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Dalzel F. C. Showsand Prize Presentation Details 12-12-16




Tom Corrie jnr

Dalzel F.C. Shows and Prize Presentation Details

The following is a list of our show winners which culminated in our all winners? class on 11th December 2016.
Jim Hughes from Clarkston club made a very generous gesture by donating four bags of pigeon feeding to be presented to the first four birds in the all winners? class. In addition David Penman of our own club donated the best in show trophy and best opposite sex trophy. Both gestures were very much appreciated.

1) o/c/t/w. 1st W.Gilchrist. 2nd Lindsay & Henderson 3rd W.Gilchrist 4th S.Selfridge 5th D. Penman 6TH C.Smith 7th J.Hughes 8th J.Hughes 9th J.Hughes.
2) o/h/t/w. 1st & 2nd J.Hughes 3rd & 4th J.Cassidy 5th & 9th S.Selfidge 6th R.Lanyon 7th S.Brown 8th J&H Brown & Higgins
3) y/c/t/w. 1ST C.Smith 2nd D.Hamilton 3rd J.Kerr 4th.W.Gilchrist 5th Lindsay & aHenderson 6th & 7th W.MCDonald 8th O & J MCFadden 9th S.Brown.
4) y/h/t/w. 1ST J.Cassidy. 2nd Lindsay & Henderson 3rd & 6th W.MCDonald 4th S.Brown 5th O & J MCFadden 7th H.Brown. 8th & 9th J.Kerr.
5) o/c/h. 1st, 2nd & 4th Lindsay & Henderson 3rd & 7th J.Cassidy. 5th J & H Brown & Higgins 6th & 8th O & J MCFadden 9th C.Smith
6) 0/h/h. 1st S.Selfridge 2nd, 4th,5th,6th, & 9thH W.MCDonald 3rd Lindsay & Henderson 7th & thH J.Cassidy.
7) y/c/h. 1st & 9th J.Cassidy 2nd W.MCDonald 3rd & 8th J & J Gillon 4th J.Kerr. 5th J&H Brown& Higgins. 6th R.Lanyon 7th J.Latimer
8) y/h/h. 1st, 3rd,5th, 6th, 7th & 8th. W.MCDonald 2nd J.Cassidy 4th S.Selfridge 9th D.Penman.

All winners class- 1st and Best in Show -Lindsay & Henderson with a dark check cock, also 5th & 6th 2nd Best Opposite sex with Blue Check Hen Wullie McDonald, who was also 3rd & 4th.Other ticket winners were J & H Brown & Higgins, J Cassidy & S Selfridge

Eyesign class judged by Jackie Cook ,1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th Charlie Smith, 6th P.Donnelly, 7th W.MCDonald, 9th J.Kerr.


Left to right ....Walter Boswell (all winners judge), Ian Lindsay and David Penman.     -     Wullie McDonald and Dave Penman.

Schedule for Clubs prize presentation night

Some great old memories!

sent by Harry Brown of Dalzel

My Dad Josie Brown with A Murray from Airdrie holding "repetition" and the cheq pied cock that won Avranches.    Cheq Cock called Repetition.  1st Club Worcester 11th East Section 1278 Velocity 1st Club Cheltenham 1109 velocity 1st Club Bournemouth 12th East section 970 Velocity  

3 wins in succession from 3 longest inland races as a latebred 1965. He wasted minimum of 15 mins each race with bad trapping also.    Wasn’t sent to Avranches sent Gay pied Cock which was 1st Club meaning 4 longest races were won.

Willie Brown (Josies Brother) from Airdrie

Cheq hen that won 1st yearling open Leicester 2nd centre section 3rd open Lanarkshire Fed This was her nest going to race. 

Tom,  it is all happening at once!   I am attaching a sale schedule for Sam Brown.  He is 82 now and has not been at all well.  He is always a very helpful member. 

If you can please give him a mention it would be helpful. 

Thank you very much. Douglas Telfer

Tom Corrie
Lanarkshire Press Officer