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M O'Hara & Son Stock Birds

These are stock at the lofts of
M & A O'hara


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 "Scarlet Best Kittel"
A top breeder having bred winner with 6 different hens his sire is a top breeding grandson of "Griepal" He is a full brother to 2nd National Barleycove IHUNFC. 

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A granddaughter of Superstar "Best Kittel" out of the excellent pairing of "The Dream Rode" & "Golden Rudy" breeders of winners including 1st in the mighty NIPA. The dam is a direct daughter of Superstar "Best Kittel"

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 "White Speed"
A super grandson of the ACE "Pitbull" a top breeding cock. To make it more interesting in the breeding the dam is a granddaughter of "Pitbull"

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A STAR in the making, as a young bird was a winner of 6th Thurles 2,535 birds. 11th Tuullamore NIPA 6,525 birds beaten by 10 loft mates. He is a grandson of "Best Kittel" who was paire to the nest sister to 1st National ACE KBDB. The dam is a super breeder and the line of the greta "Olympiade 003" including super racer/breeder "Gripel" brother to "Kittel"

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 "Mr Fantastic" 
Grandson of "Best Kittel" and is a half-sister to the East Down Combine Ace YB. "Mr Fantastic" is also a brother to many winners. What a team, "Best Kittel" "Brother Goede Rode" "Golden Leo 4000" "Goed Rood" super pigeons.

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Another granddaughter of Superstar "Best Kittel" 1st national ACE KBDB. Sire is already a breeder of winners and is also out of "Bulka" mother to at least 7 x 1sts. The dam is "Golden Bullet" a full sister to "FBI Bullet" reported as one of the best racers ever. 

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 "King Kittel" 
Great breeding being a grandson of Superstar "Kittel" 1st national Ace who was paired to a sister to another Superstar "Bolt". The dam is a direct daughter of the excellent "Brother Goede Rode" resposnsible for many winners.  

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 "Miss Speed"
Dam of winners including 1st Ace Young Bird Liverpool Amal. She is a granddaughter of Superstar "Pitbull" 

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 "Princess Bulck"
Another with great breeding being a granddaughter of "Griepel" 1st National Champion and "Kittel" 1st National Ace Sprint KBDB. The breeding brings in the super breeding hen "Olympic Rosita" on both sides. 

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Direct from on of the main stock cocks in the Sangers Stock Lofts. "Skittel" a super breeding son of "Kittel" 1st National Ace. While on the dam's side we have "Ruby" inbred to the legendary "Kittel"

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 "Double Kittel"
This si a double grandson of Superstar "Kittel" 1st national Ace KBDB. "Double Kittel" is a brother to many winners including 1st Combine". Teo other super pigeons in the breeding are "Wild Wind & "Den Euro" the winners keep coming.

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A grandson of "Best Kittel" 1st National Ace Sprint KBDB. "Homelander" was beaten for 1st in the mighty NIPA by loft mates and was also 5th Thurles 2,633 birds as a young bird. The breeding of the dam also sees the apperance of the Superstar "Harry" a great racer breeder. 

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 "Thunderstorm 2"
Son of "Thunder Storm" a double grandson of "Pitbull" with the dam being a granddaughter of Gert haylen's "Jackpot" responsible for many winners. 

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 "Best Beast"
A real cracker having been beaten for 1st NIPA by loft mates and is the line of "Best Kittel" The dam is Gordon Bros "Special Hen" breeder of many winners including, 3rd 3,378 birds. 4th 5,495 birds. 6th 5,294 birds. 8th 1,669 birds. Etc Etc

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 "Red Storm"
Bred from a half-brother to "Kittel" and a full brother to "Goed Rood" while the dam is a granddaughter of "Goede Rode" and "Pitbull"

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The best lines are in this one including "Kittel" on both sides, "Best Kittel" "Lincia" and "Saganna"

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A grandson of "Pitbull" x a top daughter of breeder "JUL" 

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 "Ruby Rode"
A double granddaughter of the Ace breeder "Goede Rode" sire of top pigeons including "Kittel" 1st National ACE and we also have the super hane "Olympic Rosita"

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 "Goede Mealy"
Son of "Vechter" and granddaughter of "Stamvater". Grandsire of 3 x 1sts Club. 2 x 1sts Fed. 1st Combine and an RPRA Region Award winner. 

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 "Quick Silver"
Winner of 15th Navan 4,797 birds. 33rd Tullemore beaten by 27 loft mates 6,252 birds. 41st Thurles 1,522 birds. 49th Thurles 2,633 birds. A grandson of "Best Kittel" 1st National Ace KBDB. Also "Olympic Rosita" dam of "Kittel" and "Brodie" dam of 1st Combine. 1st Section. 1st Amal. Etc.

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A grandson of "Griepel" 1st National Champion Speed and is a full brother to "Kittel" 1st National Ace x a full sister to Super breeder "Olympic Rosita" the dam of "Kittel"