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Lanarkshire Hexham 08-05-19




Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation -Hexham race 4th May


Hexham in Northhumberland, North East England, proudly holds the title of England’s favourite market town as voted by Country Life magazine. The town centre is filled with winding streets with Hexham Abbey.

Hexham racecourse is built on a hill overlooking the town, so as well as getting a good view of the racing, enjoy grandstand views of the rolling countryside surrounding the town too.

The temperature plummeted over the week with a cold icy front moving in from the North. When the North wind blows then the velocities are going to be around the 1100ypm.

Saturday broke with sunny a stiff cold wind but bright with some sunshine, but when it wasn't three then it wasn't pleasant. The communication came through that the 5,600 birds plus 20 Fauldhoue club crates had been liberated at 10 15 am in a North wind.

This week’s winners like the previous two races are the brilliant GWP Macaloney whose Pencil yearling cock covered the 97 miles in 2hrs 25 minutes for a velocity of 1179ypm.

GWP Macaloney winners of 1st Open Federation Hexham

Well done to Wullie and Paul.


The reports that an excellent race was had by the federation. Well done to everyone that makes this happen. 


This week’s winner Yearling Pencil C "Hercules" Bred by GWP Macaloney.  Supermac lines x Peter Fox Sunday Girl lines. Their first five birds are all bred from full brothers of the 4 x 1st Fed winner "Supermac II". This equals their 2006 record in old birds of 3 consecutive Fed topping weeks..
That's three weeks three wins in three different winds, same result ,1st Federation Open Lanarkshire federation. World Class!
They also had a terrific team performance with seven pigeons in the top fifteen of section. Can they create a new record of recording four 1st Open federation in a row in Old bird racing? You wouldn’t count it out for four in a row.

This week’s 1st Open federation from Hexham, "Hercules" for GWP Macaloney

Sire of Hercules bred and owned by GWP Macaloney 

Section winners

Centre 91 sent 2379 birds

1st,2nd,3rd,4th GWP Macaloney of Airdrie & Dist club

5th J King of Dalziel club


West section 75 sent 2168

1st ,3rd G Baird

2nd Tallis & McDonagh

4th D Allison

5th G Lightbody


George Baird (R) wins Greenfield & Tops West section

East section 54 sent 1445 birds

1st J Menzies

2nd Eadie & Kelly

3rd J & K Miller

4th ,5th W Smart


Around the clubs

Low Waters

1st ,2nd G Lightbody


George Lightbody (L) wins Low Waters


Airdrie & Dist

1st,2nd,3rd,4th, GWP Macaloney

5th A Stewart


Clarkston & Dist

1st,2nd,3rd T Corrie Son G/son

4th H Currie

5th G Geddes

Tom Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston & Dist


Uddingston & Dist

1st J Carswell

2nd K Docherty

3rd J Wood

4th J Carswell loft 2

5th D Wood


John Carswell (R) wins Uddigston & Dist

Lanark & Dist

1st,2nd,3rd,4th D K Burnside

5th T Greenfield


Dave Burnside wins Lanark & Dist

East Kilbride

1st ,2nd ,4th R Jukes snr

3rd,5th G Orr


Richard Jukes snr wins East Kilbride

Coalburn HC

1st,2nd ,3rd D Morrison & Son 

4th D Mathieson & Son

5th A Meikle


Cambusnethan /Morningside

1st Eadie & Kelly

2nd J & K Miller

3rd ,4th W Smart

5th C Walker


Andy Eadie (L) wins Cambusnethan/morningside

New Stevenson

1st M Gillon

2nd ,3rd,4th,5th J J K Gillon



1st S Callaghan

2nd J Green & Son

3rd R Copland

3rd P White

4th J McGuire

5th J Smith

Sam Callaghan (L) wins Burnbank


Lanarkshire Social circle

1st ,2nd,3rd,4th, GWP Macaloney

5th G Baird


Larkhall & Dist

1st J Newbiggin

2nd J Cosgrove & Son

3rd ,4th,5th N Orr


J Newbiggin wins Larkhall & Dist

Coatbridge SC

1st Pollock & Cairney

2nd Christie Bros

3rd ,4th R Valentini

5th J Forsyth



1st J King

2nd D Penman

3rd J Latimer

4th J Boyle

5th J Cassidy


1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Tallis & McDonagh


John King (R) wins Dalziel with Douglas




1st ,2nd,4th W Gordon

3rd W Allison

5th E Robin jnr


Billy Gordon wins Cambuslang


1st ,3rd J Harwood

2nd ,5th A McConnachie Jnr

4th Mrs R Grant


John Harwood wins Chryston


1st G Baird

2nd G Baird

3rd D Allison

4th,5th M Krivokapic



1st Graham Bros

2nd,5th C & E McMillan

3rd M Findlay

4th A Blyth


Andy Graham(L) wins Carluke


It would be good to get some photos of the winners, send to my email or mobile. If I haven't got them I can’t include!



Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer