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Lanarkshire Fed Worksop 11-06-19




Tom Corrie jnr

This week takes us to Worksop, the largest town in the Bassetlaw district of Nottinghamshire, England. Worksop lies on the River Ryton, and is located at the northern edge of Sherwood Forest. Worksop is located 19 miles east-south-east of Sheffield.This week 3,300 birds plus 9 Fauldhoue club baskets were race marked on the Saturday for a Sunday race.They were  liberated at 07 30hrs in a light south west wind for the 214 miles flight back into Central Scotland.The winner hit the boards for GWP Macaloney of Airdrie around 12 04hrs to record a very decent 1370ypm.This was followed through the trap by its loft mate to take 1st& 2nd Open Lanarkshire federation.They also win the yearling derby with their brilliant check cock "Caeser" This being his second 1st Open of the season..Well done Wullie & Paul on another outstanding performance.The Macaloneys had a brilliant race recording seven in the top fifteen of the section result .

"Caeser "This weeks 1st Open federation for GWP Macaloney

Like most races over 200 miles the birds were more strung out, but over the piece it was a good race for the federation.Again thanks to our convoyer/race controller Tommy McDonnagh for his dedication to the well fair of the pigeons.

This weekend again the federation is racing from Kelso and also convoying with the SNFC to Maidstone.So a bit of something for everyone!
Around the clubs

Airdrie  12 sent  160 birds. 1st ,2nd,4th,5th  GWP Macaloney. 3rd J Barr

This weeks winning loft of GWP Macaloney

Close up of Caeser winner of 9 x 1st prizes and only a yearling ,2 x 1st Open federations this year

1st Yearling Derby 2019,1st Fed 4,433,1st Fed 3,210,11th Fed 2437,1st section 1862,1st section 1095,1st Lanarkshire Social Circle 643,1st Lanarkshire Social Circle 577,1st club 232,1st club 160 What a pigeon !

Clarkston 10 lofts sent 109 birds. 1st,2nd,3rd T Corrie Son G/son. 4th H Currie. 5th D Mitchell & Son


Tom Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston

Coalburn. 10 sent 197 birds. 1st 2nd D Morrison & Son. 3rd A Meikle. 4th W Mitchell & Son. 5th F Hillan

Uddingston. 12 sent 231 birds. 1st H Murphy. 2nd,3rd,5th J Cullen. 4th D McCaig

Lanark & Dist. 5 sent 44 birds. 1st ,2nd D K Burnside. 3rd A Neil. 4th ,5th Mr & Mrs Megahy

Dave Burnside wins Lanark & Dist

Newmains. 20 sent 498 birds. 1st J & K Miller. 2nd J Lawrie & Son. 3rd ,4th W Smart. 5th J Whiteford & Family

Dalziel 14 sent 279 birds. 1st,5th  W McDonald. 2nd J King. 3rd J Cassidy. 4th J Boyle

Wullie McDonald (L) wins Dalziel

Blantyre 5 sent 97 birds. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Tallis & McDonagh

Tommy McDonagh wins Blantyre

Burnbank. 1st A Nelson. 2nd,4th J Green & Son. 3rd,5th A McInnes

Alan Nelson wins Burnbank

Larkhall & Dist. 11 sent 192 birds. 1st,5th Robertson & Scott. 2nd,4th J Newbiggin. 3rd N Orr  

Robertson & Scott win Larkhall

New Stevenson. 7 sent 131 birds. 1st,4th J L Kerr. 2nd,3rd,5th JJK Gillon

Chryston. 9 sent 100 birds. 1st ,5th W Holland. 2nd,3rd C Shaw. 4th C Gray

Billy Holland wins Chryston

Carluke . 7 sent 106 birds. 1st ,2nd,5th C & E McMillan. 3rd S McCardle. 4th Mrs M Blyth

Callum MCMillan (L) wins Carluke

Coatbridge SC. 14 sent 214 birds. 1st,4th  A Wood. 2nd,3rd Pollock & Cairney. 5th W Clelland

Greenfield. 1st,5th D Allison. 2nd J Leggate. 3rd G Baird. 4th K Buchanan

Dave Allison(L) wins Greenfield and West section

East Kilbride. 5 sent 160 birds. 1st,3rd  G Orr. 2nd J Meikle. 4th D Gillespie. 5th R Jukes Snr

Gordon Orr (L) wins East Kilbride

Cambuslang  1st,2nd W Allison. 3rd W Gordon. 4th T Houston. 5th E Robin jnr

Billy Allison (L) wins Cambuslang

.Lanarkshire Social Circle. 32 sent 677 birds. 1st,2nd,3rd,5th GWP Macaloney. 4th J Lawrie & Son 

Wullie Macaloney (L) & Paul Macaloney (R) this weeks 1st Open Federation & Yearling derby winners

Cambusnethan/Morningside. 1st J & K Miller. 2nd J Lawrie & Son. 3rd,4th W Smart. 5th J Whiteford & Family

Low Waters. 1st,2nd,3rd G Lightbody

Fauldhouse. 12 sent 203 birds. 1st club 18 minutes in front is J Hadfield on 1437. 2nd,4th T Gavin 1352 & 1320. 3rd J Burt

Section winners

Centre. 71 sent 1095 birds. 1st,2nd,5th GWP Macaloney of Airdrie 1370. 3rd J Barr of Airdrie. 4th H Murphy of Uddingston


East 46 sent 827 birds. 1st J & K Miller  of Newmains 1369. 2nd C & E McMillan of Carluke. 3rd J Lawrie & Son of Newmains. 4th JL Kerrof New Stevenson. 5th W Smart of Newmains

Kevin & Jackie Miller win Newmains and East section

West. 46 sent 1288. 1st,5th D Allison of Greenfield club 1331. 2nd J Leggate of Greenfield. 3rd G Baird of greenfield. 4th K Buchanan of greenfield 

Well done to all section winners!

Yearling Derby1st Open  GWP Macaloney with Check cock Su 18 1809 winning  £ 394 2nd Open GWP Macaloney with Blue cock Su 18 L 1771 winning £99Top flying lads

Average Leader Board
1st T Richardson 1297, Newmains club2nd M Krivokapic 1278, Greenfield club3rd J Cullen 1275, Uddingston club4th D Allison, Greenfield club5th G Mann, Airdrie club6th T Corrie Son G/son,Clarkston club7th A Nelson ,Burnbank club8th J Wood ,Uddingston club9th Eadie & Kelly ,Newmains club10th GWP Macaloney , Airdrie club

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