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When dreams turn into nightmares. - 27-04-21

When dreams turn into nightmares.

Well what a stressful and frustrating year so far especially for those of us who live and breathe for long distance and marathon racing what with the avian flu and the compounding issues with European channel racing ongoing restrictions. I must though at the very start give credit to the RRPA and the other organisations who have been working tirelessly to resolve this situation and as I write still are. But to the everyday fanciers who don’t and have no ambition to get involved in the politics of the sport and just want to prepare, send and sit back on a hopefully bright sunny day and watch their birds appear out of the blue sky close it wings and race through the trap there’s some good news with the powers that be giving the green light for racing in the UK to go ahead on the 1st of March.  No such news as yet for the dreams of the fanciers who race from foreign parts, their dreams are as yet on hold with some proactive organisations offering alternative race programs to facilitate the distance fanciers needs by turning north road flying in the boundaries of the UK.  Offering race points of Thurso and Lerwick at a respectable 600 to 700 miles to the south coast. It will be interesting to see how this change on the compasses of our little warriors affects the outcome of the racing this year although I do suspect that regular names and faces will still be in the mix. Then there’s who’s whole focus is aimed at that one special race that comes around once a year for myself it’s Bourges sadly though I fear that this will not happen.

Then there’s my friend Jim Emerton and his partners who live and breathe for Barcelona International, again like me it’s that one race they prepare and set their stalls out for planning and implementing tried and tested methods with a few tweaks year on year to achieve their dreams. There are others I’m sure who aim to do the same. Sometimes in life variables such as this one come along which the humble fanciers cannot change and when change happens at first it can feel like the end of the world and so that starts feelings of sadness, depression and even anger as you feel you are not in control as you think of all the time and effort you have expended and for what! Well I know it may not seem like it at the time but sometimes the change can lead to better things as you come to terms with what’s happened and accept the situation.  The great and the good will use this experience as a way to improve use the natural break to implement the things that you never got round to doing and come out of the situation stronger and more confident that better times are to come.  I’m sure there will be casualties because of this change but I’m also confident that there will also others that will see it as an opportunity to come on board and join us on our long distance marathon quests. So chin up lads and lasses what ever the future holds use your time wisely as time goes by in the blink of an eye and I bet you still get that buzz even if you’re bird’s come home from a different direction than usual this year.

Yours in sport

Dave Bunker Brierley 2021

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