race ends. Feeling robbed and cheated of the crown, I replied with an email containing my feelings. Transparent is a word used a lot by this organisation but how can this be transparent, when you move the goal posts, tampering with the results. Using words like sole discretion of the management, tampering with the results give a different outcome to the results of the averages.

Once’s again nowhere in the rules for the 2020 race series did it say the final race would end at the end of day two. If you read the 2021 rules, you will see that the rules have changed from what the 2020 rules were. So now the goal posts cannot be moved and things are set in stone, but once again nowhere in the race rules for 2020 did it say the race would finish at the end of day two but it did and that decision costed Lancaster Bomber the crown.

In England we have a saying “ it’s not over until the fat lady sings “ and that should have been at the end of day three. Lancaster Bomber was brushed under the carpet at the end of this race and the name Lancaster Bomber would never be heard of again. But I  wasn’t having this. Lancaster Bomber as a baby stood out, there was something about her. Intelligent, bright and a joy to have in the loft.

Chapter two will follow next week. The story get even better, Do not miss it.

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