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Fauldhouse H C Presentation 02-03-18

Fauldhouse HC Presentation Night, Saturday 24th Feb 2018

"A night to Remember"

Fauldhouse is a village in West Lothian, Central Scotland. It is about halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The town of Fauldhouse has existed since, at least, the Middle Ages. Members and friends turned out in excellent numbers to celebrate this year’s winners.
It was a great honour for myself and my father to be invited as principle guests of this great club.

Club Secretary Alistair Mackie & President Jim Neil had organised a brilliant night in the local golf club. Initially Allister took ourselves into the lounge to meet Jim and their partners and we had the good fortune of watching Scotland win the Calcutta cup (Scotland v England) at the Rugby. Great start to the night!

Tommy Drummond with Jim Neil

It's great to see members of the family there to congratulate the winners. It’s a great tradition and something that all clubs should espier to achieve there was a great community feel to the night.
It was an absolutely brilliant night, the dance floor was full throughout the night, everyone enjoying the live music and after dinner entertainment from Robert McConnell.


Dance floor Fauldhouse                                                                   Robert McConnell

Bingo Raffle and Prize raffles kept the night alive and we had a very "special raffle "of two top youngsters from Brown, Jones & Garland of Porth, Wales (Welsh Queen Cup winners) was appreciated by the club. Phil Garland was present to present the winners. These two 2018 youngsters are direct off his National & Combine winners. The winners of these highly sot after birds were Tom Corrie jnr and Jim O Hara. Happy days!

Tom Corrie jnr and Phil Garland


Gift pigeon copy of pedigree                                                 Frank Murphy -Fauldhouse HC

Jim O Hara and friends

Alistair Mackie who is retiring from the club secretary and committee (45yrs service) was presented with a gift from Jim Neil and new Secretary Neil Redmond. Both spoke about how Alistair is a stalwart of the club and wished him all the best.
Alistair wishes to continue to be social convenor for pigeon club social nights.


Neil Redmond Jim Neil and Allister Mackie                                    Lanarkshire lads at Fauldhouse night

Club member Eddie Callaghan also presented £500 each to local groups Young at Heart and Monday Club. Eddie has for 38 yrs. organised charity events, local talent events that have over 300 people attending to watch some brilliant local talent. Some of them have went forward to appear on Britain got Talent and the X factor.
Thousands of pounds have been raised for great causes over the years. Well done Eddie for your dedication!

The Corries with Eddie Callaghan

I had the good fortune to talk with Eddie Callaghan, one of the greatest winners of the SNFC Rennes race, with the immortal check cock "Fallahill Superstar" who arguable was one of the best winners of the SNFC Gold Cup race. This great pigeon went on to leave decades of top winners.
Eddie is a true gentleman and he spoke about how he has enjoyed this great sport and how it has given him so much pleasure.
Also had an excellent chat with Jim O'Hara (former President of the SNFC) who has recently moved back to Fauldhouse and joined the club. Another top National man!

Ian Lindsay on the dance floor with Mrs Callaghan

It was nice to meet up again with John McLauchlan a former Partick Thistle footballer and one of the principle trophy winners in the club this season, winning Savoy points trophy(Points awarded to the first 10 lofts timed in each race),A & Seavewright points trophy(Points awarded to the first 3 lofts timed in all inland races ) Francis Memorial Trophy(Best average Buckingham & Bedhampton).The Kinniburgh trophy(Best average in all Inland races),The Yearling Average. Young Bird Average .The L & N Redmond Trophy(Best average last 3 Inland old bird races and last 3 young bird races)and the Bruce Inch Mem trophy (First yearling timed in Buchingham race).Also winner of Eddie Callghan & C & C Smith trophy (Best individual Old Bird) judged by a nine person panel -Su 16 W 1150 1st Club Otterburn 2 ,580 birds.12th Club Wakefield 604 birds.12th club Leicester 275 bids, 5th club Yearling Leicester 110 birds.7th Club Buckingham 62 birds,2nd Club Ripon 103 birds. 4th club 18th sect ,177th Open SNFC Buckingham.
All to a 15ft loft, pigeons raced on natural system and youngsters included. Brilliant John. What a season!

John McLauchlin at Fauldhouse night

Lumsden & Colligan, club’s principle trophy winners, winning the Old Bird Average, The Combine Average, The J Mackie Mem (Best average Bedhampton & Ypres races) Trophy. The M Mackie Mem trophy (First bird timed from Ypres) and the Morgan Mem Trophy (Best average in three longest old bird races).
And runner up in the Eddie Callaghan and C & C Smith Trophies (2 bird nominated) Old Bird of the Year with Su 14 W 1380 -15th Club Otterburn 1 ,353 birds ,26th club Towlaw ,589 birds,13th Club Otterburn 2 ,580 birds,8th Club Newark,418 birds,12th Club Buckingham 62 birds. 5th Club 35th sect 332nd Open Bedhampton SNFC.1st club 11th Sect 89th Open Ypres SNFC.
Well done Johnny & Derek a partnership. I have visited these lads in the past for a loft report, because of their top performances.

Tom Corrie snr with Ronnie Smillie at Fauldhouse night

Top youngster for 2017 Raced by Drummond/Son & Hildtch SU 17 W 611 2nd Club Ripon 2,13th Club Ripon 1 ,8th Club Wakefield
The McGlynn trophy (First bird timed from Bedhampton) and the McConnell trophy (Reserve Champion in club show) winners was R McConnell.
G Copeland Mem Trophy (First yearling timed in Bedhampton) was won by C & C Smillie
The Farquhar trophy (First bird in the first young bird race) was won by J Burt
The cage bird Shield (Supreme Champion in club show) was won by J Hadfield

Alistair and Eddie shared some old club memorabilia which I have included photos.


   Down memory lane Mrs Alice Kinninburgh winner of Fauldhouse show 1986                Down memory lane Fauldhouse Annual show 1936

We wish Neil all the best in his new post as club Secretary.
Thanks to everyone who made this a very memorable night for the Corries.

Tom Corrie jnr
Lanarkshire Press Officer