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Lanarkshire Fed G W P Macaloney 08-10-19

Lanarkshire Federation "Combine Average" winners are the brilliant GWP Macaloney.



This years' Lanarkshire Federation "Combine Average" winners are the brilliant GWP Macaloney. This partnership continues to record results that will never be equalled in the Lanarkshire federation. Their results year in year out are breath taking! To take the first 12 in the Lanarkshire federation and then first 13 as well as double first 5 all in the one season is world class. With bird age into the thousands, this makes it all the more remarkable. They are what you would call household names in the sport and are admired throughout the country as top class.


  Paul & Wullie Macaloney Champion loft Lanarkshire Federation 2019


Don't take my word for it just check the Duff awards the last few years!


Wullie and Paul Macaloney really are the masters of breeding/racing and their desire to better the result the previous week never eases. Their recent policy is to take out of their racing team their best racers and put them in the stock loft to preserve the winning gene pool. This policy is already working with many federation winners coming from these pigeons. 


This year has been a particularly tough Lanarkshire programme. This includes three National races.


1st Open federation winner for GWP Macaloney ,look at the sheer class of this pigeon             



The Macs have maintained a level of consistency that has seen them winning the Lanarkshire's averages for all races flown.They are the name that has most asking: "what time are the Macs in this week?" This is because of their remarkable level of consistency and respect from other fanciers. They are always looking to raise the bar with regular introductions from other top lofts but not many can match their phenomenal  Dream pair lines and M&D Vandenabeeles, which have been dominating the federation for  decades. But they keep trying to source better! Their policy is to put best to best, not focusing on lines.


Blue Caviar top racer and breeding hen for GWP Macaloney


Being the  Lanarkshire federation press officer, I report on the best in the federation and more times than not it’s the Macs that are best. So, it is them again that have risen to the top of Britain's biggest federation!


Double Vision top racing and breeding cock for GWP Macaloney



Their results 2019 Lanarkshire Federation


2019 season they won 8 x 1st sect 8 x 1st Open Lanarkshire Federation  

18 times a Federation Champions in 35 years since joining the LRPF 

13 times in 19 seasons

Equalling their own record, of winning four in a row. 

Only the second time in history of the federation (115 years) that a loft has won the major title 4 years in a row .


Well done the Macs, flying the flag for Lanarkshire home and abroad.


Paul & Wullie at the Gouden Duif  presentation 



Performance Pigeons 2019


"Tiger Vison"

Bred by GWP Macaloney 

In 2019 Winner of 

 1st   Federation 4,641 birds   

2nd  Federation 3,210 birds  (bblm)

2nd  Yearling Derby  2,230 birds (bblm) 

3rd   Federation 4.433 birds (bblm) 

5th   Federation 2,356 birds 

13th Federation 2,115 birds 

18th Federation 5,992 birds

88th Federation 1,257 birds  

(63 - 213 miles)

(4 occasions arriving with loft mates to top the entire Convoy beaten only by decimals)

In 2018 as YB Tiger Vision won 

8th Federation 4,617 birds 

Tiger Vision  wins Lanarkshire Social Circle Bird of the Year 2019.  

Sire: National winner 2017  "Double Vision"

Dam: LSC Bird of Year 2017, 1st West Region SNFC "Blue Caviar"


Tiger Vision 1st Open Federation




"Kid Dynomite" 

Bred GWP Macaloney 

Winner of 

1st West Section SNFC 813 birds 374 miles 

1st  Federation 4950 birds  78 miles 

2nd Federation   567 birds 374 miles 

3rd  Federation 5371 birds  189 miles 

10th Federation 4433 birds 64 miles 

13th Federation 2311 birds 64 miles 

15th Federation 5485 birds 64 miles 

16th Federation 4506 birds 190 miles

20th Federation 4842 birds 157 miles 

27th Federation 4381 birds 137 miles 

38th Federation 2146 birds  78 miles 

142nd Federation 2368 birds 154 miles 


Kid Dynamo 1st West section SNFC 374 miles




Bred by GWP Macaloney 

In 2019 Winner of 

1st Federation 4433 birds  64 miles 

1st Federation 3210 birds 213 miles 

1st Yearling Open 2230 birds 213 miles 

8th Federation 1257 birds 276 miles 


Caeser 1st Open federation



 "Brave Angel" 1st Federation 3553 birdsBred by GWP Macaloney

Direct from their Number one breeding Cock Camelot,  the very best of our Vandenabeeles.




Tom Corrie Jnr 

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer.